Ganim Takes Office, Announces Appointments

Mayor Joe Ganim has released an initial list of appointees who will join him in City Hall including the retired FBI agent Ed Adams, who had investigated him, directing the new city office of Government Accountability and Integrity. Most of these positions according to the pay scale published in the latest city budget book are in the $100-$130K range. Ganim became mayor once again 12:01 am Tuesday. He will receive the oath of office Tuesday night at the Klein Memorial Auditorium, 910 Fairfield Avenue. From Ganim:

Former FBI agent Edward Adams who will serve as senior adviser to the Mayor and Director of Governmental Accountability and Integrity

State Representative Charles Stallworth (D-126) who is also pastor of the East End Tabernacle and president of the Interdenominational Ministers’ Alliance who will serve as Senior Adviser to the Mayor and Director of Community Outreach and Diversity.

Daniel Roach, Bridgeport Police Commissioner, longtime community leader and former City Councilman and Ganim 2015 campaign manager as Senior Adviser to the Mayor and Director of City Operations and Government Affairs.

Alma Maya, outgoing Bridgeport Town Clerk, who will be joining the Ganim Administration as a senior adviser to the Mayor.

Lissette Colon, former chief of staff to Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools and veteran civil servant, will temporarily be on loan from her position as head of recruitment for the Bridgeport Public Schools to join the mayor’s staff as a senior adviser.

John Ricci, former Sikorsky airport manager, will join the administration as Director of Public Facilities.

Kenneth Flatto, former Fairfield First Selectman and veteran government finance officer will be joining the administration as Director of Finance for the city of Bridgeport.

John Gomes, former Bridgeport Deputy Chief Administrative Officer will be joining the administration as Acting Chief Administrative Officer;

Gina Malheiro, veteran paralegal and finance director for Ganim for Bridgeport 2015 will be joining the administration as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

Tom Gaudett, Ganim 2015 campaign treasurer and Bridgeport public school teacher, will be joining the administration as aide to the Mayor for Operations and Constituency Services.

“I am very proud to announce the first set of appointments to the Mayor’s office in Bridgeport,” said Mayor Ganim. “The team leading our efforts in the mayor’s office will be the best team to move Bridgeport forward. We will be a transparent government, accessible and accountable to our citizens. Bridgeport’s government will be clean and effective; the voices of every citizen, community and neighborhood will be heard and represented. I will have a team that is diverse–made up of young people and seasoned veterans, and most of all they will be the best professionals in their fields, dedicated to improving the quality of life in our city.”



  1. Very nice! Congratulations and good luck to all the members of the Ganim administration. Apparently, Joe Ganim understands the importance of having his supporters close. I totally agree!

    1. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

      According to the Post, Bill Finch gave himself and a clutch of Finchettes retroactive pay raises today. Great way to show love for the city by sticking the high hard one to the taxpayers.

      Ganim has yet to earn the trust of all the people but a felon with a proven track record is better than a lying two-faced asshole who has to fuck over everyone because he lost. He’s choking on sour grapes. His coughing and gagging can be heard on Canfield Avenue.

  2. How much are these “advisers” and “senior advisers” getting paid? Did these positions exist under the previous administration(s)? Or are these newly created and funded positions?

  3. To me, this is not the way Ganim should be starting out his administration. Without further explanation from Joe it sounds like he is creating a hell of a lot of new positions with unspecified salaries.
    And then Joe complains about Finch’s pay raises and questions whether the city can afford them but he obviously has no concerns about all these new positions.
    Transparency? Yeah, OK.

  4. And I like John Ricci and believe he is qualified but someone still owes the taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport an explanation of why we built Manny a $600,000 driveway. And if John Ricci did nothing wrong, then who did?
    Who screwed up and is that person or persons still with the city? And until those questions are answered, this looks dirty.

  5. Barf. All you people lost your minds and pointed fingers Finch’s way over that driveway. Finch fired the guy who oversaw the disaster. Ganim? Hires him as Director of Public Freaking Facilities. Sounds about right. You pointed those same fingers at Finch for hiring people who weren’t needed. Half of these positions–completely made-up bullsh*t. We’re in for some very lousy years around here, folks.

  6. If ones looks at the budget and associated organizational chart, I think it’s pretty clear the titles have been altered on some existing positions; possibly in an attempt to ultimately streamline and combine job responsibilities and cut out some fat. Not the time for knotted knickers.


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