Foster Outraised Ganim In Latest Campaign Filing Period

In the race to raise money heading into the final days of the general election, Democratic petitioning candidate for mayor Mary-Jane Foster outpaced Democratic nominee Joe Ganim in the latest October reporting period, raking in roughly $140,000 in total from individual contributions and political action committees, according to her campaign finance report.

“I am honored and heartened that so many people care about the future of Bridgeport and believe that our campaign represents the best chance for Bridgeport to move forward,” said Foster in a statement. “It is especially encouraging to see more and more people willing to step forward as they see our campaign continue to gain momentum.”

Ganim raised about $130,000 during the nearly four-week reporting period bringing his total haul since entering the race six months ago to more than $500,000. Republican Rick Torres raised about $19,000 during the most recent filing period. Foster’s campaign money came from business community interests, Foster’s contacts, and Mayor Bill Finch’s fundraising operation including a major event hosted by former Democratic Town Chair John Stafstrom last week.

“It should be clear to everyone that Mary-Jane Foster is building a campaign to win and that we are serious about raising the resources necessary to win on November 3rd,” said Tom Swan, Foster’s campaign manager.

Foster and Ganim are not done raising money. They have fundraisers scheduled to close out the week before next Tuesday’s election.



      1. There are campaign workers doing that, Ron. Fact of business, people are walking into Harborview Market to make financial contributions. A half million dollars is not going to change anything. According to information leaking out of MJF’s headquarters, she is well behind Torres in commissioned polls, as is The Crook. Money ain’t gonna change that.

        Torres has billboards, mailers, video spots that are generating a lot of positive response. All you can do is sit on your fat lazy ass and criticize a man who is actively trying to change Bridgeport for the better, for the greater common good. The Democratic nominee is a convicted racketeer. The “petitioning” Democrat compromised her integrity by aligning herself with a corrupt political machine. Enough with your myopic sniping. Shut the fuck up already.

  1. If that isn’t a telling stat. Ganim and Foster raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from big donors and PACs and Rick’s coming from the common folk. That shows where the grassroots are.

  2. How can Mary-Jane Foster say she is not part of the machine when that is where her money is coming from? How much would she raise if not for John Stafstrom who wants to protect his bond business with the city and his business contacts (Paul Iimpanelli)? He also needs to protect Gov Malloy as Malloy needs Bridgeport votes for reelection. Mary-Jane is being used and has given in to those values she started out with.

  3. These Ganim people just can’t accept the simple truth. There are a lot of people out there who loath Joe Ganim. There are a lot of people out there who say anybody but Ganim but also say make it someone that will make BRIDGEPORT proud. And as evidenced by the recent fundraising, there are a lot of people who are willing to put their money where their mouths are.


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