Finch Names Advisory Council For Coal Plant Reuse

Bridgeport coal plant

PSEG, one of the city’s largest taxpayers, that runs the candy-striped coal power plant in the South End has a major say in how/when it converts to a cleaner use, but Mayor Bill Finch, in an election year, has formed a Citizen’s Advisory Committee tasked with issuing recommendations for redevelopment and reuse.

Creation of the advisory group (it has no legal force to make change) was included in a resolution, passed by the City Council in October 2014,  urging phase out the PSEG coal plant, following persistent calls from environmental groups and activists.

“Bridgeport is moving forward due to a clean energy future,” said Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch in a statement. “We’re creating green jobs. We’re powering more and more homes through the production of virtually pollutant free energy right here in our city. And, we’re continuing to become a national leader in the green economy.”

City Council resolution: /

Finch’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee Members:
Ø Charles Rothenberger (Conn. Fund for the Environment/Legal Counsel)
Ø Onte Johnson (Conn. Sierra Club)
Ø Jack Hennessy (State Representative)
Ø George Estrada (University of Bridgeport, Director of Public Facilities)
Ø Adrienne Houel (Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises/The Green Team)
Ø Sharon Lewis (Conn. Center for Environmental Justice)
Ø Jack Banta (Bridgeport City Council Member)
Ø Denese Taylor-Moye (Bridgeport City Council Member)
Ø Rev. Carl McCluster (Senior Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church)
Ø Eduardo Rivera (Business Owner)
Ø Liz Torres (Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust)
Ø Bill Malone (President, Enviro Express Inc.)
Ø Kathleen Simpson (Conn. State Attorney for OPM)

“In order to beat back climate change, it’s critical that Bridgeport experiences population growth, which means more families need to move to Bridgeport,” said Finch. “And, in order to entice people to our city, we need to create green jobs, generate power through clean energy sources so our kids can breathe cleaner air, and make our city a place where more companies want to invest and hire people.”



  1. Bill Finch is full of shit, pure and simple. While he is right about the UI plant, he just does not know the majority of pollution we are experiencing comes from the central part of the country. I have to ask, how many green jobs has this mayor actually created?
    Naming McCluster to the committee is an insult as he does not live here. Naming the two council people from this district is a joke, they are dumber than dirt and both should have resigned over their illegal use of their stipend monies. This advisory committee is an election-year bullshit move.

  2. “Well,” said Captain Green Mayor,” you wanted me to do something about the UI Co. burning coal and polluting the East Side, and the little kids!”

    “I’m your everything, Captain Green Mayor!”

    “Gee, am I up for reelection this year, Woody?”

    “Time flies when you’re Captain Green Mayor!”

    “To the Green Mobile, Woody!”

    As Captain Green Mayor and his trusted side kick Woody speed up Main St. in the Green Mobile, looking for more polluters they can stop before July’s primary.

  3. Advise who? Who is doing the research? Carl McCluster? The Mayor’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment? Do you think Finch will take credit for the planned replacement of the coal-burning facility with a natural gas facility? Maybe the advisory committee will recommend the site reuse be affordable housing. It is well established, as Andy noted, most air pollution in Bridgeport is from ‘mobile’ sources, especially I-95.

  4. I count eight males and five females. Even on a meaningless do nothing for nothing committee, Mayor Equal Opportunity again shuns the female population.

  5. Can the Mayor point to a committee he has caused to be created in the past seven years that has done any heavy lifting? I am unfamiliar with the results of the Nutrition Policy Council. Do they have meetings at mealtime and the forks and spoons are their evidence of heavy lifting?

    Was there any mention of taxes in the story released by the City? According to the City, its largest taxpayer also is located in an industrial zone on the harbor, however no one can speak about this taxpayer because the are appealing the valuation of their business property, land and structures and have been for about seven years. Has anyone thought to consider what happens if our community is judged “tax unfriendly” by Wheelabrator’s new owners and they find reason to close this private business? What value at the former CRRA site suggests close to a $200 Million difference in valuation with the former UI plant? Why does the City continue to argue the case in court when their expert says he cannot find the extra $100 Million of valuation the City insists upon? Why will more people find Bridgeport hospitable to increase the population as the Mayor plans when taxes are already too high, and the Mayor does not tend to money issues or have press releases issued on any “good news” in that area? Time will tell.

  6. JML great points. Both CRRA and the UI pollute the air we breath. Finch waits ’til 2015 reelection year so he can tell everyone he’s working on it.
    So is this the year we have no tax increase?

    1. Onoe Johnson is a former compensated community organizer for Families for Excellent Schools. His photo and position used to be on their website. I heard he’s making the rounds to seek support for the Senate vacancy and everyone thought it was ridiculous and gave him the brush-off.

  7. Is this the same Kathleen Simpson which co-chaired the Charter Commission that proposed an appointed BOE over an elected one? The same woman whose husband defended the illegal takeover of the BBOE on behalf of Mayor Finch before the CT Supreme Court? Can anyone answer these questions?

  8. The Kathleen Simpson from the Charter Commission was identified as an attorney for OPM. She is John Bohannan’s wife and he earns a six-figure income doing work for the city. She was pretty clueless as chair of the Charter Commission and I see George Estrada was also appointed and he was vice-chair of the Charter Commission. Same old, same old.

  9. I have a question for Mayor Greenjeans. What will become of the deer and other wildlife that live on top of the dump when the UI puts their solar panels on the site?


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