Ganim, Moore Money Muscle In Final Days Of Primary

Ganim fundraising page summary

Mayor Joe Ganim’s reelection campaign raised roughly $16,000 the past two months elevating his total war chest to $325,000 in his bid for another four-year term challenged by State Senator Marilyn Moore in the September 10th Democratic primary. Moore’s camp, according to a spokesman, raised for the same period $28,585 bringing her total amount to roughly $127,000.

The latest finance reports, required by state law, cover the months of July and August. See ganimfinalreport2.

Ganim, according to the finance report filed with the Town Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, had nearly $100K on hand to dump in the final days.

Moore Summary page

See moorefinancereport.

For Moore’s fundraising effort it’s all about quality over quantity. If she pulls off an upset win on primary day she will do so with the smallest campaign bank account in the modern history of the city. On the plus side Moore brings a State Senate base to the table to counter Ganim’s fundraising, power of incumbency and retail skills.

Moore had $20,000 on hand at the close of the finance period.

Both campaign camps are pushing hard in the final week.

Most political operatives see a tight race with Moore running strong among her senate constituency while Ganim excels in the areas she is less known particularly in key Hispanic precincts.

A deciding area could be absentee ballots where Ganim holds a strong edge by virtue of his institutional party support. About 2,000 Democratic electors have requested absentee ballots. Roughly two thirds of those are expected to return to the Town Clerk’s Office that processes the ballots.

If Moore does not win the party primary, it’s just round one. She has established a ballot spot in November.



  1. Many of the city’s residents are watching the primary with cynical eyes. We’ve seen the DTC machine sway elections past. If Little Joe Ganim prevails it will not surprise if there are accusations of electoral fraud this time around. After all, last time Ganim’s success was precipitated by political stage craft including a pseudo confession before the congregation of Reverend Charles Stallworth’s East End Tabernacle and fixing a hole in the fence behind Trumbull Gardens for the benefit of news photographers. Certainly not least is the well-organized Democratic Town Committee absentee ballot operation.
    If it appears as if the primary was fixed in Joe Ganim’s favor that could inspire a wave a donations to the Moore campaign. Maybe, just maybe…

        1. LOL… I was not taking these comments about Joe Ganim’s hairline seriously until I saw I pic of him Four years. Ganim has grown more hair than he has grown the Bridgeport Grand List(percentage wise). Obviously,Joe Ganim is taking very good care of himself. Even Lennie said that Ganim is very fit and passed the Fire Exam. BTW,I think I saw an article about a class being formed for new Firefighters. Ron Mackey and Donald Day have mentioned the paucity of female firefighters being hired and then there was a big PR blitz by Ganim,Thode and some actual female BFD members. Any word on this issue .Thank you

    1. Tom Kelly,
      As a Ripper of Grins, perhaps you will leave your ‘office’ at the Lafayette Boulevard Dunkin Donuts, and observe and listen to more people than usual for you. First inhale the air in Bridgeport. Notice anything in the air? It is likely fear of those in office…..or City employed who depend on the elected……and the “very silent” DTC. Why is the DTC silent?? Because if deafness, dumbness or indifference is your problem, you have no reason to explain yourself and really no capacity, either.
      Now that you are breathing, think about the community at large, and the dreams you once had as a “PUBLICAN” where Moore has her HQ today on the second floor. How did your relationships and experience help your establishment prosper?? Another City victim of a need for change? Lots more to say. you used to be a conversationalist, but wonder if you have the stamina these days for more than Rococo ( late Baroque period where trompe l’oeil created an illusion of motion and drama) comments. Time will tell.

  2. Let’s face it, with the way Mario manipulates the AB’s operation every election, there is no way Moore can win this primary It’s disgusting,everyone knows and yet no one does anything about it.

    1. If Mario Testa’s AB operation is exposed it will have a negative effect on Little Joe Ganim’s approval rating. In politics the mere appearance of impropriety is often more damaging than any actually impropriety. We all know Joseph P. Ganim is a crook, that he was caught. The depths of his greed and avarice were in plain view of the news media seated in the gallery during his trial in Federal District Court in New Haven twenty years ago.. The custom tailored shirts, the cases of French wine, the home improvements, the cold hard cash… Don’t forget that he lied on the witness stand, a licensed attorney committing perjury. For his trouble the presiding judge sentenced him to nine years in prison. He was also disbarred, prohibited from practicing law (“Seven years of college down the drain” as Bluto said). After prison Ganim worked as a paralegal but humility doesn’t sit well with him. After failing to reverse the revocation of his license to practice law he needed a six-figure income to satiate his lust for the finer things in life. He managed to secure the mayoralty again. Many suspect it wasn’t through completely honest means. Mario Testa’s AB operation is notorious.

      Given that most of Ganim’s first term back was taken up with a failed campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination he didn’t do much for the city. But then, doing anything for the city and the people that live here hasn’t been one of Ganim’s priorities going all the way back to the activities that landed him in prison and a halfway house. Back then personal enrichment was the M.O.; this year it is job security, that juicy paycheck and the perks that go along with elected office.

      Is there anyone that still believes this man is going to win an election through honest means?

  3. Frank, there is a new class of firefighters and I heard it was ten people in that class, yet alias NO WOMEN AGAIN! This is the 12th consecutive year where NO Women have been hired as Bridgeport firefighters after over thirty consecutive years of hiring women. Where is the N O W when you need someone to fight on behalf of women?


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