Holy Foley! Republican Announces Exploratory Committee For Governor In Bridgeport

Tom Foley
Tom Foley

Tom Foley, the 2010 Republican candidate for governor who lost a squeaker to Democrat Dan Malloy, announced an exploratory committee for governor today at the Burroughs Community Center in Black Rock declaring Malloy’s policies as governor hurt cities such as Bridgeport. “The failure of the governor’s agenda falls hardest on the residents of cities such as Bridgeport who already were suffering from high crime rates, too few jobs, the impact of corruption, and underperforming schools,” Foley told a gathering of reporters Tuesday morning.

Acknowledging Republicans need to perform better in Democratic strongholds, Foley said he chose Bridgeport for his announcement to help craft solutions for what ails Bridgeport. “The fate of our cities will be the fate of our state. Governor Malloy and the legislature are not doing nearly enough. So I will be spending a lot of time in Connecticut’s cities listening to residents’ problems and helping craft solutions.”

Foley, the U.S. ambassador to Ireland under George W. Bush, said he’s reserving an official campaign announcement for the coming months. He also said he hasn’t made a final decision about participating in Connecticut’s system of publicly financed campaigns or largely self funding his race as he did in 2010, spending $11 million of his own money.

An interested spectator at Foley’s announcement was Bridgeport resident David Walker, former U.S. comptroller general. Walker said Foley is the best candidate in the gubernatorial field. Republican State Senator John McKinney recently announced a run for governor. State Senator Toni Boucher also announced an exploratory run.

Read Foley’s speech here.



  1. This could be a serious threat to Malloy. Foley has a lot of questions Malloy will not be able to answer. One question is what was done with the highest tax increase in the history of the state. No measurable gain was realized. Malloy is toast.

  2. According to OIB, Finch, Malloy, Homes, Musto etc. are toast. These Democrats couldn’t be that bad a Republican can get elected. I mean honest to G-d, get real, the Republican party has embraced an obsolete platform and apparently they feel they got it right. Maybe they do but I’d do whatever it takes to make sure no Republican ever gets in a decision-making role. Maybe when a leader emerges, I do not see it. BTW JUST FOR LAUGHS HAS ANYONE WATCHED MICHELLE BACHMAN REPRESENTING THE UNITED STATES IN EGYPT DISCUSSING 9/11 and the Muslim brotherhood? Honestly, SNL could not have written a better script. She is an ass and dangerous.

    1. The problem is, Steve … she is not stupid. A lot of the tea party idiots in Congress can’t be too stupid with their academic creds. She is very dangerous because she knows what she says is garbage and she is pandering to ignorant people.

  3. Foley has a lot of questions Foley can’t answer. Just proves what I thought all along. Take a look at what Foley did to the employees at all the companies he “restructured.” They got screwed out of their pensions and Foley got to use the proceeds to buy other corporations. A lot of what he did even if legal was highly unethical. I wonder if Foley has been giving some financial support to Walker’s so-called foundation.

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