Fire-damaged East End Building Demolished

Joined by East End political leaders and City Council members, Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday attended the demolition commencement of a fire-ravaged building on Stratford Avenue that formerly housed the Petteway Market, a social club and apartments.

East End blight
Demolition begins on blighted property.

The building was damaged heavily in a 2014 fire and was condemned, according to mayoral spokesman Av Harris. There was no insurance policy for the property. Harris says 23 blighted buildings in the neighborhood have been identified for demolition. “The building contains hazardous materials and crews will work at the site over the next few days carefully removing debris and decontaminating the entire lot,” says Harris. “Once cleared, the site can then be turned over for new economic development opportunities that can increase property values in the neighborhood and contribute to the city’s tax base.”

Former State Senator Ernie Newton and East End District Leader Ralph Ford who have been pressing Ganim for neighborhood improvements attended the demolition announcement. Newton is vice president of the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone. Public Facilities employee Tom Coble, a long-time political ally of Newton and Ford, is coordinating blight clean up. City Council members Eneida Martinez and Jeanette Herron, Public Facilities Director John Ricci, Health Director Maritza Bond and Economic Development Director Tim Gill also attended.

“Our war on blight is making progress, one building at a time,” said Ganim in a statement. “We will continue to be aggressive identifying what buildings can be saved and redeveloped, and what buildings are an eyesore and a health hazard and need to come down so we can transform the neighborhood. My administration is committed to reviving the East End of Bridgeport and making this neighborhood the prosperous residential, commercial and cultural center it was historically. This will improve the quality of life for all the neighbors living near this blighted lot. Demolishing this building and others to come in the near future I hope sends a clear signal that we are serious of getting rid of blight in Bridgeport and clearing the way for new investment.”



  1. Really, this is news? So Joe is tearing down a fire-ravaged building and this is worthy of a news conference rather than calling a news conference to announce a grocery store or a pharmacy is coming to the East End.

    Black folks, don’t be fooled by the hype because the reality is if this building was in the North End or Black Rock it would have been torn down years ago. No news here people, just the city doing what it was supposed to do.

    1. Don, you got that right, you mean to tell me it took the leadership of the East End two years to get action to have that building torn down? As for Mayor Ganim he’s getting like Senator Dick Blumenthal, he’ll find a camera to get his in but especially with this photo-op on the East End where he hasn’t done anything when he was first in office and now on his second run as mayor he’s doing nothing again.

      1. Armed with the immunity that comes from pension power, city employees can disrespect the mayor of Bridgeport, who robo-signs their monthly checks. Critics call it “blogospheric blight.”

        1. That’s one of the things that makes America great. Do you remember the Smothers Brothers Show and now Saturday Night Live, that’s what’s America is, talking about every President and making jokes about them. It got so bad, President Nixon threatened CBS to get Tommy and Dick’s show off the air. It’s a thing called “free speech” except when you yell “fire.” Paul, you’re old enough to remember the start of both of those programs that were always rated number one.

  2. Well it took two years for this eyesore to come down. I see the house next to Braxton’s on Newfield is on the chopping block too.

    In fact I think that was the Braxtons’ house at one time. The rat hole on the corner of Newfield and Clifford should be on the list too. I saw garbage dumped there just this afternoon.

    Now if the city can force the stores on Stratford Avenue and Newfield Avenue to close at a reasonable hour to reduce the loitering that goes there late at night. When Ganim was running for reelection he had the store on Stratford Avenue and Sixth Street close at a reasonable hour. It’s open all night so is the Sunshine Market. There should be a law similar to liquor store to close after a certain hour. Loitering is a form of blight too as much as people do not want to admit it.

    The so-called Country Store next to the Yellow Bird and the store on Newfield and Revere should shut down too. They are a hives of crime and blight. With these businesses closed there will be no place to loiter or chillax.

  3. I am so Happy to see these Buildings coming down. Yes we have a lot of needs in the EAST END. In the next two weeks we will see the Building on Stratford Ave from Braxton to Revere street come down to make way for Our Civic Block Development Project. Once the ferryboat project moves on the carTex site, We have a commitment from a developer for a Grocery store and gas station movie theater and car wash. I will fill you in on more later about civic block project but first we have to take down these blighted buildings to make way for NEW Development.

    1. Ernie,
      With all due respect for your patience in how long progress requires in some neighborhoods, isn’t there already some type of “guarantee” about a real food market in the East End that has been called a “food desert” on more than one occasion? Just asking. Time will tell.

  4. John, Yes we do. Our NRZ this week will form its OWN 501(c)(3) which will allow us a bigger role in development in Our Community! Yes John it’s been a long time coming but change is on the way!

  5. Frank, that’s what’s WRONG With Bridgeport People like YOU! Always Bitching and complaining. If you don’t like something do something about it. I have not seen or read anything you’ve done to make Bridgeport BETTER so what you think don’t matter to ME, so keep it movin’!

    1. That’s right. That is what is wrong with me. I’ve made a decision to live and own property in Bridgeport all my life. Day in and day out. Bitching and complaining. So I will take the address of an empty lot, give myself a fancy title and serve myself to 8 million dollars of services from the Bridgeport Public Works Dept. That is what is wrong with me.

  6. Jeanette Herron is a special ed. paraprofessional at Tisdale School. We have had significant issues with compliance around special ed. in part because we are severely understaffed. Ms. Herron and all 19 of her colleagues voted unanimously on a BOE 2016 allocation that did not increase BOE funding by $1.

    While she is attending press conferences during school hours and on BOE time, special ed. services are not being provided.

    This needs to stop because it is impacting children negatively.

    This is one of the reasons I am completely opposed to BOE/City employees serving as elected officials.


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