Ganim Fundraising Haul: $100K For First Reelection Event

Ganim fundraiser

Not bad to kick off the bank account for reelection.

Developers, lawyers, city employees filled the banquet room of Testo’s Restaurant Thursday night at the first fundraiser for Mayor Joe Ganim’s 2023 reelection effort that raised roughly $100,000. The maximum personal contribution for mayor is $1,000.

Developers Robert Christoph Jr. (Steelpointe Harbor), Gary Flacco (Cherry Street Lofts) and the titillating Vinnie Brand, owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club Downtown, were among the guests at the event hosted by Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo and her long-time friend Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa.

Roughly 16 months from a September 2023 primary for mayor, Ganim is poised for a major moolah head start against potential rivals. No one is likely to match Ganim on raw fundraising dollars. The larger question: will opponents raise enough to compete?

Ganim has no announced opposition. The first quarter of 2023 will provide a clearer picture.



  1. “Developers, lawyers, city employees filled the banquet room of Testo’s Restaurant Thursday night…”
    My reports say that half the banquet hall was closed off. Even with many calls offering free tickets they couldn’t fill the joint. Further comments indicate only about half the BTDC were there and about 60% of district leaders.
    Less than 100K mentioned was raised, but as the numbers don’t have to be reported for some time it can be adjusted.

    A far cry from 2015 kickoff at Vazzano’s 4 Seasons when every room in the joint was packed like sardines, or 2017 when JG2 was raising Mayoral money before raising money for his Gubernatorial run.

    Seems some of the regulars have seen the shine tarnish and are holding back both dollars and in person attendance. I know! they can spin it and say low attendance is because many were worrying about the spike this week in Covid cases.

    This will be an interesting year and a half.

  2. Looks like the Balloons out number the people, Balloons can’t vote but they can Contribute to a campaige !
    I’m sorry, yes they can vote this is Bridgeport!
    My dream race is, The Judge Vs. the Felon.


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