Fire Causes Heavy Damage To Multi-Family Home

From public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin. Video courtesy of Steve Krauchick of Doing It Local.

The Bridgeport Fire Department successfully extinguished a one-alarm blaze last night that displaced seven adults and two children. On October 21, 2015 at approximately 7:55 p.m., firefighters responded to a call regarding a fire in the area of Capitol Ave. and Park Ave. At the scene–1405 Capitol Ave.–firefighters found a the rear of a two-and-a-half story multi-family home on fire.

Firefighters performed a search of the building and found no one inside.  All occupants were accounted for outside the home. Firefighters fought the blaze, and were able to get the fire under control within twenty minutes.

Thirty-one firefighters, including three engine companies and two ladder companies, were dispatched to put out the fire.

There were no injuries, but there was substantial amount of damage done to the house.

Seven adults and two children have been displaced because of the fire.

American Red Cross responded to help those who are displaced.

Five of the displaced adults received funds for immediate needs and lodging.

The other two adults, and two children, received funds for immediate needs and lodging, too.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



  1. Not to change the subject but has everyone noticed how Bob Walsh and the other Stafstromites on this blog have stopped using the nomenclature “Steal Point” since MJF flip-flopped on the Kooris question?

  2. … and is Bob Walsh still denying Stafstrom has anything to do with MJF’s campaign?

    “Swan’s co-pilot is John Stafstrom, a politically connected local attorney, former Bridgeport Democratic chairman and Finch supporter.”

    I can hear the trickle of bond counsel dollars flowing into MJF’s campaign war chest.

  3. Claude, you are indeed changing the subject. This post is about a tragic fire. Some 31 firefighters ran into danger to save nine Bridgeporters, two of them children. People in the BFD or in the dwelling could’ve been killed. Don’t you think you might praise them?

    Yes, John Stafstrom is all over the Foster campaign. Yes, I read that story in the Post. The only relationship of bonding to this tragedy is whether via annual budget or capital budgeting and bonding our brave 31 firefighters had enough to work with from whatever financial pots when they answered the call.

    It could have been your place, Claude! Would you have stopped these same 31 firefighters as flames consumed your front door and asked them, “Hey, didja know Stafstrom’s working for Foster? Lemme tell you all about it before you come inside!” Or would you have run for your life as the BFD firefighters ran into the flames of your house to save your family and douse the inferno?

  4. OK Tiger. The city is short on building and code staff. That staff shortage is directly attributable to Kooris and the Stafstrom-Finch administration, as is the police shortage. Would less people be dying in Bridgeport if Finch spent less money on commercials and pothole czars and more on public services? YES.

  5. I have multiple relatives in the BFD so don’t think I don’t notice when Garfield Spencer, Sal DiNardo, and other regulatorily overlooked campaign donors’ buildings mysteriously catch fire.

  6. As long as no one got hurt and the owners have insurance to cover all losses, maybe this was a blessing in disguise to be able to unload an overtaxed multi-family house in the ‘hood that would probably take forever to sell, if the owners had a notion to do so, no? I know I’ve been trying to sell my overtaxed muti-family home in the ‘hood for a couple of years now on and off with no luck yet. *** OVERTAXED CITY VOTER ***

  7. Well Mojo, easier said than done. Insurance companies do not like arsons and have their own staff of fire experts. There were a lot of people who had fires who did not get paid by the insurance company.


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