Ganim Focuses On Brighter Side Of Trump Presidency

From Fox 61

With the possibility of having his bread buttered by President Elect Donald Trump, Bridgeport’s mayor, Joe Ganim, is approaching a Trump Presidency unlike most other Democrats.

“I’m gonna look at the bright side,” he said. “Certainly, there’s going to be disagreements on issues. There’s no question. But I want to take advantage of the next four years of the things that we can do positively in the city of Bridgeport.”

Ganim says if Trump is serious about “Commitments to infrastructure and rebuilding can be realized, this is the prime location, perfect size city.”

“I think he understands the prime location that Bridgeport offers, on the waterfront, on transportation, along I-95, with the train station one hour from New York,” said Ganim, who will attend Trump’s inauguration.

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  1. “Mayor Ganim says he also wants to establish a relationship with the nominee for the Secretary of the Department of Housing & Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson.” Joe, really Ben Carson, you’d better start getting as tight as you can with Linda McMahon who is right here in Connecticut.

    Donald Trump has picked Linda McMahon, co-founder of pro wrestling company WWE, to lead his Small Business Administration. The SBA has an office in every state and helps with financing and training for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

    1. It’s laughable, Ganim who has no legitimate standing outside of Bridgeport actually is expecting us to believe Trump is going to do something for Bridgeport because he attended the inauguration. By the time Trump sets things right with the Intelligence Agency, the press, the African American community country-wide, and all the people he promised health insurance and jobs, he’ll be either impeached or replaced in four years. Joe’s looking at the bright side alright, the bright side that may get him a lower-level job in Washington. Trump came here in the ’90s, stirred hopes of putting a casino in Bridgeport when all he came for was to throw a wrench in the efforts of sincere investors, then left like a thief in the night. Ron, again you’re right, he’s kissing the wrong butt, he should cozy up to McMahon.

      1. Lisa, where are the sincere investors, are they welcome back? If they were interested in a casino for Bridgeport back then shouldn’t they still be interested in it now? Especially now the conditions are more favorable?

        1. RT,
          Many people are paying half their tax bill this month to the City. As you comment did you forget the mil rate and our budget? “Where are the sincere investors, are they welcome back? If they were interested in a casino for Bridgeport back then shouldn’t they still be interested in it now?”

          Sincere investors who are savvy look at taxes as one of the costs of doing business. How is our tax direction? How long has it been since we had genuine, informed give and take on fiscal issues? With accountability and integrity to verify the facts and indicate our fiscal direction?

          The Mayor enclosed a number of issues or subjects in his New Year’s announcement that resulted in him providing himself with a B+ grading. However, there was no priority list at the beginning of the year, with mid-terms, etc. and still no PRIORITIES indicated where management attention is focused. What does the public think about this when they stop to consider? What is a sincere investor supposed to think? Time will tell.

      2. Lisa, I don’t know the standing Joe has inside or outside Bridgeport. What can this city really say about what the Democrat governor Dan, Senators Richard and Chris, President Obama and the countless other state representatives in Hartford and Washington have done for the city in the last eight years? I would assume these individuals, like Joe, are going to do something to make life better for residents of this city.

  2. I cannot think of anything positive coming out of Ganim not attending the Trump Inaugural.

    First, Ganim knows Trump. Second, even if he hated the man, he should as an elected official attend the event representing the state’s largest city. Personally, I believe Trump is a disgusting piece of humanity. He will not change and therefore most likely will not last four years. Locally, those who voted for him are woefully embarrassed. Trump is the President and until he is not, one is wise to know what they are dealing with. He is like a child and vengeful. Ganim is taking care of business and should be commended. Whether you believe Trump is a legitimate President or not, that ship has sailed. Let’s hope he stops the tweets and insulting our friends abroad. Let’s hope some good comes out of a very bad thing. It is not as though any party at this stage is beyond reproach.

    1. Really, Steve? You stated “Personally, I believe Trump is a disgusting piece of humanity.” What do you base that on? Is it the fact old bitch Hillary lost to him thus preventing Bill Clinton from being president? The Dems run a person under federal investigation and who hardly campaigned and lost and now they are all pissed.
      Steve, tell us who our friends overseas are. That is just so much BS.
      John Lewis may be a civil rights leader from the past but this is the second white president’s inaugural he has boycotted. Is there a pattern here?

      1. Andy, that’s right. Al Gore had more votes than George W Bush and it took just five members of the Supreme Court to elect Bush, not the electoral college or the popular vote. These are two elections that call into question how the voters didn’t truly elect the President. Andy, this is what John Lewis did to help all Americans get the right to vote, now tell me what did Donald Trump do to help Americans to vote or to do anything?

        1. Ron, it is not totally about who was elected president both times Lewis stayed away from the inaugural. It should be he showed up to show that the peaceful changing of the guard took place. Why did he attend the inauguration of Obama, a man who had zero experience in higher office? Could it be because he was black?

        2. Trump made his fortunes by himself, and by hiring the right people.
          John Lewis made a career of politics and other than taking a beating 50 years ago, what has he done?

      2. Andy, I can only base my comments on what has come out of Trump’s mouth. Not the hearsay, that he was in a hotel in Russia getting urinated on by two prostitutes. That’s none of my business. I hear him speak, I read his tweets and I hear his insults against minorities. That’s enough for me. I didn’t vote for him. I accept Clinton lost and I find Donald Trump a lowlife braggart. I remember him well and his dealings with Bridgeport and how he screwed us. I think I have enough factual information on the man to state my opinion. BTW, he is an embarrassment and yes, this is why Obama has the highest approval rating right now and why Trump has historically the lowest approval rating of any President entering office. I do not expect he will change.

        I totally respect Mr. Lewis not attending the inaugural. Personally, I think he should attend like Ganim. I remember when Mary Moran did not attend Ganim’s inaugural in 1989. I was very disappointed. The problem with Trump is he deserves people treating him the way they are. It all came out of his mouth. Comments have consequences.

  3. LOL Ron, why wouldn’t you want Ganim to try to build a relationship with Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD, yet try to build one with the Secretary of SBA, McMahon? Is it a racial or gender thing, maybe both? OR is it anti anything Ganim? This is ridiculous. I hope the Mayor of Bridgeport, from whatever party, tries to do what’s in the best interest of the city and tries to work with Trump and all his department heads, Ben and Linda included.

    BAM, I’m out for my hiatus.


  4. Trump’s first question to Ganim and Testa should be “Isn’t Bridgeport part of Jim Himes’ district? If you boys can’t control your congressman, then why should I help Bridgeport?”

    1. Trump and the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS WILL NEVER EVER HELP BRIDGEPORT. Two Democratic Senators and Democratic Congressmen is the Kiss of Death. It’s much better to have a Republican Senator or Congressperson from Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi etc. etc. etc.

        1. Ron, the history of the South is of poor governance, whether it be pre-civil war, Southern Democrat Jim Crow or Nixonian post-Civil Acts Rights Republicans. It’s a dismal history. What we are looking at now are specific Republican/Trump Administration determinations of where money is to be spent and possible return of Congressional earmarks with a Congress controlled by Republicans. These expenditures tend to favor a few and specific projects but are not aimed at the general populace; better education for all, better economic opportunities for all.

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