Following Governor Primary, Republican Party In The Lurch

Republican State Party Chair J.R. Romano didn’t want Bob Stefanowski as his general election candidate for governor, but now he’s stuck with him after the political neophyte who didn’t bother to vote for years won last Tuesday’s Republican primary. It’s kinda left the state GOP in the lurch, in more ways than one. Still to shake out is what candidate, if any, will fill the Connecticut Independent Party line that has served recently as the antidote to the Working Families Party line for Democratic candidates in statewide races. Democrat Ned Lamont will also be on that line in November. The runner-up in the Republican primary Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has influence over the Independent Party line. How will that shake out?

Stefanowski News Junkie
Bob Stefanowski, the GOP lurch. Photo courtesy CT News Junkie

Hartford Courant reporter Neil Vigdor provided more details:

In a sign that one-time Republican insurgent Bob Stefanowski is now calling the shots after his primary victory, the party nominee for governor will host state party brass Tuesday at his campaign headquarters in Branford for their first confab.

Stefanowski is scheduled to meet with state GOP Chairman J.R. Romano and Rebecca Michlin, the party’s executive director, on his turf to discuss a joint strategy for the general election.

It’s notable that the sit-down is not taking place at main office of the Connecticut Republicans, which is in Southington.

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  1. The top Republicans in the state what to make sure that Stefanowski and the entire Republican candidates are still supporting President 45’s direction and leadership.

  2. Registered Republican here and voting for lamont I have voted republican the last 4 years but will again vote democrat. Republican party lacks moral and will not stand up to trump when he is wrong. Blue wave 2018.

  3. Off subject,today was a bad day for Trumpanowski and the CT Republican Party(Manafort and Cohen). Trumpanowski gets the support of a possible un-indicted co-conspirator(Trump). It won’t be a decisive factor but will not help Trumpanowski and CT Republicans who are making themselves as carbon copies of Trump.

  4. Flynn is guilty, Manafort is guilty, Cohen copped a plea, 2 sitting GOP Congressmen are under indictment… And Trump’s supporters don’t give a shit.

  5. The Drudge Report defined the dizzying series of events surrounding President Trump on Tuesday afternoon as his “Hell Hour.”

    The banner headline in the popular news aggregation site came after President Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort was found guilty in a Virginia courtroom of eight charges of bank and tax fraud — just at the same time as official news broke that the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, had pleaded guilty to charges of bank fraud, tax fraud and campaign finance law violations.

    In all-caps red lettering, Drudge called it “Trump Hell Hour” followed by the words “Manafort: Guilty” and “Cohen: I’m Guilty.”


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