Ganim Lifts Mask Mandate

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Today Mayor Ganim announced that city will lift the mask mandate in Bridgeport as of 12:01am, Wednesday February 23, 2022. The Executive Order, No. 4 was issued on August 10, 2021 and required all individuals in the City of Bridgeport to wear facial masks while indoors at any public places and/or in any business.

Mayor Ganim stated, “The COVID virus and the means of protection have stifled our community for two years now. During that time we took many precautionary measures, used good judgement and made adjustments–the masks helped especially when dealing with COVID variants and when we gathered around individuals that are vulnerable or children not eligible for the vaccine. I explained that we would review the data and make decisions best for our city. Based on the numbers in Bridgeport and the surrounding communities, we believe it is time to lift the mandate. I must add that this does not mean that the virus is over, and that vaccines remain our best line of defense as we cannot predict who will contract the virus or its severity. Our Health Department will continue to host free vaccination clinics every Friday.”

Free COVID-19 Vaccination clinics continue to be available:
— DPH Communicable Disease Clinic at 752 East Main Street, every Friday
— Full listing of sites at

Free COVID-19 Testing sites continue to be available seven days a week:
— North Branch Library, 3455 Madison Avenue
— DPH Communicable Disease Clinic at 752 East Main Street.
— Full listing of sites at

The City of Bridgeport will remain a “mask friendly” community. Adults, children, and visitors that choose to continue to wear a mask for their wellness and health protection are encouraged and welcome to do so. Individuals who feel sick should remember to stay home, and individuals who test positive for COVID are advised to follow appropriate quarantine guidelines. Information regarding COVID can be found at



  1. Questions as this is something the board is dealing with separately form city :

    1. What metrics were used to decide it was now “safe”? The Positivity rate is below…… the immunization rate is above, area hospital capacity is……..

    2. If it is safe to go maskless, is it safe to hold public city council meetings again starting tomorrow?

    3. Why the rush? Why not solicit input from representative stakeholders?

    4. Did the city Council have a chance to weigh in?

    Personally as one of 9 decision makers on the BOE
    I think this decision is best made on metrics, not emotion. Bridgeport’s numbers aren’t Darien’s #s.
    My numbers (as one of nine) to consider dropping masks in are a positivity rate under 3.5% for 2 weeks, a vaccination rate of 65% for students.

    Feel free to change my mind using facts, not emotions. (Note it’s been too long is not a fact)

    1. Joseph Sokolovic, this is an excellent post, Mayor Joe Ganim is showing a total lack of leadership towards the 21,000 school students. Mayor Ganim take the gag out of your mouth and answer the concerns that Joseph Sokolovic has listed. Mayor Ganim, what metrics were used to decide to Lift Mask Mandate, is it now “safe”?

  2. I suggest you read this article from Dr. Makary of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine:

    Points made in this article regarding Covid and children and masking support BOE to drop masking..

    More importantly, it’s time for City Hall to be open to the public again. They’ve hid behind masks for far too long.

  3. I’m sure that Gov. Joe Ganim is well aware omicron subvariant may be rising in Connecticut, Yale researcher says” before he announced that city will lift the mask mandate in Bridgeport as of 12:01am, Wednesday February 23, 2022. Oh wait a minute, I mean, Mayor Joe Ganim.

    “After slow start, omicron subvariant may be rising in Connecticut, Yale researcher says”


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