From Dope To Hope–Harry Bell’s Inspirational Story Featured On Today Show

In this season of miracles, Harry Bell’s motivational story, with an assist in this commentary from John Marshall Lee, received kudos on the Today Show.

“On one side of the street, they were selling dope, but on the other side, there was Harry Bell, through his personal activities selling hope.” That seemed to be the message of the video featured on WNBC Today Show near 9:00 AM this morning, December 22, 2022. Many of us know about the numerous good works sprung from the spirit, heart, and brain of Harry for more than a dozen years in Bridgeport. Born into public housing with parent and family not a major influence Harry turned away from growing up for a few years.

However, he literally woke up to the call for transformation from his four-year-old son. Beginning to heal himself, he gained work as a school security officer at James J. Curiale School, and to work other security duty to increase his earnings. He also took up writing, producing, and promoting a professional coloring book for youngsters, “Color a Positive Thought” which has sold tens of thousands locally and through the Internet. This has brought him to national media notice, but not changed his focus or practices locally.

With a message of hope and positivity, Harry along with the support of friends far and wide, continues his work with youth on many fronts to develop their interests in education, sports, the arts, and environment, paying his success forward as a part of personal responsibility to his neighborhood and community.

Second chance stories are a part of sowing seeds of hope where only despair appears to grow. But when the rewards of hope and faith genuinely multiply over a span of years and are encouraged to grow within sight and hearing of other people with hearts, a community can recover trust, pride, and joy. These are the true gifts from Harry and friends each week of the year. It is a living legacy that does not require death to make itself known. Peace, health, and joy to all. Time will tell.


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