Ganim Tells Lamont Don’t Become Linda McMahon Of This Election Cycle

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Mayor Joe Ganim who’ll be outspent heavily in the August 14 Democratic primary for governor is challenging party-endorsed Ned Lamont, the wealthy Greenwich entrepreneur, to limit campaign spending to $1 million. Good luck with that. Ganim issued the call on the Sunday show Face The State hosted by Dennis House (see video above) and in a news release on Monday. He also raised the specter of Linda McMahon, the self-funder who lost two runs for U.S. Senate in a state loathe, so far, to electing self-funders. The wrestling magnate is currently head of the Small Business Administration, appointed by Donald Trump.

“I challenge Mr. Lamont not to try to buy this election and instead limit his spending to what we’re spending, one million dollars,” Ganim said in a statement. “Don’t become the Linda McMahon of this election cycle. Learn from your past mistakes. Listen to your lieutenant governor candidate Susan Bysiewicz who said to limit your spending. Reach out to voters and really let them decide this thing and not buy it with money.”

The reality is Ganim would love to spend a total of $1 million, and more, on this primary if he can get there. Ganim is likely north of $700,000 raised in his Runyonesque pursuit of the governor’s office. The latest fundraising quarter ended on Saturday. Lamont is raising money, but the majority of his campaign expenditures will be financed by his deep pockets. He has the financial firepower to blow out millions in the final weeks of the primary.

The Republican who comes out of the five-way GOP primary will have at least $6.5 million to spend in the general election, if it’s Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton or former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, unless two GOP self-funders David Stemerman or Bob Stefanowski prevail. The public dough of the fifth candidate Steve Obsitnik is bogged down in an an investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission that oversees the state’s public financing program.

When House asked Ganim what it will take for him to win the primary, Ganim pivoted to contrast.

“I am humbled by the honor to serve and the 32,000 people that have allowed me to be on the ballot on August 14th. No disrespect, but you have a Greenwich millionaire, some who’ve said is greatly out of touch, who doesn’t understand a lot of the programs that exist that support people. And, you have a guy that’s been knocked down, picked up, who rolls up his sleeves and wants to help. I have a public service experience of 14 years. My campaign is about building a better Connecticut that works for everyone, focusing on our cities.”

Ganim was boxed out of the public financing program because of his 2003 conviction on public corruption charges. He’s raising money the old-fashioned way, soliciting funds that allows a maximum personal contribution of $3,500.



  1. Joe your call for Lamont to limit spending will fall on deaf ears. He will out spend you on advertising, deal with it. Your only hope is to get your political appointees out knocking on doors. The people who work for the city owe you for their jobs, get them out to work for state jobs.

    1. Why drag Linda McMahon into this race? Rep. Jim Himes and Senator Dick Blumenthal are millionaires from Greewich too. The difference is they use special interest money to fund their campaigns while holding on to their money. By attacking Ned Lemont for being rich, Joe Ganim is also attacking the likes of Himes and Blumenthal. This line of attack is the same one used against Tom Foley whose wealth paled that of Himes, Blumental and other Democrats. They even went as far as making an issue of the fact that Tom Foley owned a Yacht. Tom Foley still performed well. He lost big in the major cities but, the fact that he was rich wasn’t the contributing factor to his loss. Does anyone know if Ned Lamont has a Yacht Heck, if he does, maybe we can add the numbers of toilets in the Yacht to the numbers of toilets in his mansion.

  2. Public Service???
    I thought it was self-service!!!
    The Second Chance Kid trying to make an issue out of being a successful business man by providing a service while undercutting the well established giants.
    Hey Joe, you’re one of the well established giants in this battle.

  3. Come on people you know Ned’s not going to adhere to Joe’s request to limit spending. The way I see it. Joe’s plan is class warfare. He’s going to portray Ned as out of touch with the common people and portray himself as one of them. I think Joe knows his support, or at least not wanting to distance himself from Trump and against sanctuary city is going to be injected into the the race. Joe’s trying to distance himself for that, as I see it. Ned going to portray Joe as self serving politician. That not lonely evolved in to his corruption and imprisonment, but after just two years back her runs for governor without any benefits to the city. The mill rate went up, and crime has not really been reduced. What cracks me up, when Joe says how he’s the experience candidate. people let not forget while Joe was gaining that experience the FBI was building a case against him. I know Ned’s not going to. I hope JML doesn’t join Ned’s team because he has a different take on how the city was manage Under JG1 JS Good luck people Bam I’m out. 🙂

  4. At the end of the day the Governorship is not Bridgeport where the primary is end game. Any Democrat is going to have a hard time winning. The question is who has a better chance in the General Joe or Ned? Lets face it Dan most likely would have lost if he stayed in. Another question is why didn’t Dan run? That alone doesn’t bold well for the Democrat winning. JS Enjoy people, good luck CT 🙂

    1. Dan isn’t running and there are 11 Billion reasons why.

      The citizens of this state have a surcharge tax coming there way which will be cloaked as “temporary”

      1. Exactly, What party is Dan’s surcharge coming from. If the Republicans can’t win, well this state is deep blue. Trump almost took the stat with close to 50%. My personal view Joe’s past corruption is not in the democrats favor in the general, It might play in the Democrat primary but it’s not going to play well in the general.That second chance is not going to be well received, Joe knows this that’s why is also says he’s for not just second changes but first chances JS

      2. Joe’s lukewarm response to Trump and sanctuary city may seem to appeal to the general but Republicans mostly will not vote for Joe. If Walker was the candidate Joe would have a far better chance if he he was to ran against walker in a general and that didn’t happen This run was a political gamble and if Joe loses he could actually lose the mayor’s office in the next election. If a strong candidate challenges him. And besides “Mario” clearly Joe is not in favor of the Democratic party. JS

  5. *** If the political money debacle was on the other side, would Ganim limit his campaign spending to only 1 million dollars or less? *** SHOULD HE? ***

  6. Actually, Ganim has 21 years of public service if you include his years of incarceration in Federal prison. He could probably sell that to the urban voters who signed his petition. (Here comes Frick and Frack)

  7. *** Love “Joe” or hate him, he’s number “two” on the list of all the candidates for Gov.(Dem. Republican or Independent, etc.) along with less campaign money & being a Fed.(ex-con) to boot. A political long-shot from an urban city that the state capitol loves to hate but weather you vote for him or not, you can’t deny that Joe’s got “GRIT”.***

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