Ganim, The Fighter, Peppers Puncher’s Chance In Primary

Mayor Joe Ganim unveiled the first television commercial in his underdog quest to upset party-endorsed Ned Lamont in the August 14 Democratic primary for governor, framing himself as a fighter who’s been down and out and back again.

From Ganim campaign:

With just over two weeks until Connecticut Democrats go to the polls to choose the party’s 2018 nominee for Governor, Democratic candidate and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is releasing his first Television spot entitled “Fighter.”

“I’ve been down and out,” says Mayor Ganim in the ad. “But I’m a fighter. And I don’t give up. With a second chance as mayor of our state’s largest city, we’ve created jobs by attracting over a billion dollars in new development. Now, I’m running for governor to fix our state’s fiscal mess, create jobs, and build a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone—–ot just a wealthy few. I’m Joe Ganim and I approve this message because I’ll get things done and never stop fighting for hard-working families.”

The ad, which will be broadcast statewide, was shot in Bridgeport’s Ortiz Boxing Gym and features views of Mayor Ganim getting his hands taped up, jumping rope, punching the heavy bag, working the speed bag, and sparring in the boxing ring.

“Our grass roots campaign does not have endless millions to spend on slick TV ads, but we have the resources to compete and take our message to Democrats all over Connecticut,” said Mayor Ganim. “Too many working and middle class families have taken an economic hit these past several years. I’m running for governor to build a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone–not just the wealthy few. I have had major ups and downs–everyone knows my story. But I don’t give up and as governor no one will fight harder for working and middle class families.

“As Mayor of Bridgeport, we have had real success creating jobs. We have also attracted over $1 billion in new investment, redeveloped our waterfront, and erased an inherited deficit to balance our budget. As governor, I will not back down from difficult decisions and I’m committed to stand up for what’s right. We need to balance our state budget, lower property taxes and fix our broken transportation system so we can attract new businesses, grow our economy, and make sure our schools are the very best,” said Ganim.

The ad was produced by veteran Democratic political and media consultant Jay Marlin (Marlin Strategies), who has been a long-time Ganim advisor, and Castle Gate Media, which most recently produced ads for Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s successful re-election campaign.



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    1. I think a lot of people voted for trump for 2 reasons. 1 Hillary was being investigated 2 weeks before the election and 2 Hillary was an establishment candidate. I voted for trump for those 2 reasons as well. Trump was the first Republican I ever voted for. Will I vote for trump again? No I would not vote for him again even with this good economy and my two reasons is 1 trump has disrespected minorities really bad since he has been elected 2 Russia investigation. Democrats need to put a fresh face for 2020 Hillary was not an appealing candidate that is why she underperformed with minorities as trump did better than Romney and McCain with minorities in 2016.

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      2. Don,

        Hilary Clinton won the popular vote, not Donald Trump the Orange Horror. The economy is doing well because of the actions of Barack Obama. Trump’s flip flopping on tariffs and so forth has caused the market to rollercoaster up and down.

  2. “As Mayor of Bridgeport, we have had real success creating jobs. We have also attracted over $1 billion in new investment, redeveloped our waterfront, and erased an inherited deficit to balance our budget”

    Wait,what??,success creating jobs??,Does Joe mean the new Starbucks or Chipolte that moved in? “attracted $1 billion in new investment”?,what did I miss?? and I guess “balancing the budget”means cutting services,flat funding education etc..Joe,the people aren’t stupid,they know all this is bullshit..

  3. Likely in the $1 Billion is the rebuild of the power plant for over half the amount? Joe and Company summarize efforts but do not provide details in footnotes, nor credit momentum from previous leaders, unless it was negative.

    Who wants to fight a fighter? Rocky is a folk hero, with repeated productions. Fighting, winning and losing. Joe wishes to be seen that way as Rocky. Trouble is that Joe is just COCKY. His way. Or the high way.

    Remember when you did not get a seat at the table, or a listen by Joe? Still the same. Does not play like a 99%. He is a fighter for the 1%….himself!! Bridged his benefits after more than 10 years absence? What did it cost the public? Has he shared that info? Has Joe received too many blows to the head to realize that his second chance has been as Mayor for two years and he is behind on the score cards?? Of course Joe is self-grading, self important and self-aggrandizing. The job he pursued is above his weight class, isn’t it? Time will tell.


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