For Christina Smith, A Marriage Between Walkers And The Waterfront

Christina Smith

Former City Councilwoman Christina Smith leads Groundwork Bridgeport, a sustainability organization whose mission includes ideas to recapture and upgrade access to the waterfront. A year of forced dormancy generated an idea.

CT Post reporter Amanda Cuda shares details:

When Christina Smith sent out a text blast to see if anyone in the city would be interested in a walking club, she expected about 25 to 50 replies.

As of Wednesday, Smith, president and CEO of Groundwork Bridgeport, had heard from nearly 400 people who were interested in taking part in such a club.

“It’s become something much more than we expected,” Smith said. “I think people are looking to get out and connect with each other. After a year of COVID and quarantine, it’s an opportunity to do something simple.”

Groundwork Bridgeport is a nonprofit group focused on community revitalization. The idea for the walking club came to Smith while doing a walking audit of Bridgeport as part of a project the group is doing with the Trust for Public Land. The trust is working with Groundwork Bridgeport and other groups on a project aimed at increasing access to the waterfront.

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  1. Lennie, seeing that you are doing a series of Bicentennial Interviews former City Councilwoman Christina Smith would be a execellent candidate base on her outstanding accomplishs. Her academic experience from Princeton (B.A. in Economics) and her recent studies in how to better cities (M.Sc. in Urban Regeneration from University College London) and how cities can reuse their old buildings for new purposes (M.A. in Historical and Sustainable Architecture from New York University). Her goal is to be part of making Bridgeport a place that people love to be!


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