Finch Out As New York Thruway Leader

Former Mayor Bill Finch has been pushed out as director of the New York Thruway Authority. Finch is hoping to land another post in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration. The governor’s office issued this statement:

“Bill Finch is a talented, dedicated leader and he is currently pursuing a new role to continue his state service, which will be announced at the appropriate time.”


The governor has been pushing the Thruway, which is operated by a theoretically independent public authority, to adopt cashless tolling across the board. Bill Finch, its executive director, told lawmakers during a February budget hearing that there were “no plans” to do so.

Sources said the declared lack of enthusiasm dis-endeared Finch, the former mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., to the governor. At Tuesday’s event, Cuomo announced what POLITICO reported in June: that Finch was being pushed out in favor of Matt Driscoll, the former mayor of Syracuse and current commissioner of the Department of Transportation.

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  1. I’m shock and surprised that Finch was able to stay as long as he did. This guy has NO marketable job skills, none, hr has always needed other people to give him a job.

  2. According to an article I read, Mayor Finch was going to be offered another amazing position “Green” related. If not I am sure we all wish him and his family well. He always seems to land on his feet.

    1. Not all of us, Steven. I feel sorry for his wife and children. Bill Finch reminds me of a few guys I knew back in college days, drifting from one living room sofa to another, “going throughh changes” as we used to say back then.

      Hey Bill, Good Will Industries on Ocean Terrace is holding a job fair…

      1. Knowing you personally, and your colorful street life of unemployment, couch surfing and fall down drunken-ness, this is what one calls massive f-ing Projection. Literally. Had to say it. It’s the truth.

  3. *** Since Finch is pro-environment, he would be great as head of N.Y’s state wild animals & game dept. (or the head of the “Save Big-Foot Society”).***

  4. Bill is a font of information on nature and the environment. He has a background with the Audubon Society. He is a naturalist at heart… He is gregarious and a great conversationalist. He would make a terrific environmental lobbyist (even at the national level) — but he would have to leave the “dark side” of politics first… I believe that Bill would be much more comfortable in a less-political setting “selling” nature –something he loves — to the willing “buyers” of the public… I remember walking through Rogers Park with Bill when he was mayor — he was thoroughly versed in all of the plant and animal life in the park… Every tree, bush, and bird… And I believe that he would actually be more comfortable working with conservationists than developers when all is said and done. Good luck, Bill! (Do you think it’s a safe bet crossing the Tappanzee — or should I take the Newburg?!)


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