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 Tuesday June 19, 2018

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Foley Courts Bridgeport Votes

August 10th, 2014 · 28 Comments · City Politics

Foley at Red Rooster

Foley inside Red Rooster. Photo Ned Gerard Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

When Tom Foley announced the formation of his exploratory committee for governor last year in Bridgeport, the Republican promised many more visits to the state’s largest city featuring an urban agenda. Will he deliver? From Neil Vigdor, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

They embark from the Red Rooster Deli, a popular eatery owned by the Cape Verdean immigrant Gomes where Foley takes questions from locals about his positions on charter schools, conflicts of interest in city government and gentrification.

“I find it offensive when outsiders decide what’s best for us,” said Maria Pereira, a former school board member.

Looking up from a plate of penne and meatballs, Pereira tells Foley that she voted him four years ago even though she was a leader of the local Working Families Party at the time.

“I want to get a photo of you because I think you’re the first Working Families Party chair who voted for me,” quipped Foley, whose maternal grandfather was chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Full story here.


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  • donj

    Tom Foley has my vote come Nov. I voted for Malloy 2010 but will not this time around, he is a straight-out extreme liberal who is anti-business. As a registered Democrat (moderate Democrat/Libertarian), Malloy has been one of the worst politicians I have ever seen. Taking away people’s right to bear arms is just ridiculous, more section 8 food stamps for people who do not want to work while taxing the middle class. Hopefully OIB will give us precinct results in the Republican primary for the first time in history. Anyhow this prob be my last time voting in a Democratic primary as I will be changing my party affiliation. I will vote for Moore on Tuesday.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      I don’t expect Foley to do well beyond the ultra-wealthy gold coast enclaves he has been sucking up to. Wealthy GOP candidates only pay lip service to working-class and minority voters. It is time to return corporations to the tax rolls. The working- and middle-classes have been bearing too much of the tax burden, out of all proportion to the distribution of wealth.

  • Ron Mackey

    Isn’t it strange Tom Foley can meet Mr. Jones but David Walker who lives in Bridgeport couldn’t seek out people like Jones who are black to show him around black voters?

  • Steven Auerbach

    I expect David Walker to do better than Foley numbers-wise in Bridgeport.

  • donj

    I hope Republican voters split their vote between Foley and Walker. John McKinney is a career politician and anti-Second Amendment.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      The second amendment is meaningless in Bridgeport. The only people with firearms are law enforcement officers and criminals. Just the other day a man was shot to death in the Hollow, near the intersection of Olive Street and Park Avenue. Ask his grieving relatives how the second amendment worked out for him. Ask them how gun control laws worked out for him. Just wait until the procession has left the cemetery before you ask.

  • Up On Bridgeport

    Pariah voted for Foley? What a Phoney!

    • Bob Walsh

      What is more believable?
      That Maria worked with Bill Finch last time in support of Ned Lamont?
      That Maria worked for Malloy in the primary and then voted for Foley because deep down inside she is a closet conservative Republican?
      Maria cannot separate fact from fiction?
      Maria lied?

      • Maria Pereira

        Up On Bridgeport and Bob,

        I do believe I have publicly stated on this blog I have voted Republican, Independent and Democratic previously.

        It is interesting to see how much I get under your skin, Bob. I absolutely did vote for Tom Foley in 2010. I also shared that with Lindsay Farrell years ago. I may be a “pariah” and/or a “piranha,” however I am absolutely not a liar.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      The GOP is the party of angry white men. John Boehner et al. have shown themselves up for their own behavior. Instead of putting the business of the people of the United States of America ahead of any other consideration, the House GOP leadership has submitted several hundred bills to stop the Affordable Health Care Act and other legislation signed into law by President Obama. Their collective motivation is to prevent the first African American president from achieving anything.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Bring Obama down and let’s see what happens this time around. First Obama hits Hawaii; then an earthquake; followed by two powerful storm and then this:

  • Ron Mackey

    Look for Michelle Obama possible visit to Bridgeport instead of her husband.

  • donj

    Please, no Michelle Obama. Next she will try to tell us what we can eat and what we cannot. Obama is a big fraud and I voted for him twice, regret it now.

    • Ron Mackey

      donj, where was your voice when Michael R. Bloomberg then the Mayor of New York City was putting into law what size cup of soda could be sold among other things he didn’t want sold?

      • Maria Pereira

        Ron, I remember thinking the most important issue Mayor Bloomberg could focus on was the size of a soda drink people could purchase. Pretty embarrassing. Talk about government overreaching into the personal lives of people. Personally, I thought Mayor Bloomberg looked ridiculous.

        • Steven Auerbach

          I think people are missing Mayor Bloomberg. If people are ignorant enough to buy supersized drinks with shovels of sugar and the parents are ignorant enough to buy their children gallons of colored water with cups of sugar then I am grateful for the leadership of Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. Sadly, it is the minority communities that purchase these drinks, uneducated choices and note to Maria, I’d say Sarah Palin looked ridiculous drinking her supersized drink with three cups of sugar. And Michelle Obama pushing fresh garden vegetables, how dare she? Better the minority communities eat potato chips and soda for breakfast lunch and dinner occasionally substituted with 1200 mg of sodium. RAMEN NOODLES OR HOTDOGS WITH 10 percent meat 100 mg of salt and 90 percent fillers. Ignorance is bliss and obesity and high blood pressure as well as diabetes is right around the corner. Yeah, shame on Obama and Bloomberg. Most Americans with half a brain have already made the right choices. Those with half a brain need leadership to get involved and make healthier choices for them. Shame on Michelle and Michael. Thank G-d for the likes of Sarah Palin criticizing them. After all, she can see Russia from her house and she is dumber than a box of rocks. A very hot-looking box of rocks and always good for a few laughs.

  • donj

    Bloomberg is nothing but a socialist!!! So is Obama aka the Fraud.

    • Ron Mackey

      donj, like I said, where was your voice about Bloomberg, you get real big talking about Michelle Obama but you have nothing to say when Bloomberg was “making laws” about how much a person can drink.

  • donj

    Ron, difference is Bloomberg is the mayor of New York and Michelle is the first lady of this country. I do not live in NYC, so does not affect me.

    • Ron Mackey

      donj, Mayor Bloomberg had a “LAW” made where Michelle Obama didn’t write any law, she made “suggestions” about improving the health of American children. Steven Auberbach, I do agree with you.

  • donj

    If Michelle had her way she would have wanted that law too, there is no way around defending her and what really made me dislike her is her being a black first lady and in such a high position where other young black females should be looking up to her when asked a question if she could be anybody else who would she be she said Beyoncé. A women who shakes her booty for a living smh, that’s who Michelle wishes she could be if she could be anybody else. Hate to break it to you Ron, Obama has been an utter failure and a lot of blacks like myself have caught on, he has 0 support from me.

  • Ron Mackey

    donj, seeing you are a young black man who is going to vote for a Republican as governor you should read the New York Times link I posted above. It’s titled “War Against Whites? I Think Not.” I think someone like you after reading that post you could be a help to the Republican Party, I think not.

  • donj

    I read that post, Ron. The New York Times is liberal and I will not judge the Republican party by one guy. Democrats use welfare as a way to entrap blacks into poverty. I will never be a conservative Republican but I like the Libertarian way of thinking and Ron Paul is a strong Libertarian, he will be my choice in 2016. Look at every city and town Democrats run, they have become nothing but run down, no jobs, gangs etc., example Detroit. If you have no problem being used for your vote that is okay but working-class black men like me do not like to be taxed at a high rate then my money going to lazy bums who do not want to work and a lot of those bums live right here in Bridgeport who vote Democrat time and time again. Tom Foley for gov.

  • donj

    Ron, please watch this black man explain why he is a Republican.
    www .youtube.com/watch?v=n_YQ8560E1w

  • Ron Mackey

    donj, that one person’s viewpoint, as you heard he stopped talking about the Republican Party helping blacks in 1957. The article I posted shows what the Republican Party has done from the 1960s until today. I notice you have no problem with corporate welfare or welfare for farmers or welfare for big banks or companies that take their business overseas and pay no taxes. I’d rather deal with the devil I know than the one who has made it known to everybody they even care to talk to blacks.

  • Donald Day

    Steven, the soda industry is a $74.2 billion dollar industry. Are you suggesting minorities are the only ones who are spending 74 billion dollars on soda?

    Just when I think you can’t say something more stupid, here you go. Your stereotypes on race defy credulity. Mackey, you agree with that bullshit he said?

    • Ron Mackey

      Donald Day, I should have been more clear, this is the part I agree with: “I think people are missing Mayor Bloomberg. If people are ignorant enough to buy supersized drinks with shovels of sugar and the parents are ignorant enough to buy their children gallons of colored water with cups of sugar then I am grateful for the leadership of Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg.”

      Don, you are right when you said Steven Auerbach stereotypes on race defy credulity when he wrote, “Sadly, it is the minority communities that purchase these drinks, uneducated choices.”

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