For Ganim, Mayor Harp Music To Ears–He Has Company

Ganim, Harp, Murren
From September, Toni Harp, left and Ganim chat with MGM CEO Jim Murren in Bridgeport. CT Mirror image Mark Pazniokas.

Mayor Joe Ganim has logged numerous miles to delegate-rich New Haven as he ponders a run for governor with an eye on the Democratic convention in May where he’ll need 15 percent delegate support to qualify for a presumed August primary. He’s built a partnership with Mayor Toni Harp, a former state senator, for a joint Amazon proposal as well as MGM’s pitch to build a $675 million waterfront casino in the city with New Haven serving as host of MGM’s workforce development and training center extending the economic impact to the Elm City, if approved by the state. For Ganim, New Haven provides three key ingredients, the most delegates at the state party convention, an abundance of urban voters and an alliance with Harp that builds credibility for a mayor with a troubled past.

Ganim would love that alliance to extend to a gubernatorial ticket. Ganim, however, has plenty of company if Harp is considering a run for lieutenant governor, as examined by Hearst Connecticut political reporter Neil Vigdor. And some argue that Harp herself is gubernatorial worthy in a potential field with a glut of mayors.

“Mayor Harp could be easily running for governor,” Ganim said Tuesday. “Any partnership that could be developed there, if one could, would be a hugely dynamic team, not just for the cities but for Connecticut. That type of discussion is not something that you do in the press.”

… Ganim said the cooperation he’s had with Harp has been unprecedented and that their two administrations spent “hours, days, weeks together” developing their joint pitch to Amazon for its second headquarters. There was also a joint appearance of the mayors at the September ground-breaking for MGM Bridgeport, a $675 million privately funded casino and resort project that still must gain state approval. Ganim referred to himself and Harp as “co-mayors.”

“That’s something, no matter how we work together in the future, we’ve shown that the state’s two largest cities can work together and set a very positive example for the state,” Ganim said.

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    1. NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I was born and raised in New Haven Democratic politics.Harp comes fvrom a corrupt, cheat the taxpayers family. When elected she was living in an upscale home on Conrad Drive that never got a Certificate of Occupancy. She blames all her misdeeds on her late husband and son.
      She appointed herself chairman of the Board of Education and did a shitty job.
      For those who think Bridgeport politics and the BDTC is corrupt, the last time New Haven elected a Republican mayor was in 1951. Most years the Republican don’t run candidates for mayor and most seats on the Board of Alders.
      If she didn’t have Yale to build and build and steal most of New Haven, it would look worse than Bridgeport.
      Totally unqualified to be Governor.
      As for Joe and Toni…aPOX on both their houses

      1. Marshall Marcus, you must admit that it’s a heck of a back-u plan. I bet the Republicans aren’t happy. New Haven tax-payers aren’t gonna be happy when she starts campaigning with two New Haven police officers as her escorts/driver.

      2. Marshall Marcus, HELL YES, election are about getting your people out to vote and Toni Harp has proven track record as a State Senator and as the Mayor of New Haven. Harp has more experience in getting things pass than any candidates from both the Republican and Democrat parties. The black female voter will be the key voter in electing the next governor of Connecticut and that will eliminate Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim because he has done nothing for blacks since he won the election as mayor.

        1. There’s a oarallel with Donald Trump. He campaigned on promises to create jobs, bring them back from overseas, pass a massive tax cut that will lead to corporate investment and job creation… And the dish ran away with the spoon. Now all the white uneducated blue-collar workers that bought Trump’s pie-in-the-sky bullshit are angry that he hasn’t done anything to create jobs for the middle and working classes. 

          Now they are angry and frustrated They  voted for an obnoxious, self-important pinhead that wants to take away their health care benefits while raising taxes to improve the quality of life for individuals making more than $500,000.00 a year. 

          Ganim’s predicament is similar. He stood up in Reverend Stallworth’s East End Baptist Tabernacle Church and made a repilian confession: “I have done wrong, I have sinned…” then he went to Trumbull Gardens Apartments and, with a camera crew in tow, purchased materials to repair a hole in the fence behind the complex that was used by drug dealers. (The hole has since reopened but did he whip out his American Express card at Home Depot? Nooooooo.) Ganim made all kinds of promises to Bridgeport’s African-American community, promises that were believed after years of Bill “Mr. White Privilege” Finch. That and the twenty bucks each paid to public housing residents for their votes went a long way toward Little Joe’s political “redemption.” 

          Now many are waking up to the smell of coffee that was left on the stove too long. Little Joe Ganim has done nothing to improve the quality of life for the people if the city of Bridgeport. 

      1. What a difference two years make. Toni Harp–like the majority of other leaders–supported Bill Finch during the 2015 primary. It’s becoming more clear that Joe Ganim doesn’t feel like he can win a Democratic primary. Toni Harp is Joe Ganim’s spare-tire (no pun intended).

    1. No, she understands the importance of forming a coalition. I’ve always said that a plan, is not a plan, if it doesn’t include a back-up plan. I don’t have to remind anyone of how the mare mention of Mario Testa makes the usual OIB posters cringe. Gotta give them (Testa & Ganim) credit for their ability to pull-off the unexpected.

      1. Whatever, Frodo. When it comes to Mario Testa’s political activities people rave about his restaurants. When it comes to Joe Ganim’s political activities people refer to the seven years he spend in prison for soliciting and recieving bribes.

  1. Everyone knows who wants to make America great again, but who wants to make Bridgeport great again?
    I see similar parallels.
    I’m asking now so everyone who reads this blog will have a chance to be first.


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