Feeling The Vibe, A Joint Effort

A lot going on: $150K authorization from Gov. Jodi Rell to figure out a future use of dormant Pleasure Beach, candidates galore on the campaign trail, a voter registration surge leading up to the presidential election, the Gathering Of The Vibes, the city’s annual hippie fest, poised for action next week at Seaside Park.

Funny thing about candidates qualifying for public financing–it’s kicked off mass phone calling into various legislative districts pushing candidate messages and identifying votes heading into Tsunami Tuesday Aug. 12. Voters are already suffering from call fatigue.

Hey, here’s an idea, candidates can do massive voter registration drives at Seaside Park, as P.T. Barnum’s gift to the city swells with visitors. In fact, it can be a joint effort among candidates. No, you knucklehead, not that kind of joint! Oh, well, you can check all things Vibe related here: www.gatheringofthevibes.com

Bysiewicz reports registration surge, news release from CT secretary of state

Hartford: Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz reports today that since January 1, 2008, more than 100,000 Connecticut residents have become newly registered voters. This total includes nearly 39,000 people who have registered since May 6th, an even higher total that the 90 day period immediately following the February 5th Presidential primary in Connecticut when 34,000 residents registered to vote.  Young people (18-29 years-old) continue to be the driving force behind the latest registration surge; nearly 18,000 18-29 year-olds have registered since May 6th – the single largest group of new voters to register in this period.  The latest numbers nearly match the period leading up to the February 5th primary when an incredible 40,000 Connecticut residents registered to vote.

“The 2008 elections are generating unprecedented interest in the political process, especially among our young voters,” said Secretary Bysiewicz, “This latest surge in voter registration keeps Connecticut on pace for a record 90% voter turnout in November.” 

Currently, there are 1,923,848 registered voters in Connecticut.  Among newly registered voters nearly 16,000 Democrats and 4,300 Republicans registered to vote.  Additionally, 18,000 unaffiliated voters registered. Of the nearly 38,000 newly registered voters, more than 17,810 are between the ages of 18 and 29.  Since May 6th, among newly registered younger voters, Democratic registration has outpaced Republican registration: 7,327 to 1,687.  In fact, Democrats are the largest number of new voters to register in 2008.  Since January 1st, more than 47,000 new voters have registered as Democrats, compared to 14,000 new Republicans and 38,000 residents registering as unaffiliated voters.

“To have registration for one political party outpace that of unaffiliated voters is unprecedented in Connecticut,” said Bysiewicz, “in this time of economic insecurity, war, and environmental peril, it is very clear that voters are engaged, they are paying close attention to the issues and the candidates.  People want to make their voices heard, they are eager to participate in Democracy and they want a say in the future direction of this country.”

The Office of the Secretary of the State maintains an aggressive voter registration program working closely with community groups, high schools, universities and others to expand civic involvement among Connecticut residents. As part of her effort to increase voter registration in Connecticut, Secretary Bysiewicz this past year registered nearly 2,400 high school students. She has also conducted more than 200 voting machine demonstrations highlighting the new machines and registering voters. The Office of the Secretary of the State regularly registers new citizens to vote at naturalization ceremonies across Connecticut.  Secretary Bysiewicz has also launched a statewide, non-partisan effort to register 10,000 new Latino voters which has so far added more than 2,200 Latinos to the voter rolls.  The deadline to register to vote for the November 4th General Election is October 28th.




  1. I was speaking to Will Lee as soon as this latest was published. Now, Will has a lot of experience in high-level politics. He told me that the uptick in voter registration is a clear signal that the public is dissatisfied with status quo and they want a CHANGE. Will seems to be impressed with the record of Rob Russo in his first few months in office. Russo is unencumbered by machine politics and speaks his own mind and is getting a lot done. Now we have Sly Salcedo offering his purist agenda in his campaign for the house. Sly is no friend of the machine and like Russo will speak his own mind. Both men, according to Will Lee, are a universal panacea badly needed by the city of Bridgeport if progress and resulting prosperity are to be attained.

    I was quite interested in Will Lee’s take on the next mayoral election. While he thinks Chris Caruso possesses the qualities of integrity and sense of duty, Will suggests that Caruso does not really know how to tie a blue ribbon on a project deliverable. According to Lee, Caruso is a cliche politician whose only gratification is hearing his own voice. A true obstructionist, less intelligent than we need to properly administer the municipal affairs of what could be our great city.

    I asked Will who he thinks would be a great mayor. Unhesitatingly, Will assured me that his choice is Bruce Hubler.

  2. I wonder what two candidates would be most likely to share a joint. Wanna be down wind from that! And who’s this former rock promoter? He’s not having any fun.

  3. Former Rock Promoter is “formerly sane human being.” Many people have liver problems from drug and alcohol abuse, not just rock musicians.

  4. BAD VIBES!!!
    After much research regarding the vibes concerts in Bpt, CT – here are my conclusions:
    1) last year feature band at vibes concert (the Wailers) promoted marijuana and polygamy! They are members of the Rastafarian cult who teach Haile Selassie is the messiah – not Jesus Christ!
    2) this year feature band at vibes concert (Black Crowes) also promote marijuana!
    3) this year feature artist at vibes concert (Phil Lesh) has had serious liver problems due to drugs and alcohol abuse in past!
    4) many of last year and this year acts/musicians at the vibes concert have extensive police and prison records!
    5) many of the musicians that were at vibes concert last year and this year promote drugs/alcohol/perverted sex and even the occult in their lyrics/quotes/lifestyles/cd covers/etc.!
    6) satanists/new-agers and the gay community use the vibes event to recruit new members to their cause!
    7) police and security at event are reluctant to arrest people at event for drugs/being drunk/fighting/etc. because they do not want to give the concert a bad name!
    8) there is not enough police and security at event which makes a riot extremely possible!
    9) Bpt park board/city of Bpt did not charge promoter of event enough money last year and this year! the promoter is only paying no more than 20% of the total he should pay!
    10) a musician who played the vibes event in the past contacted me and stated there is widespread use of drugs and alcohol behind the stage with musicians and in band quarters also! not only that but there is widespread and out of control use of drugs and alcohol with those in attendance and those sleeping on grounds!

  5. Stone,
    It’s about time someone called a spade a spade and described Chris Caruso as he truly is. He’s not interested in doing the people’s bidness any more. One of the problems we have to face with our elected officials is that, after a while, they begin to see their office as a birthright. That view leads to distorted thinking. Caruso is an honorable man, but he did see the Mayoralty of Bridgeport as his due. He was also on a vendetta, determined to rid City hall of all those who went against him in the past. The DTC precinct captains did an admirable job turning out the vote in last year’s primary, but it was Caruso that ultimately lost the election, and it was Caruso’s grossly inflated ego and belief in his self-importance that led him to file a lawsuit in an effort to obtain something that the voters chose not to give him.

  6. In the Know or Bill Hicks,

    Since you both seem to know so much, and have so much to say about particular individuals can either of you tell me anything about the Deputy CAO? Word around City Hall is that after 24 years of service, he has been given the BOOT! Word has it that they offered him a job for a third of his pay to continue working for the COB! Jeez, it sounds to me like some type of punishment, almost like an attack on someone that backfired, ya think? You both have proven that certain parties are good at attacking people, but somehow I think the shit is about to hit the fan! What’s the saying Shit Flows Downhill? I wonder who will be next?

  7. Keeley is running scared. He’s been a do-nothing legislator for too long, predating his chairmanship of the bonding committee. Since he got that plum gig, he’s been an absentee legislator as well.

  8. Dear Unionless and What to Do,

    How are things going in your union these days? I hear there is a lot of intimidation going on over at the Health Department. Do either of you know what could be going on? Rumor has it that union officials are intimidating their own members. Maybe, just maybe the dynamic duo will finally get what is coming to them! Good for the members who have finally taken a stand against the brutality they have put up with for so long! Bravo for them and for the fact that everything that has transpired is about to be addressed and dealt with.

  9. This former rock promoter must be getting into the sacramental wine. He talks off his head. I can’t stand “born again” religious zealots. If you don’t like living in Connecticut, well hey — there are plenty of planes, trains and automobiles to take you to the holy land: Idaho or Utah.

  10. Gathering of the Vibes is a great event for Beepo. So what if there are more than a few people smoking reefer? It’s a rock and roll show, for cryin’ out loud. People drinking and screwing? This is Bridgeport — go figure.

  11. All of this political discourse is a good thing for Bridgeport. There are too many crooks and assholes (exemplified by Bob Keeley and Bob Walsh, respectively) holding office here. Voting these jerks out is the closest we will get to running them out of town on a rail, which is better than they really deserve. Keeley has done absolutely NOTHING for Bridgeport in general or the 129th voting district in particular. The $500,000.00 for Ellsworth Field is still hung up in the bonding bank. Keeley claims to “care” about this money, but if he cares so much why is it still in the state’s bank account? Several other bonding issues that did not benefit Bridgeport were passed. How much of a kickback did ol’ Cellphone Bob get from those deals? He is only out for himself these days. If he loses the primary, he loses the general election, and there goes his $35,000.00 annual salary as a legislator. And if he loses the legislative seat, he’ll lose his $65,000.00-a-year no-show job at DSSD. Good riddance.

    As for Walsh, the other half of this poisonous combination, he stands on a soapbox, bellowing about the most insignificant details. If it were up to him, Steel Point would be a nonstarter.

  12. Time to prune the dead wood. Next year it will be Walsh’s turn to walk the electoral plank.

    With both of those assholes gone, Joe Celli and his fabulous “nonprofit” organization will be out on the street. Thank God for that.

  13. Oh dear–Keeley’s minions are campaigning in Black Rock. If they don’t leave they’ll be hounded to destruction by villagers with flaming torches.

  14. What youse guys say about Keeley may well be true. But Auden Grogins??? Talk about a do-nothing lump. Who’s the opposition in the general election? Or is there anyone?

  15. LBMST~ You think that the Deputy CAO’s appearance in “The Accidental Mayor” had anything to do with it? His encouraging remarks to Johnny Fabs to run against party endorsed Finch was his own death wish. Too bad the City will be losing another good, loyal employee.

  16. Pia,

    You may be right, but I think there is more to it. Charlie Carroll is also a FABS guy, and he is being appointed Director of Public Facilities. I am sure everyone will have an opinion here and I think there is more to it.

  17. With all the talk about the Gathering of The Pipes, I’m getting the munchies. Reefer Madness is Grogins and Keeley getting stuck on each other on Penfield Reef.

    Call the Coast Guard or Sea Tow!!

  18. A rock concert without drugs, sex and alcohol? What’s the point then?

    They finally got the deputy CAO now? Once again vendetta politics over common sense.

    Numbers don’t lie. People want a change too bad they won’t get a change with any of the state reps. they are pretty much interchangeable in levels of ability. If they elect Finch’s group they get dumb and dumber to join with fat, stupid and lazy. The only candidate who is worthy of the seat is Sly Salcedo. It’s too bad the Mayor doesn’t want someone who’s intelligent enough to actually help Bridgeport.

    Also, why the hell aren’t people talking about the candidate’s positions on state matters? Like fuel gross receipts tax, property tax, education funding, brownfields, the budget, real estate conveyance taxes and education? What will any of them do when the get there or go back. I am not a Caruso fan by any stretch but at least he has a vision of what he wants. He introduces legislation and actually works. Too bad he alienates people while he’s doing it. Keeley used to work he would not have gotten his position if he hadn’t. Wake-up call for Rep. Keeley, paging Rep. Keeley. Having that position could be so beneficial. If Keeley wins he better keep hearing Grogins barking at his door. I do mean literally barking.

    Everybody thinks it is such a great thing that Russo happened to be in the veto-breaking Senate seat, and the Governor gave him some money so everyone could think he knew his ass from his elbow. Let’s do the math…He voted to take away 1 MILLION DOLLARS for Bridgeport, voted against the health care pool which would give coverage to small business owners and others and voted against a minimum wage. He doesn’t care about the people if he did he’d be worried about a living wage, let alone a minimum wage, housing, health care and job growth. Does anyone know what the other State Reps and Senators are doing before they support or dis them? This time it’s not only in Bridgeport it’s in Hartford. Know what people are doing there or want to do there before you vote. (That includes Congress too.) You don’t vote for someone because you think they are a great guy and would like to have a beer with them. That’s what happened when we got BUSH!!!

  19. Next mayor of b’port………Chris Shays! Looks like he’ll lose to Himes. So he takes a pay cut! He’s a straight shooter who knows a lot of people. He’ll bring in both the developers and the bureaucrats.

    Chris, when life hands you a lemon in November, start making the lemonade!

  20. Independent Soul:
    You’ve got it right. If Chris Shays loses, I’m certain he’ll have his eye on the mayorship. He’ll have my active support. We’ve just got to get this city off the dime and he’s surely the one who can jump start it with his connections.
    You may disagree with Shays on many of his votes in Congress but you have to understand that many of his stands are to satisfy the money people in the more southerly towns who fund his campaigns. He’s got the name recognition and I think he would be a godsend.
    Stay tuned.

  21. “You may disagree with Shays on many of his votes in Congress but you have to understand that many of his stands are to satisfy the money people in the more southerly towns who fund his campaigns.”

    Now there’s a great argument for public financing of elections. I still wouldn’t vote for Shays, but nonetheless -it’s a good argument.

  22. Yes, John from Black Rock, that is a perfect argument for public financing and I’m all for it. Campaigns have gotten out of hand money-wise and if public financing will reign it in, it will be good for all of us. We see the effect it is having right here in Bridgeport in the current campaign. – Testa no longer has the bite he used to have. Although I’m sure he’ll find a way around it.
    As a matter of information, I’m sure you and all the bloggers remember Senator Proxmire who refused any funding from all sources and paid for his campaigns out of his own pocket. They never exceeded $253.00. – When someone is honest and acts in the public interest, the public knows, and responds positively!!!

  23. As I rub my crystal balls and look into Bridgeport’s future I see …

    Prediction #1: Charlie Carroll becomes Director of Public Facilities. He makes Ted Grabarz and John Cottell his deputies. They learn to work as a team and do a decent job. Charlie’s ego subsides a bit and he learns to say “thank you” to his hard-working staff.

    Prediction #2: The Deputy CAO is replaced with the owner of the Red Rooster. That’s right–the Red Rooster deli. Unlike the CAO, he actually interacts with the employees, welcomes input and becomes a real asset to the Finch administration. Andy Nunn can’t stomach the political nonsense and resigns.

    Prediction #3: Tony DePrimo returns to work in a demoted position. He continues his old games of stealing time and seeing his girlfriend when they both should be working. Her husband, who also works for the city, eventually catches them (the spouse is the last to know) and there is a big confrontation. They all get fired. Larry Osborne gets demoted because he should have handled this situation the first time around. Tony’s wife kicks him out for good this time. He and and his girlfriend move to a trailer park down south where they both become safety officers at the local Piggly Wiggly. The lesson here is never shit where you eat.

    Prediction #4: Dennis Murphy returns as the CAO AND the Director of Labor Relations. He restores peace and harmony with the unions and the Finch administration finally turns the corner.

    Stay tuned for more fact or fiction predictions …

  24. Well said Con. This year’s primaries have a very different and much more positive feel than those of the pre public finance era. In past years candidates had to spend huge amounts of time on fundraising or just selling themselves to the highest bidder.

    This year, everyone was scrambling to get their small contributions and now that they have all qualified the financial playing field is level and no one candidate has the huge financial advantage that would allow them to buy victory on primary day.The campaigns are now able to spend all of their time identifying suppporters and then getting them to the polls. The bottom line is public financing has been a tremendous step forward.

    I would like to hear from some of the other OIB posters as to what impact public financing is having on this year’s races.

    BTW – Wasn’t Proxmire the guy who gave out the “Golden Fleece Award” to those politcal figures whose actions were somewhat less than virtuous?

    Have a good night.

  25. John from Black Rock:
    Yes, Proxmire was one in a million and he gave out many deserved “Golden Fleece Awards”. Can you imagine how shocked he would be today to see all the earmarks that Congress hands out on the backs of the American public?

    Salutations to Tom. He’s the best. – Wish I could get him to run for office! We need honesty in government.

  26. For those of you who are too young to remember Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin, here are just a few facts taken from Wickipedia:

    “Proxmire holds the U.S. Senate record for consecutive roll call votes cast: 10,252 between April 20, 1966 and October 18, 1988. The previous record of 2,941 was held by Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine.
    Proxmire served as the Chair of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs from 1975 to 1981 and again from 1987 to 1989.
    He was an early, outspoken critic of the Vietnam War. He frequently criticized Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon for their conduct of the war and foreign policy decisions. He used his seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee to spotlight wasteful military spending and was instrumental in stopping frequent military pork barrel projects. His Golden Fleece Award was created to focus media attention on projects he felt were self-serving and wasted taxpayer dollars. He was also head of the campaign to cancel the American supersonic transport.
    As Chairman of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Proxmire was instrumental in devising the financial plan that saved New York City from bankruptcy in 1976–77.
    In his last two Senate campaigns of 1976 and 1982, Proxmire refused to take any campaign contributions, and spent on each less than $200 out of his own pocket—to cover the expenses related to filing for re-election and return postage for unsolicited contributions. He was an early advocate of campaign finance reform.
    Proxmire’s campaigning consisted primarily of standing at the entrance to the state fair or a county fair, or in the parking lot of a Packers’, Braves or Brewers game and shaking hands with attendees to the event, stating “Hi, I’m Bill Proxmire.” If someone had a question at these events for him, he told them to write a letter to him. He wrapped bandages around his fingers to prevent blisters.
    Proxmire was famous for issuing his Golden Fleece Awards identifying wasteful government spending between 1975 and 1988. The first one was awarded in 1975 to the National Science Foundation for funding an $84,000 study on why people fall in love. Other Golden Fleece awards over the years were “awarded” to the Justice Department for conducting a study on why prisoners wanted to get out of jail, the National Institute of Mental Health to study a Peruvian brothel (“The researchers said they made repeated visits in the interests of accuracy,” reported the New York Times), and the Federal Aviation Administration, for studying “the physical measurements of 432 airline stewardesses, paying special attention to the ‘length of the buttock.”

  27. While Public Funding of campaigns may give everyone a warm fuzzy feeling it is just another tax on the residents of Connecticut. The money comes from the tax coffers of Connecticut. One has to wonder if that money could be spent on better things. I would have rather seen this money spent for increasing the budget for home heating oil for the elderly and the poor.
    This has not produced any better brand of candidate nor has it really reduced the influence of certain groups. It’s a feel-good law for a few at the expense of the many. Why is it necessary for a state senate candidate to spend $30K for an election. People are signing the form and the money is coming from other sources so in effect all we have done is colored the process.

  28. Just came back home from SEYMOUR and I went all over the Valley this weekend. And all I have to say is it’s good to be home in Bridgeport. I don’t know about you guys but nowhere in ct is better than here; when I was in the valley it was boring. Now I know why people who used to live in bridgeport and moved to one of those towns say Bridgeport was better…So I’m just saying I love this city. And this city is much more fun and better things to do. And why would the dtc endorse Musto over Moore. And Musto is from T-Bull.

  29. LBMST–Brian Williams has always been a gentleman and has served this city well. I really don’t know the politics behind the move, but I DO know that after 24 years with the city some folks have packed it in ages ago. His productivity has been way off.

    Charlie Carroll in the Parks is another class gentleman and will do a great job in Public Works. He can crack the whip on the Dennis Scinto’s of the world who are too busy Motherfucking the Mayor all of the city instead of doing his job.

    I was away in Boston for most of the weekend (Go Sox) and I received my mail for Auden Grogins and Anthony Musto. Here are my thoughts…

    Musto’s piece was very bland. Who does he think he is, Bill Finch light? Why does everybody who runs for that seat has to have silver hair. I have three words for you buddy: JUST FOR MEN. Another quick piece of advice. Why do you have Angel DePara on your mail piece? More people dislike him than like him.

    I wasn’t impressed by your endorsements.

    The aforementioned Dennis Scinto–He is so racist he makes Archie bunker look like a card-carrying member of the NAACP.

    Michelle Lyons–A really nice lady, but very scatterbrained and a little cuckoo for her cocoa puffs. Don’t take this personally Michelle I know you read this.

    Marilyn Santacroce–She is showing the world that you can get a pension for smoking cigarettes in front of City Hall. Keep up the Bad work Marilyn!

    Tom McCarthy–Tom will smile when he reads this. I have nothing bad to say about Tom. A really nice guy and doing the best job to herd a bunch of retards on the council.

    Andrew Nunn–Don’t really know a whole heck of a lot about him other than that article in the post. I have the same advice for him that I gave to Anthony. It’s only $7.99. www .walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?id=prod2100438

    AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia–What a bag of air. What has she done since she has gotten on the council? All she does is go behind Michelle’s back and throw her under the bus. God forbid you call her Amy or Marie.

    Now onto Auden Grogins’ mailpiece. When did you guys take these pictures? She looks halfway decent and I might even slip her the salami if I wasn’t sober. It was a very informative piece and if it didn’t have pictures on it I would have thought Lennie wrote that whole thing. He has the talent to make a Carcass look like Miss America with his writing abilities.

  30. Donj: If memory serves Marilyn Moore entered the race after Musto was endorsed. Not too many people knew who she was and what she stood for other than Ed Gomes. This was nothing more than a power play by Gomes who thinks he is the king maker. She worked for Gomes in Hartford but locally I dont know what she has done. The people will decide in a few weeks. The 1 problem I see is that she was not known in Trumbull or Monroe and more than likely could not pull the necessary votes from those towns it would take to win. Just a thought.
    Living in her district I have not heard word one from her or her staff.

  31. I am voting for Marilyn Moore at Blackham School. I don’t think this Musto character is going to do any damage whatsoever against Rob “In The Closet” Russo.

    Us African Americans always get the short of the stick. The People in Trumbull and Monroe will come out in droves to vote against a Black Person rather than to vote for Musto. Obama doesn’t count because he isn’t 100% black. Tom McCarthy is Blacker than Obama!

  32. Wondering ok I get your point but people in bpt don’t know Musto either. To tell the truth I don’t know nothing about both of them so I might not vote in that race. Either way Russo gets my vote.

  33. Sorry to hear about Brian Williams. I had the pleasure of working with him during my decades at city hall. He was a very nice man. He always spoke to everyone, even the little people of city hall. I am gonna say to the comment about him not being productive in recent times that HIS HANDS HAVE BEEN TIED! He hasn’t been allowed to make any decisions or get anything done because of the hidden agendas of the admin. Good Luck Brian! Less headaches for you! Retirement is grand!

  34. Musto here. Glad to see I made the blog.
    I’ve been getting out in Bridgeport and spreading the word.
    If you want to know more about me, my experience or my issues, check www .votemusto.com on Tuesday (some is up now, but it’s still in development).
    Regarding the hair – Tried JFM. Wife hated it. Gotta go with The Wife.

  35. Bill Hicks: Here we go with the race card being played. Us poor blacks give me a break. Your statement about Trumbull & Monroe may be right but the same can be said about the black community voting for a black candidate. How many blacks will vote for Moore because she is black? So you don’t think that the ‘burbs will vote for Musto because he is from the ‘burbs? You think they will vote for him just because Moore is Black. That in and of itself is racist.

  36. Wondering – what you said is very true, people should vote for the best candidate, not because this one is white and that one is black. I also don’t understand why the former rock promoter criticized the upcoming Vibes concert, it’s good for the city. I can’t wait to go, last year was awesome. Not everybody is doped out or drunk, but if they are, let them do their thing, it doesn’t concern me – and if they get busted then it’s their problem.

  37. If this is really Musto it says your kids are in public schools. So my question is would you make any of your kids go to a Bridgeport school in the 22nd district? I’m just curious to what you will say because a reporter asked Obama if he would let his daughter go to a school that was run-down in South Carolina and Obama’s answer was no. So be truthful.

  38. Donj: the question you asked of Musto is a no-win question for anyone to answer. It like the question have you stopped beating your wife? there is no correct answer. If Musto says Yes people would say prove it. If he says no then he is wrong also.
    We all have a tendancy to think that a freshman legislator is going to change things when they get in office and that is just not correct. They have to learn their job and gain some seniority before anything really happens.
    Why is going to public school a badge of honor? Most people if they could afford it would send their kids to a private school under the false idea they are getting a better education. In reality what people are looking for in a private school is safety and peace which in some not all of our public schools is hard to find.

  39. Crystal Balls,

    You better start rubbing your balls and hope they turn to brass since crystal breaks easily! Must be the weather or storm brewing that has some of your predictions off the wall. Some advice – Keep Rubbing, maybe you will get off at the same time!

  40. LBMST,

    I am in agreement with you on your comments today and in the past. It’s interesting that certain people feel they can speek freely on OIB; however, they don’t have the BALLS to say anything to people they attack face to face. I wonder why? What are they so afraid of?

  41. hey bill hicks,

    whn you took a shot at russo’s sexuality, you forgot a fat joke about caruso, a drug joke about fabrizi and a homosexual joke about stafstrom.

    stick to the issues…

    and go fuck yourself.

  42. BRAVO to all Council members who are taking a stand against the bond counsel selection which we all know is and has been a political selection. JEERS to those members who just do whatever is in their best interest and not the taxpayers and voters!

  43. Donald bpt,

    Bill Hicks sems to take shots at everyone. Usually someone does this when they have inadequecies. Thank you for telling him to go ____ himself. I am in agreement with you.

  44. LBMST,

    I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with some City Employees. Especially the ones that will attack behind your back, but cower when they see you in person. Hanging their heads…afraid to make eye contact, yet seem to talk nothing but SHIT when they are out of the line of fire! COWARDS!!!

  45. BobBlackRock

    Actually we all just got in from a hard weekend of campaigning. House Majority Leader and the next Speaker of the House, Chris Donovan, spent the weekend in the district with the House Dems. He also had a contingent of Meriden Dems with him to complement his Capitol Currency. Talk about Political Capital!!!

    We identified so many positive voters for Keeley, we are suffering from a “Love Hangover!”

    I hear we are going to be covering By Water next week. Keeley had an Armada out there in the rain and they weren’t fair-weather friends.


  46. Yes, this is really Anthony Musto, and I approve this message. I wish more people would use their real names on blogs.

    Asking if someone would send their kids to a particular school misses the point. Asking what problems a particular school has and what we can do to solve them should be our focus. Different schools have different needs. Some schools require program assistance with nutrition, parental involvement, pre- and post-school instruction, mentoring, clubs, etc., and some don’t. Solutions should be targeted to problems.

    Funding is always an issue. The question there is priorities. We have only so much money and many needs. We need to balance education needs with general health care, security, economic development, environmental protection, etc. For education, I think the most important thing we can do for all children in the district and the state is to provide access to preschool and early intervention for learning delays. This will reduce myriad future problems both for the individual student and the school system generally. If we can only fund one thing, I would start here.

    As much as I enjoy a good debate, I cannot answer every post. Please visit my website at www .votemusto.com (again, parts not complete yet) for more information.

  47. Ok Musto I have to say you answered the question very well; I am very impressed. And I do agree with everything you said. Where would I get your yard sign from?

  48. Tom,
    Does that political capital include the “capital” that he gets from his no-show job? Come on! After 24 years, this guy is not entitled to any more time. Politics aside. We need some action in this state.

  49. …and just what in Grogins’ past political career would lead me, or anyone else, to think she would have more clout in Hartford than Keeley?

    Also, I keep reading all these allegations and innuendo about Keeley but no one seems to be able to come up with any hard evidence. Bob Walsh has suggested you people give your evidence, if you have actually have any, to the FBI. I agree. If you have something concrete you have an obligation to report it. If not these charges are reminisant of McCarthyism at it’s worst.

    So please, praise Auden to your heart’s content. But stop the unsubstantiated charges against Keeley. If you can’t back your charges up with real evidence you need to stop making them.

  50. Lennie:
    My understanding is that Bridgeport and Stratford are negotiating with the Feds to sell their respective portions of Long Beach/Pleasure Beach to the Federal Government. Accordingly, why is the Governor authorizing a grant in the amount of $150,000 to figure out a future use of Pleasure Beach? I’m somewhat befuddled by this development. If you have the answer???

  51. I was wondering if anyone on the blog had any thoughts regarding the new emergency dispatch center. I read in the Post on Saturday the director and assistant director positions are currently being posted and the center will be made up of an entirely civilian staff. The city claims it is being done to “increase efficiency and improve coordination and response times for Bridgeport residents.” It is also designed to save the city money by consolidating the police and fire dispatch centers and will also reduce the overtime in these departments.
    What a bunch of BULLSHIT! This is not about streamlining services or increasing efficiency, this is about handing out jobs. All one needs to do is look at the numbers provided in the city budget for the past couple of years and simply do the math … there is no real savings. In fact this new center is going to cost the taxpayers more. How the city intends to run this center with an entirely civilian staff is beyond me. I think it is reasonable to argue both the police and fire department should have some representation at the new center in a supervisory capacity. One could also argue there should be a supervisor on site to oversee the medical emergency component.
    This a classic example of what is becoming the norm with this administration … bad politics getting in the way of good government.

  52. Trailblazer and LBMST–I am not a city employee. I work for TD Banknorth on Lafayette Blvd. I would be glad to have a drink with any of you and say it to your face anytime.

    Does Two Boots or Cafe Roma sound good?

  53. Bill Hicks – holy sh** dude, what happens on your job tomorrow if some of these people show up and want to punch you out??? Some of them are probably mad at you enough to do that.

  54. For all you other bloggers who have had enough of his crap…stay tuned and feel free to join me. After all it isn’t a party with just two people is it? This is one opportunity that I can’t pass up! How about the rest of you who have been attacked by this asshole?

  55. Wow – Trailblazer, you’ve been served! Bill has never insulted me, but I don’t work for the city. I might even pop in to see what’s what just to check it out. I don’t think it’s gonna be a happy happy hour. Bill/David – you have some brass ones!

  56. I think you’re right donj – the article in the Post even said the high number of new voters would not be a good thing for Shays. It’s looking good for Himes.

  57. I also agree; I get the feeling Chris Shays will not even get 30% in this city. Last two elections Shays got 30% in 2004 and in 2006 he got 32%. So I really feel he is going to get about 20% of the vote in our city. There are many new voters in Bpt and that’s bad news for Shays because what I’m hearing is they are going to vote a straight Democratic ticket. Many young people will also be voting in the city so this will be a race to watch. I will be voting for Himes at the Harding precinct.

  58. I can understand Shays getting less than 30% in the City. If you were on the dole who would you vote for: a Democrat or a Republican? It’s a lot easier having someone else paying for your housing and your food as well as giving you an allowance to pay for your drugs.

  59. “…I keep reading all these allegations and innuendo about Keeley but no one seems to be able to come up with any hard evidence.”

    In deference to the veracity of venerable poster John From Black Rock who wrote the above passage a few days ago, I remind OIB bloggers that these very same words were posted in another Blog Site 6 years ago. The object was Joe Ganim.

  60. Bill Hicks, Trailblazer and LBMST need to be suspended from further OIB posting. There is no room on this blog for threats of violence and arranged meetings for the purpose of kicking someones ass.

    Clever repartee really pisses a lot of people off. Many of us are skillful in getting under other posters’ skin. That’s part of the fun associated with unfettered airing of political viewpoints under pseudonym.

    When the banter turns to threats of violence, I think Leonard has an obligation to remove the offenders.

  61. park city fan:
    They just built the thing, and already you are convinced they are hiring cronies to staff it? Why don’t you let the center get operational before you start making predictions? A few million of the funding came from the federal government, and it is bringing emergency service back from the dark ages. Let’s hold off on slandering it until they have a chance to get established.


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