Flaherty & Collins Properties New Partner In Next Phase Of Steelpointe Harbor Development

Rendering of next phase.

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Flaherty & Collins Properties (F&C), in partnership with RCI Group and the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has announced a $200 million mixed-use waterfront development at Steelepointe Harbor. The project, which has already procured a construction lender, includes 420 new rental apartments and 10,000 square feet of commercial retail space.

“This is a truly unique and exciting project and partnership for us,” said Ryan Cronk, Principal, of Flaherty & Collins Properties. “Between the City of Bridgeport and RCI, we’re really building off something transformative at Steelepointe Harbor, where the project is already set up for success through all the hard work and solid foundation in place. This for-rent project is just what this burgeoning area needs.”

The F&C apartment building project design is geared toward the views from the waterfront, with high-end and modern amenity options. The project will feature a waterfront pool and deck, outdoor kitchens, and gathering spaces. Residents will enjoy secure parking and a dedicated dog park and pet spa.

Rendering of next phase.

In addition, the development will include a variety of fitness and active lifestyle options. A state-of-the-art fitness center will include fitness classes, a spin studio, sauna and jacuzzi. Residents will also enjoy an outdoor pickleball court.

“We are excited to announce the approval of $200 Million dollars in funding that will truly make a significant impact to benefit Bridgeport’s economic and community development potential,” stated Mayor Ganim. “Bridgeport is finally seeing well-made plans become a reality that will bring jobs, provide housing, and improve the landscape on our waterfronts.”

Bridgeport–just about an hour outside New York City–continues to develop as an emerging “live, work, play” destination. Steelepointe Harbor is highly accessible among the I-95 corridor, and a short walk to the Bridgeport Transportation Center, with access to the train and the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry to Long Island. The area is also home to an emerging entertainment hub, highlighted by the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater powered by Live Nation, which opened in 2021.

“This first-class, waterfront project will both build on and enhance Steelepointe Harbor,” says Robert Christoph, Jr., President of RCI Group. “In addition, this development will offer a lifestyle that doesn’t currently exist in the Bridgeport market.”

Previous development phases of Steelepointe Harbor included a Bass Pro Shop, Chipotle, and Starbucks, followed by the addition of Bridgeport Harbor Marina. The 220-slip marina is approaching full occupancy in just its third year. The 48,000 square foot Lighthouse Building, which overlooks the newly built docks at Steelpointe Harbor, is also home to the Boca Oyster Bar, a 10,000 square foot waterfront restaurant on the ground floor level.

RCI Group also retrofitted the old Carpenter Steel and Derektor Shipyard buildings to include new tenants Bridgeport Boatworks, Hornblower Group, and North Sails. These projects altogether created thousands of jobs and a tremendous economic impact for Bridgeport.



  1. Lennie,
    You can only provide what the Mayor’s office distributes, I assume, but will the $200 million mentioned be the entire estimated cost to develop 420 new apartments and some 10,000 feet of retail? Without a topographic map I cannot tell what land on the overall BLD site is still open for additional development? Is a hotel contemplated as earlier reported? Seems that the City is a partner in this project. What are its responsibilities?
    Probably a variety of rental units in size, but what is current plan for offering? When and how much? Time will tell.

  2. Waited two days for some answers from Lennie, or in the Mayor’s comments to his special BRBC audience where the CT Post reported “dozens of attendees”. And we did hear about a future hotel and more deluxe residential units. When will Mayor’s office begin distributing State of City comments for residential owner- taxpayers? And when will he address the long ignored subject of renter focus with WORK to create and sustain Fair RENT and Fair HOUSING Comissions? Renters vote too, when they become dissatisfied? I usually do not pay attention to “thumbs up” grading from readers, but obviously many (9+) felt the questions were timely, reasonable, and broadly of interest. Time will tell.


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