Former Airport Manager Lands Retirement Benefits, Plans Lawsuit

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Fired over the $400,000 driveway controversy, Sikorsky Memorial Airport manager John Ricci has chosen instead to retire and immediately collect his benefits.

The decision means Ricci cannot pursue a union grievance filed after Mayor Bill Finch terminated him Aug. 1, which is good news for an administration weary of the summer-long scandal. But lawyer Justin Falco of Shelton, Ricci’s private attorney, said his client is weighing other legal avenues and does not intend to go away without a fight.

“Mr. Ricci has already commented publicly regarding his disappointment the city chose to blame him for decisions made by others. That disappointment is magnified by the fact he gave almost 40 years of loyal service to the city,” Falco said. “It is likely that the litigation process will reveal where and by whom mistakes regarding the project were actually made.”

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  1. *** This is where Mr. Ricci & lawyer work out a few golden handshake arrangements with some nice parting gifts to go along with the city’s 40-year retirement plan, compliments of the City of Bpt’s taxpayers and the Finch Admin, no? *** GO DOWN SWINGING, MR. RICCI ***

  2. I am told in most Federal Prisons all convicted and incarcerated felons only a predetermined amount of money in their respective prison accounts for use in canteens and to buy sneakers. Assuming Ricci gets the Golden Greasy Hand Shake, he should be amply funded during his hiatus from being stupid. I wonder if Ricci has hired Ganim to counsel him on best prison practices for cheap shoe convicted political felons. Interesting that Ricci didn’t hire Bucci.

  3. Congrats to John Ricci. Hope you enjoy your retirement in good health. Thank you for your 40 years of service. I hope the investigation finds you innocent of any wrongdoing. Maybe you’ll get involved again with a strong Dem or Rep. contender and find your way back to city hall. Only in Bridgeport! Enjoy!

  4. The people of Bridgeport were really lucky to have had John Ricci work for the City for 40 years making him eligible for a generous pension AND other benefits typically awarded to the most loyal of the cheap shoes for lunch bunch. I wonder if we are going to hear in all 40 years John never took a sick day and work so hard he forgot to take vacations and even worked on holidays. Time will tell. No? ***


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