Finch: Bradley Deserves Another Term In State Senate

Former Mayor Bill Finch who served about seven years in the state senate before his election as mayor in 2007, is backing State Senator Dennis Bradley in his August 9 primary against party-endorsed Herron Gaston.

Commentary from Finch:

Dennis Bradley is a fighter for Bridgeport. He has represented me well as my Senator, and on August 9th I will be voting for him.

I was elected to serve 4 terms in the Senate where Dennis has served. I also had the honor and the challenge of being Bridgeport’s Mayor for 8 years. I know how difficult it can be to represent Bridgeport to the rest of the State. It isn’t easy to “bring home the bacon,” to provide the tools for our City to grow and create jobs. But Dennis and the other members of the Bridgeport Delegation have all fought hard for the education funding and the public projects Bridgeport deserves.

We all know that Bridgeport is not treated fairly by the State of Connecticut but did you know that New Haven receives 115 million, Hartford receives 85 million and Bridgeport receives only 35 million in education funding? This must be changed and Dennis is a valuable voice in this fight.

Dennis is a reliable progressive on public policy issues that help middle class and underserved communities.  Dennis has voted to protect workers, keep police accountable, raise the minimum wage, fund covid relief, and  start paid family leave.  He has the right priorities for hard working Bridgeporters like you and me.

Dennis Bradley has always been independent and visionary. It may be his independence that has gotten him in hot water with some party leaders and now faces a primary. But if this primary is about his help for nonprofits, his funding for senior housing, economic development, and youth programming, we voters should return Dennis Bradley back to the Senate.

Bradley has been a uniter enlisting all people, regardless of color, language, gender, or identity, in a struggle for a better Bridgeport. He has used his education well to give voice to those who can’t advocate for themselves. Dennis Bradley deserves another term as State Senator for the people of Bridgeport and Stratford in the 23rd Senate District on Row B.



  1. Bill Finch stop being an opportunist! You are trying to get black folks to vote for you. You know damn well what you are saying about Dennis is not true. Why would you support a man on federal trial for public corruption? Besides, how could you support a man like this who is willing to tear down a BLACK PREACHER? I guess you would after all. You tried to destroy Joe Ganim by putting out lies. Guess where that got you, OUT OF OFFICE. BYE BILL! BYE!

  2. Bill Finch, you disappoint this past supporter and campaign volunteer with your endorsement of Dennis Bradley. He is nothing but an opportunist and a self-preening political peacock who struts his feathers but has little to show for any distinguished record of helping the people of Bridgeport. The attack piece mailed out by the Bradley bunch this week was disgusting. How could you associate yourself with this candidate, Bill? (Moreover, your timing was awful!)


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