Fonseca And Frank Drop City Council Seat Challenge

Fonseca, Gage
Fonseca and Frank pull out.

Democratic Town Committee member Dolores Fonseca and political activist Gage Frank have pulled out of a City Council challenge of Democratic incumbents Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith in the Upper East Side 138th District.

“I was shocked when I found out earlier last week that Dolores had removed her hat from the ring,” said Frank in a statement. “That being said, I have decided that since we began this journey as a team, it is only right to end it as one. I have the utmost faith that I will continue to fight for my fellow residents of the 138th District and all Bridgeport residents as a private citizen.”

Whether the incumbents will have a September Democratic primary challenge remains to be seen. Party endorsements will take place in three weeks and District Leader Maria Pereira appears to hold the cards for the endorsement. She is contemplating fielding her own candidates after supporting Paoletto and Smith in 2015.



  1. Gage Frank, I respect your decision but I would hope that you would reassess your position. Gage, let’s say that Dolores Fonseca stayed on the ticket and voters elected you and one of other candidate, would you decline the position because Delores lost?

  2. Very Strange, They did Paoletto and Smith a good turn. They have a fundraiser in July.

    Very disappointed for Gage And Dolly. I think they both would have been fine candidates. Maria P. must be thrilled!

    Disappointed and shocked! Good Luck to Anthony and Nessah, they are both fine candidates. now the 138th is no longer a race to watch.

  3. Not too strange, it would have split the vote. Love her or hate her, Maria’s a hard worker and strong campaigner. She’s strong in the neighborhood, if the endorse candidates lose Mario is going to look weak, especially if Anthony loses. The endorse candidates have been losing recently. If She puts up a strong candidates and Anthony loses Mario is going to be happen, I would think

  4. I would have to agree with Butthead, While I though Fonseca was a long shot, Gage at least is invested in politics and had a real shot of winning. His statement goes to show what type of politician he is. GBYD you don’t need a survey to assess someone character. Gage your statement to blame Fonseca and that we stared this journey together and we should end it together goes to the type of politic you would have become. BULLSHIT.

    PS Ron Howard was wrong period.

    I’m out of here the BULLSHIT is getting so high in here JML’s red boots are ineffective. SMH BAM

  5. My read is Mario pulled her out because her husband will most likely make a run for the BOE, may possible get the nomination, and would put Dolly and her husband on different lines. Gage got screwed!

    1. Agreed, Lisa. Mario did speak to Dollie and initially requested she not run because it ultimately hurt Nessah and Anthony.

      Ralphie voted with us on Lighthouse, then claimed he had a change of heart and submitted a motion on a,”rescission” of the vote requiring Lighthouse to pay the $500,000 by May 15th or vacate our buildings by June 30th.

      Ralphie couldn’t write a motion on a,”recission” if his life depended on it. The motion waa written by Mark Anastasi.

      My guess is that in order for Ralphie to get the nomination Dollie had to dropout.

      I hope Gage is waking up about Dollie Fonseca. He got played.

    2. Dollie and Ralphie are 100% in Ganim’s and Testo’s back pocket, I never believed Gage was, which is why their partnership was so odd.

      Gage is a progressive, anti DTC, believes in good government, is pro-organized labor, etc.

      I kinda feel bad for him.

  6. We speculate here, right?
    Fact: At the recent OIB Party I gave Gage and Dollie an inexpensive idea that would put money into Bridgeport’s account on a monthly basis until the end of time! The only purpose of this money was to put downward pressure on Bridgeport taxes. Nice campaign idea, eh?
    Rumor Mill: My read is Dollie and Frank found this campaign idea so compelling and original that when the politcally-astute Mario discovered it made him realize he’d be losing the incumbents to a superior candidate. So he found a way to deflate the challengers.
    Put another way, It’s all because of me.

  7. After this performance both of these ex candidates really did us a favor in with drawing. If elected they would have been votes for Ganim on anything Ganim wanted.
    Note to Ralph you better learn how politics is done because you are really looking bad and you are looking like a Ganim yes man shame on you Ralph I thought you were better than that. I was wrong

  8. Ralphie and Dollie a Ganim “yes” man, I think NOT!! All these spectators and commentators are just that and no value add to my city.

    No offense to Gage but he had ZERO chance of winning without Dollie. MP, tounce Fonseca at the polls?!?! ….hahahaha!! I suggest she start worrying about her own position in this City. She has already dug enough of her grave. Tick, tock, tick, tock!

    1. JMar2230,
      Know nothing about you but you know enough to weigh in on this ticket meltdown. But you indicate you see no value in folks who post here regularly, but you go on to say the Fonseca’s don’t march to the puppeteer’s direction. How so? Is Maria correct in saying that the rent request by the BOE of the Lighthouse program was supported initially by Mr. Fonseca but later he changed his mind? What caused the flip-flop? Did he think the BOE no longer needed the money? Did he see that Lighthouse receiving $4.5 Million annually from City, families and State of CT working with 2800 youths summer and after school works out to $1607 per youth. Yet none of those funds are used to secure a safe location for programs? Why not? What is the hourly expense for personnel in terms of real weeks worked and hours with youth? No benefits for part time right? Anyone help with these questions?

      In “my city” you discard regular participants but hide your own identity? Work for the City or anyone close to you take a City paycheck? Live in the City and pay property taxes on home or business? Write more often, and please explain the Fonseca “flip-flop”? Time will tell

      1. Well said JML. I always say there’s nothing more dangerous than stupid person, especially in politics. You sure as heck called out an ametuer.

    2. Gage was Anti DTC- Sad as I am a member. What is sad Maria P. is that he has you writing kudos about our friend Gage. I found Dollie to be an extremely independent thinker and a rel mover and shaker. I agree with Jmar2230. Gage needed Dollie. She is a ball of fire. I am not so sure having Maria in his corner would be helpful to Gage. She would manipulate him like a puppet or she would spit him out. I am disappointed at this turn of events. If I were Fonseca reading Maria’s posts, I would assume Her relationship to Gage was too close for her comfort. Of course I am speculating. I guess we will never know until Maria P. gives us the lowdown and where will she get the information?

  9. Jessica Martinez,

    Charter $chool lover extrodinairre who is the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit in CT fighting for more charter $chools and funded by a Silicone Valley millionaire.

    You are running for the school board and cannot write a comprehensive and well thought out sentence.

    “My city”, have you been deemed the owner of “our” beloved Bridgeport?

    Gage is a founding member of the Young Democrats, you are a member as well, and you are posting he had “ZERO” chance of winning.

    Yes, I do believe I would have trounced not “tounce” Fonseca. The results in the 138th District certainly support my position.

    I am sorry, but did you just post “hahaha” as a challenge to a comment I posted? I don’t necessarily think any further comment is needed.

    Come and get me, Jessica. 🙂

  10. Maria please tell what is a “motion on a,’rescission’ of the vote requiring Lighthouse to pay the $500,000 by May 15th or vacate our buildings by June 30th.”
    I am aware of a motion to reconsider but I am totally in the dark on a motion for a ‘rescission”.
    The motion to reconsider would be taken up at the next regularly scheduled meeting and everyone can vote.
    Is a motion for a ‘rescission’ one person changing his vote and no one else? This is highly suspect.

  11. Oh Maria darling, I’ve stopped wasting my time on evil forces and meaningless fights! So focused that the actual LOVE i have for, you, my sick neighbor, has caused me to add you to my daily prayer!

    My dear, YOU can keep coming for me! Cannot wait to see your results feom it! Your obsession and focus on me is continuously flattering and fueling. Way to go!

    Oh and by the way, YES, I’m running for school board and YES i beleive in school choice, which includes charters, no secret there my buddy, my pal!! You need some new material agaisnt me, shucks…every stoned turned and you gots nuttin on me

    1. This is the woman I directed to stop emailing me nasty messages on my private email or I would have to notify the police.

      She then emailed me again shortly after Christmas, therefore I filed a police report. The Detective notified her that if she contacted me again she would be arrested.

      Hope it refreshes your memory.

    2. I’m sorry, did you actually write “flattering and FUELING?”

      “I” should be capitalized.

      “feom” should be “from”

      “I” should be capitalized, again.

      “stoned” should be “stone”

      “every stoned turned” should probably be “you’ve left no stone un-turned”

      “beleive” should be “believe”

      “agaisnt” should be “against”

      “you” should be “you’ve”

      “gots” should be “got”

      “nuttin” should be “nothing”

      I can’t even get into the punctuation.

      1. Maria you forgot “i” before “e” except after CEE you at the board meetings. 🙂

        Remember no matter how intelligent you maybe your vote will be equal to hers.

        PS thanks for telling everyone Joe Ganim was the best person to run the city. Your intellect must be proud of itself when Joe took office or should it be questioned? 🙂 BAM

  12. My beautiful gap/smile, “improper” grammar and support for school choice, is all! My dear, you have to better than that!

    Well folks thats all for now, notthing to see here, see you all at the POLLS!

    Mp, my bff, next school year be ready for real work and real results! We got this, I believe! Xoxo

    1. Your first sentence does not flow properly and does not close properly.

      Your second sentence should read ” My dear, you have to BE better than that.

      Well folks, that’s all for now, there’s nothing to see here. I look forward to seeing you at the polls.

      MP, my BFF, be ready for real work and real results in the upcoming school year. I believe we’ve got this! XOXO

      I have shared with you previously that your repeated use of exclamation points doesn’t make your point any more valid. It demonstrates that you need to cultivate your writing skills. If your sentences were fully formed and developed you wouldn’t constantly feel the need to end in exclamation points because they would be able to stand on their own.

      Your over use of capitalization and exclamation points highlights how weak your writing skills are.

      Keep plugging away!

      1. Ron Mackey, Jmar2230 is Jessica Martinez as Maria Pereira pointed out. She is an amazing positive woman. She ctually does have a child in the Bridgeport school system. She does support Charter schools without the drama and insults. She is a positive force. She and Maria P. are total opposites on many levels. I believe she will be an amazing asset on the BBoE. She has a fire in her belly and a big following.

    1. Perhaps it might be appropriate for candidates for our Board Of Education to have a Misspelling Bee? But more important than dotting the ‘i’s or crossing the ‘t’s are the basic concepts of keeping the opportunity for receiving a good education open to all.
      Therefore, money is critical and that is where primary focus needs to be, it seems to me. Running for office is a critical matter. Staying on focus while in office is even more critical. Priority task = school funding adequate to implement unmet priority issues. Where is the discussion on “unmet priority school needs”? No good time for “catfights”, is there? Time will tell.

  13. Jessica Muniz Martinez, born and raised Bridgeport! Graduate of Maplewood School, James J. Curiale and then Central Magnet High, attended Delaware State majoring in Criminal Justice and English (didn’t finsih). Living primarily in the north end. I now live on the East Side, where I serve on the DTC. Sold our 3 family home and looking to move back to the north end, closer to my sons school, John Winthrop that is!!

    I look forward to completing higher education very soon. Unfortunately, my dad, Pastor Hector Muniz, U. S. Army Veteran, has ALS and I, along with my mom are his caregivers. For the last 3 yrs I have been a respiratory therapist and nurse as a labor of love. No schooling, just taught by professionals.

    Anymore questions feel free to reach out! or 203 923 4446!

  14. Jessica Martinez I don’t know you but I did comment on a post made by JML. Since you didn’t post your name I commented back that Jmar2230 was an amatuer. I know of you, and I don’t believe you’re an amatuer, but unfortunately we tend to response a bit harshly when some use monikers. You should be proud to state your opinions while using your name.

    1. Lisa that was very cool of you to retract your statement. I agree – handles are annoying. Jessica Martinez is no amatuer. She is a very good person and really cares about the students . She doesn’t have to tell anyone about the 21000 students anytime she speaks. She rarely brags about her efforts and never blows spoke up her own ass. I believe she will be a huge asset to the BOE. She is a beautiful human being with a good heart. I believe that she has the best interests of the students at heart. Her son is a student and I have met him many times. A very respectful young man . You can tell he will make his parents proud. Imagine a BOE member that supports charter schools for the right reason and sends her child to a Bridgeport Public School. Clearly, she has no personal agenda. Good luck Jessica Martinez. Your strength is your respect for people.

  15. Lisa, she is an amateur who can’t spell, punctuate, capitalize, or write well constructed sentences, yet she wants to serve on the school board…

    As you can see for yourself, she is a bit crazed and unfocused.

  16. Bob,

    It is in Robert’s Rules of Order. A motion to rescind can be made months later as long as the previous vote has not created an irreversible situation like a contract, workmen have begun a project, etc.

    If notice of the rescission is given at a previous meeting it requires a simple majority at a later meeting. Without notice it requires a two-thirds vote.

    Raphael placed it on the agenda in late May then requested it be tabled because he was “waiting for information”. It was a ploy to require only a majority at the next meeting when it was placed back on the agenda.

    You think Raphael Fonseca did this on his own? Never.

  17. That’s the problem with Maria, she’ll go through Robert’s until she can find some obscure ruling then try to use that to stop, hold up and/or infuriate the other board members with her bullshit. No meeting should be bogged down with procedural bullshit that stops the effectiveness of said meeting by using Robert’s Rules of Order as a weapon.

  18. Judge Euugen Spears told us that there is no reason that Robert Rules of Order because the meeting is going in the wrong direction. Judge Spears was asked to be the Parliamentarian of a new organization and he said he would take the position as long as the membership didn’t put the organization in a position to use Roberts Rules of Order and if it did then he would step down.

  19. The motion to “rescind” was introduced by Rafael Fonseca and clearly written by Mark Anasatasi who if you remember was present that night and put in his place.



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