Ganim Suspends Non-Essential Services

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim announces that on Monday, March 16, 2020, all City of Bridgeport government buildings will be closed and nonessential services will be suspended with offices and buildings closed until further notice. This closure excludes police and fire services, 911 dispatch, as well as sanitation and recycling pick up.  This announcement is out of an abundance of caution to minimize social distancing in an effort to protect staff and residents from the contraction of COVID-19.

The Mayor’s office will operate as usual but with minimal staffing and employees telecommuting, working from home. Police, Fire, Emergency Management, and other public safety and essential services will remain operational.

Employees should expect an email from their department head as to their status for the rest of the week by close of business on Monday.

Further communications will be issued to employees and the public on the continuation of closings and reopenings as further information is received and decisions are made in the interest of public health and safety.

Members of the public are encouraged to call city offices with specific questions but in general are encouraged to be patient and utilize email.

A complete list of All City Departments with staff email addresses are available at

Online Payments and continuing to do business with city agencies without interruption are also available online at

The City and Mayor’s Office will continue to communicate and share updates as we receive information and make appropriate decisions in the interest of protecting employee welfare and the community. We encourage the public to follow our city social media on Facebook at @bridgeportct and @joeganim. The Office of Emergency Management also provides emergency alerts via text and encourages employees and residents to sign up here

Please be advised of the following closings and delayed services:
-Senior Centers closed through Friday, March 20th
-Bridgeport Public Schools Closed through March 20th
-Bridgeport Public Libraries Closed March 16-April 3
-Bridgeport Public Parks Closed March 16-20th
-Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course Closed March 16-20th
-Bridgeport Transfer Station Closed March 16th
-Bridgeport Health Clinic on East Main Street Closed March 16th
-City Hall at 45 Lyon Terrace Closed March 16th
-Government Center at 999 Broad Street Closed March 16th



  1. OMG!!!!!
    You have got to be f’n kidding me.
    The only truth in this email is the mayor’s office will continue to work as usual which is to say will do nothing.

  2. Every mayor in every city is trying to one up another. Why not do something creative. Why not pull these people out from behind their desk and do community outreach and education.
    Instead of closing senior centers why not have temperatures taken. Why not see if they might have Coronavirus and proactively deal with the problem.

  3. Bob, “Why not pull these people out from behind their desk and do community outreach”??
    C’mon, are you serious? Just because these people work for the city at different capacities,it doesn’t mean they have to put their health at risk to help the city, that’s ridiculous.
    And “Instead of closing senior centers,why not have temperatures taken,why not see if they have the virus and proactively deal with the problem?
    Again Bob,are you saying you want seniors to gather there and get their temperatures taken,??, surely you can see what is wrong with that idea also, can’t you?

  4. Harvey
    Sounds like you’re from the burbs. It’s ok to take the city’s money just as long as you don’t have to go out and mingle with the general population.

      1. There you go again Ron, showing your ignorance and or lack of reading ability or possibly your memory is flawed. The following has been written here on OIB quite a few times since I started blogging here: I spent half my life living in New York City. I grew up in east Harlem and the south Bronx. I didn’t move to Connecticut until after being a cop here for about eight years and at that point most of my police career was in Southfield village projects in Stamford. I worked plainclothes and was dropped off in PT to make drug buys. I worked with Billy Chase etc. etc.. I can assure you that where I lived in New York and where I worked as a cop and Stamford is no different than any troubled neighborhood in Bridgeport. After I retired I ran my business on Wood Ave & Bentham for 22 years.
        Like I said to you in the last blog: you can’t win an argument with someone who is ignorant so I’m not arguing with you, just correcting what you wrote.

    1. So Bob,what would you like,say,the secretaries in the tax office to do as far as community outreach?..Put a hazmat suit on and take people’s temperatures around the courthouse?…or maybe have people who work in the tax office swabbing noses in front of the arena?..

  5. Have people in the tax office go out to grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. and talk with the people. Stress the importance of washing your hands with soap and water. Good hygiene. Don’t touch your face. Let them know where they can go to obtain services. Hand out flyers instructing them how to make disinfectant if the stores are out. Reassuring them and letting them know we are here to serve them.
    Is this concept foreign to you???

    1. Ok, so you want to make them go to supermarkets, where there are a lot of people btw,and have them interact with everyone giving everyone “tips” on how to stay healthy??.. This isn’t the aftermath of a hurricane or blizzard, the idea is to practice “ social distancing”, not send more people out in the streets giving tips.. can you understand that??


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