Forum For School Chief Finalists

Following a nationwide search that attracted 58 applicants, the Board of Education has narrowed to two the next permanent superintendent of schools. The district has operated with school leaders in acting positions for more than five years. A public forum will take place Wednesday 6 to 8 p.m. in Geraldine Johnson School, 475 Lexington Avenue, to introduce the two finalists, Angella Katrise Perera who led districts in Virginia and Texas, and Aresta Johnson, the current interim chief.

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Johnson, 49, who was an assistant superintendent for secondary education before being tapped as interim superintendent after the departure of Fran Rabinowitz, won the job with the promise to keep in place things that were working and to focus primarily on instruction not politics.

She is a Waterbury native who first came to the district as a science coordinator in 2005. When Johnson left the district in 2012, she was principal at Central High School and Paul Vallas was superintendent only to be brought back by Rabinowitz.

Perera, 48, was working for McGraw Hill Education until leaving in December. She was superintendent in Isle of Wright County Schools in Smithfield, Virginia from 2011-2015. She also served as an area superintendent in Houston and was a deputy superintendent in Henrico County Public Schools in Richmond Virginia. She is originally from Louisiana.

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  1. Really! Nothing? After all that drama with Maria, Bradley, Fran, boycotting, packets, bullying, resignations, State takeover, Protest, marches, news coverage, mayor appointments, court lawsuits, and all the comments about “what about the kids, it’s all about the kids.” This is one of the single most important decision regarding the schools and the kids and not one comment. Jesus Christ!

  2. This subject is better intelligently addressed and assessed in the upcoming public forum on Wednesday. Hope to see you and all OIBers at the public forum to ask questions.

    1. I’ll take your comment as a slight to me, where you said “This subject is better intelligently addressed and assessed in the upcoming public forum on Wednesday.” It’s clearly a response to my comment above, and your slight to me is valid based on my level of intelligence. However I don’t know why your cruel needs needed to attack my level of intelligence on a topic that has dominated OIB since the new BOE was elected. I feel your opinion of Lennie’s OIB as not a worthy forum for any intelligent conversations, is unfair.

      There are two possible reasons for your comment, aside from you wanted to attack me and my intelligence.

      One, your intelligence didn’t recognize your slight on my intelligence threw Lennie’s OIB under the bus. He and OIB are an unintelligent on-line forum not worthy of any intelligent discourse, and everyone who reads and comments on OIB are unintellectual gossipers with no real value to any discourse.

      Two, you believe Lennie’s OIB and everybody who reads and comments on OIB are unintellectual gossiper and bloggers with no real value to any discourse, and the only ones who read and comment on Lennie’s OIB are equivalent intelligence to me.

      You are an active reader and blogger on Lennie’s OIB and would not view yourself in that way, and there are some very intelligent people who read and blog on OIB. Since you’re are also going to that forum on Wednesday for an intellectual discussion on this current topic, my limited intelligence tells me it’s reason ONE.

      So your attack on my intelligence says more about your character than my intelligence. Another WINNER, I will not gauge your intelligence. So when I say WINNER I really mean LOSER.

      PS let me know how that intelligent forum went on Wednesday. Oh wait, how would you let me know?

  3. Just heard (3/6/2017 5:30pm) Angella Katrise Perera has withdrawn with some negative connotations (she claims she received negative Twitter comments).

  4. Dose anyone find the irony in this? I’m a product of the BPS (and then some). I was attacked and bullied for my lack of intelligence on a discussion about how the BPS is not educating the students and how to fix it. Word of the day “SUPER LOSER”


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