Foley Pledges Urban Agenda (Still Waiting)

Foley, Finch
As a candidate for governor in 2010, Tom Foley, left in blue shirt, took to the streets with Mayor Finch and police officials.

Republican endorsed candidate for governor Tom Foley has been promising details of an urban agenda ever since he announced his exploratory committee in Bridgeport last year. From the Associated Press:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley said Monday he’s still crafting his urban agenda for Connecticut’s cities, focusing on issues such as high unemployment, a large educational achievement gap and affordable housing needs.

In March, Foley said his campaign was developing a plan, acknowledging that he didn’t spend enough time campaigning in urban areas during the 2010 gubernatorial election, when he narrowly lost to Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Since then, Foley has been meeting with city residents to get input. He continued that mission on Monday, visiting local officials and shop owners in the “Little Poland” section of New Britain.

“I want to spend more time in the cities because I think Connecticut’s future is no better than the future of our cities, and we have a lot of cities in Connecticut that have serious challenges,” said Foley, who still faces an Aug. 12 Republican primary challenge against Senate Minority Leader John McKinney before he can wage a rematch against Malloy in November.

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  1. Foley:
    You want to ease the unemployment? Stop the long commute to Stamford and south every day? Remove one of the taxes, property or income? Then get a spine and some character and support the recognition of the three remaining state recognized Indian tribes. We’ll do the rest and you can take the credit.

    1. charlie, I agree with your point of view. The cities is NOW an afterthought, he has no plan for cities and neither does John McKinney and David Walker who lives right here in Bridgeport. The only place in Bridgeport Walker knows is Black Rock, he would need a guide and a road map to go to the East Side and the East End of Bridgeport and once he got there he wouldn’t know whom to talk to.

      Malloy, his plan for cities is a loser but more important it was Bridgeport that put him over the top with Obama coming to Bridgeport just before the election that caused Bridgeport voters to come out and vote. How did Malloy reward the voters of Bridgeport? He backed Mayor Finch’s takeover of the BOE, Malloy paid NO attention to Bridgeport. Well, Malloy needs to bring something new to the table for Bridgeport and time is running out for Malloy.

      1. From www web site on the issues:
        Cities (Help the Cities Help Themselves) – Several of Connecticut’s largest cities, including Bridgeport, face serious financial and competitiveness challenges. The state needs to partner with these cities to develop a comprehensive plan of action that will help them improve their competitive posture and avoid bankruptcy.

  2. Crafting means unfinished, right? If Tom Foley is still crafting an urban agenda two weeks before the primary, it would seem to be a low priority despite his repeated claims to the contrary.
    I still remember Mayor Finch giving a confused and out-of-place Tom Foley a guided glimpse of Bridgeport several years ago. I’m not sure it sharpened Foley’s street smarts, never mind his urban agenda.

  3. Okay, what IS your urban agenda, Mr. Foley? Pinpoint the strategic initiatives by urban district please, Mr. Foley. Then if you don’t mind, can you lay out your plan to address each strategic issue?


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