Ganim Kicks Up Street Sweeping Campaign

News release from Mayor’s Office:

As apart of Bridgeport’s beautification initiative “Park City Pickin’ It Up,” Mayor Ganim will launch a new Street Sweeping Program on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The revised Street Sweeping Program states citywide street sweeping will occur twice a month compared to once a month. The sweeping will now also coincide with resident’s assigned recycling day to allow residents to know exactly what day and times streets will be swept. Public Facilities kindly asks that vehicles be removed from roadside parking spaces from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on your assigned street sweeping day.

“This new Street Sweeping Program coordinated with the Recycling Schedule will make it easier for residents to remember and be alerted of street sweeping days,” said Mayor Ganim. “We are asking that residents please move their vehicle between the hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so streets can be swept properly. We need everyone’s support to “pick it up!” and keep Bridgeport clean.”

The new Street Sweeping Program was designed to also ensure recycling employees can safely travel down street with less cars parked alongside of the road. Another added benefit to the new Street Sweeping Program is if sweeping is canceled due to inclement weather or machinery breakdown, it will be conducted on the following recycling day ensuring that all neighborhoods will always be swept.

Street Sweeping and Street Vacuums are one of the most visible aspects of the Public Works Department for citizens and the traveling public. Clean streets not only give the city an overall clean appearance, but aids in helping reduce traffic accidents and pollution in our byways and waterways.

For a schedule of when your street will be swept in conjunction with Recycling dates visit:



  1. Clean some streets, pave others, plant some flowers, hire a few cops…..
    …………….oh that’s right it’s election time. Soon visits will be made to the impoverished neighborhoods and more empty promises made. Maybe another fence mended or bolted. Improved police presence or promise of same. Etc etc etc.
    Works everytime in Bridgeport.

  2. I live in the 134th in the North End. I *should* have garbage, recycling and leaf/yard waste pickups today. I *think* garbage has been picked up but I’m still waiting on recycling and leaf/yard waste pickups (I’ll have to SeeClickFix the leaf/yard waste pickup for THAT to be done!). But my street was swept twice this morning.
    Amazing what does – and does NOT – get done when it’s an election year!

  3. Since they are so worried about keeping the streets clean, they can start an abandoned car blitz. These cars hamper the ability of the sweepers to do an effective cleaning and the cars do not belong on the street.


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