For Moore’s Camp, Confusion Over Absentee Ballots

The mayoral campaign of Marilyn Moore is experiencing a confused state of affairs, according to CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart who writes that Moore had expected her name to appear on absentee ballots for the November 5 general election.

From Lockhart:

Moore was very surprised when a Hearst Connecticut reporter told her that was not the case. She said she had received opposite information from the Secretary of the State’s office.

But Gabe Rosenberg, a spokesman for that office, told Hearst Connecticut, “Write in candidates names don’t appear on the ballot.”

“There’s a square and you fill in the ‘write-in’ bubble. After that you just have to write the (write-in candidate’s) name on the ballot,” Rosenberg said.

… Former Town Clerk Alma Maya, a Moore supporter, said she had not heard talk about the candidate’s name being printed on the November absentee ballots and did not understand where that idea would have come from.

“Having been town clerk, I have never heard of a write-in candidate’s name being on a ballot,” Maya said. “It’s a ‘write-in.’ You write it in. It wouldn’t make sense.”

Moore is waging a write-in candidacy after her campaign failed to secure the 207 verified signatures necessary to appear on the Connecticut Working Families Party line in November. The general election was a back-up plan for Moore following her close primary loss to Mayor Joe Ganim, an outcome that is being challenged in state court over absentee ballots.

Lockhart reported on the night of the September 10 primary, following disclosure from state elections officials, that Moore’s campaign bungled the November ballot spot.

Moore is not a plaintiff in the court case brought by campaign supporters in lieu of a November ballot position.



  1. Let me get this straight.

    Marilyn Moore has been involved in numerous campaigns, served as the Campaign Manager for Ed Gomes re-election campaign when he lost to Andre’s Ayala and Ernest Newton, and served as Campaign Manager for BOE candidates Howard Gardner, Dave Hennessey and Andre Baker, yet she does not understand that the only difference between an absentee ballot and the ballot at the polls is the color of the paper it is printed on.

    Marilyn Morre doesn’t understand that a “write-in” campaign means voters must write-in a candidates name on a designated area on the ballot regardless if it an absentee or poll ballot.

    Marilyn Moore has Alma Maya on her team, who served as Town Clerk for 8 years, which required she order the ballots and manage every aspect of absentee voting and did not think to seek factual information regarding absentee ballots from her.

    Marilyn Moore had Chris Caruso on her team who would know this in his sleep.

    Marilyn Moore and her high level campaign team have repeatedly demonstrated absolute incompetence.

    No, Marilyn Moore should not serve as Mayor for the largest city in CT with over 145,000 residents.

      1. It is amazing to me how many Marilyn Moore don’t comprehend basic math.

        138th District Machine Counts for TWO City Council seats are as follows:

        Nessah Smith 494
        Maria Pereira 484
        Samia Suliman 484
        Karen Jackson 463 ( Not even within re-count range)

        Tony Barr and his running mate absolutely trounced.

        The Bridgeport Board of Education offers a free Adult Education Program for those that need further assistance. 🙂

    1. Maria, send this comment as a letter to the CT Post because this is the summation of why I’ve been shaking my head since the election. When you don’t submit enough signatures to get your name on the ballot – you don’t get your name printed on the ballot. How they don’t know this – how there is even the slightest confusion from anyone seems beyond incompetence. If there was a way to knock her out of her seat now I would support that because this is who represents us in Hartford. THIS level of incredible inconsistency and incompetence.

  2. Maria, It’s a bad headline. Not confused, more amused Here is what happened, Someone at the state office told Marilyn with her attorney present that if the write-in candidacy was filed prior to the ballots being printed, that her name would be printed as well because it was filed early.

    It didn’t make sense to her and she simply mentioned this at her campaign HQ at a meeting. I was present and surprised to hear that misinformation and we were all amused. My comment was hey if they want to help us and print the name, awesome. We know we are planning for a write-in campaign and that has been the focus barring a court miracle.

    Marilyn simply shared the amusing input of someone at the state office and what was said in front of her attorney. I hope this helps, No confusion here on the Moore side and yes Marilyn knew this was not a possibility.

    1. Kelvin,

      A CT Post reporter just happened to be at her campaign meeting when all these humorous anecdotal comments were made?


      I am not buying it.

      Why did she ask her “attorney” to call the Secretary of State to clear up the confusion if she clearly understood that her name would not appear on the ballot under any circumstances? According to your statement she always knew the information she was provided was erroneous.


      1. Maria, I never stated Brain Lockhart was present. There was no reporter at any HQ meeting.

        This was at a meeting a week before the Oct. 2 Karaoke event. Days prior to event, I , Mr. KELVIN AYALA, quipped with Brain about what was said in Hartford. We were talking about how hard a write in campaign can be. I mentioned to him “hey per Hartford, her name will be on the AB ballots being mailed out, so maybe not so hard. I said, yeah I know, it’s BS but hey they said it (Meaning in Hartford) so call the state and find out what’s up with that. It started from there and I guess.

        He took that info and made it into a story a week later. I think he was bored cause it’s a non-story. I was there present at the meeting and I had that conversation with Brian. I guess this is how rumors start. But that’s the truth.

  3. This is just crazy! Had she did what she needed to do she would be on the ballot in November. Who don’t understand what a ” write in” is? Tell me. Please enlighten me! I am always rooting for all things black. I wish her well. One of my daughters voted for her, but my other daughter voted for Ganim and guess what i will never tell my kids who to vote for and who not to vote for. Nor will anyone tell me how to vote.

    1. Quite simple and not a new concept. Every ballot you look at has a row underneath all listed candidates to fill in a bubble and write in anyone you like. So in the column for Mayor, you follow the column down, find the box the that says “Write in Candidate”, fill in the bubble, write in “Moore”

      My buddy jorge cruz in last city council elections in 2017 was upset with our options so he wrote in “Casper” for the friendly ghost. Every election funny names pop up on ballots.

      Those votes only count if the write-in candidate registered with the secretary of state as a candidate such as Marilyn for this November General election.

  4. When I served as Head Moderator years ago, many people wrote in “Micky Mouse” at least 6 people, I’m wondering if those people will now vote M.M, that along with , the “unusual amount of write -in AB’s” we are about to see (wonder if they’ll be an investigation?), should place her in a strong 3rd for Mayor….in the End some friendships may recover, others won’t, In my opinion losing a friend, brother or sister over a political campaign is ludicrous.


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