Ganim Applauds M&T Bank’s Branch Commitment For East End Revitalization

News release from Mayor Joe Ganim:

Mayor Ganim commended M&T Bank for committing to open a new branch on the East End of Bridgeport. The new branch will be located within Honey Locust Square on Stratford Ave, between Newfield and Central Ave. The East End M&T Bank branch is expected to be completed in early 2024, contingent upon regulatory approval.

The bank will be 1,500 square feet and will include access to a walk-up ATM, space for teller transactions, and meetings with M&T Bankers. The bank will also be designated as an M&T Bank Multicultural Banking Center, as this will address the cultural and linguistic needs of residents that live within the East End neighborhood. The center will be able to create opportunities for businesses, nonprofits, and community members to attend networking events, financial literacy classes, and much more.

“I’m very much looking forward to the construction and opening of the East End branch for M&T Bank,” Mayor Ganim stated. “The East End has been long without a bank within the neighborhood, which makes this announcement very exciting not only for the East End, but for the City as a whole. Residents who are faced with transportation challenges and linguistic differences can now find solace knowing there will be an M&T Bank available in their neighborhood that caters to their community.”

Councilman Ernie Newton, 139th District stated, “I want to thank M&T Bank for wanting to be a part of the rebirth of a great neighborhood; providing a convenient location for residents and businesses to complete their banking. The East End is long overdue to have a bank located so closely in the community, so this will greatly improve the quality of life within the neighborhood.”

“By actively engaging with our community, M&T Bank has stepped forward as a dedicated ally in prioritizing the financial well-being of all Bridgeport residents,” Bridgeport City Council President, Aidee Nieves added. “Providing access to banking services and financial guidance will help small businesses and individuals grow and improve economic stability for the entire community.”



  1. It took plenty of public dollars but only the private sector can solidify a new development with a bank branch. Some pols mentioned here had harsh words for M&T Bank upon its arrival in Bridgeport.
    I’m glad they’ve changed their minds.

  2. Changed their minds? I Just changed my mind and closed a five (5) digit account with MT. Yesterday, this commentary had a link. I clicked on the the link and to my surprise, the registration for participation in MT Bank’s competition for the top prize of $10,000. Registration is closed. I had inquired about this at the bank. Nothing was ever posted in the bank and tellers had no knowledge of this. On my way to Patriot Bank.

  3. Before I forget. Today is Speedy Gonzales’ 70th Birthday. I got a call from an MT Bank official who occasionally reads OIB. I’m am not suggesting or calling for a boycott of MT Bank. In fact, I still have and will keep our checking account with MT.

    For years, John Slater and I have been friends since we first joined the Bridgeport Republican Party in 2008. I saw
    Slater rise up the careers later at Patriot Bank. Patriot Bank is small in comparison to MT Bank and I tend to root for the little guys. I’m surrounding myself with the right people as I move towards my business goals.

    It would be nice if I could get a call from Scott T. Applybe Director of the Center for Emergency Management. Last Friday, I got a letter from him inquiring about the status of a vehicle of mine that went missing along with the license plates of another one. Been calling and leaving messages and still mo return call. I’m on “Status Option-1: Police haven’t done shit. In fact I was sent to the fusion center at the annex about 5 months ago. The Auto-Theft Devision is located there and when I finally was able to talk to someone, he tells me that Auto-Theft doesn’t investigate those types of cases. My bank account could be bigger if I can get the thief at Milford Auto Recycling to pay me for my Blazer. Scott Appleby, I’m calling again now.


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