Former BOE Chair Jessica Martinez Jailed For Violating Terms of Release

Former school board chair Jessica Martinez has again violated terms of her pretrial release following her indictment last year with State Senator Dennis Bradley for alleged violations of Connecticut’s campaign finance laws. This time it means jail time.

Update from CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer here.

Martinez was ordered confined to her home by a federal magistrate for violating conditions of her release including testing positive for cocaine, according to her probation officer.

“Ms. Martinez was drug tested by the undersigned on August 16, 2022, and she tested positive for cocaine,” U.S. Probation Officer Lisa van Sambeck stated in her report. “Furthermore,” the report states, “On August 20, 2022, Ms. Martinez had three unauthorized leaves. Ms. Martinez did not contact our office when the alerts happened despite both the USPO monitoring the location monitoring equipment and the undersigned reaching out to her notifying her of the leaves and advising her to stay in her residence. Ms. Martinez did not respond for over two hours and when she did, she reported that her dog got out on two separate occasions while she was home alone. She provided no explanation for her lack of communication with our office.”

Martinez served as treasurer of Bradley’s 2018 campaign for state senate. The government alleges that they manipulated donation cards in an attempt to qualify for nearly $200,000 in public funds for his campaign. Drug issues led to her removal as school board chair.

Two weeks ago Bradley was defeated by city faith leader Herron Gaston, Bridgeport’s assistant chief administrative officer, in a Democratic primary.

Bradley’s trial is on hold as a federal appeals court ponders a dispute between prosecutors and defense lawyers over evidentiary matters.


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