Fairfield Republicans Endorse Walker For Governor

The Fairfield Republican Town Committee Tuesday night endorsed Bridgeport resident David Walker for governor giving the former U.S. Comptroller General a delegate boost heading into the GOP state convention May 11-12. The endorsement comes after an appeal from former State Senator John McKinney, who represented the town for years, to support former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst. McKinney and Walker were a statewide campaign team four years ago.

From the Walker campaign:

Last night the Fairfield RTC endorsed Professional Problem Solver Dave Walker for Governor. Walker won with 64% of the vote on the second ballot. As a result, Walker not only won the endorsement of the Fairfield RTC, but he also picked up 15 delegates for the Republican Convention.

“Our campaign’s momentum is building at just the right time,” Walker said. “I’m thrilled to earn the support of the Fairfield RTC. Our message is simple, but true. We are the best positioned to win in November and have the proven ability to fix our great state.”



  1. I have come to focus on Bridgeport and therefore CT fiscal problems during the past 8-10 years. I have found Dave Walker to be familiar with all of the problems (and then some, of which, I was unaware). Not surprising with his professional learning and vocational experience, but his identifying his ability as “professional problem solver” separates him from the handfuls of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and even the DEMI-PUB or REPU_CRAT duo, if they are still in the running.

    His stated desires are very human and basic: family, home and secure place to grow old with values building. His willingness to tackle real problems with real experience, solutions, ideas and alternatives, and integrity, is appreciated. After the petition, primary, candidacy legs of the journey who can best satisfy our needs? Time will tell.

    1. JML, you said, “His willingness to tackle real problems with real experience, solutions, ideas and alternatives, and integrity, is appreciated,” well, where has Dave walker’s voice been on 45’s tax cuts legislation that hurts Connecticut taxpayers plus it’s also increasing the nation’s deficits?

  2. Ron,
    You are a student of such matters. What is your purpose in asking me to be an intermediary for your learning? Please ask him yourself, perhaps visiting with him. Not hard to do….or do you believe that it is better to maintain distance from me, and maybe some others?

    Personally, I attended a two hour class this morning for professional development, on the way the new Federal Tax laws affect us. I secured no benefit from what Congress approved, but I am dealing with the extra expenses in ways that I can. Does 45 listen to the voice of anyone based on our current national experience? I truly hope that time will tell.

    1. I’ve been questioning David Walker when he first started posting on OIB, first was his viewpoint about fire and police pensions. Next was about CW4BB being a a organization of residents from Black Rock and how blacks were members. I was questioning Walker on OIB four years ago on his effort to run for governor about his outreach to the black community in Bridgeport. The reply that I received was that could setup those meetings for Walker, my reply was, why? Well, here we are four years later and nothing has changed. If Walker had shown a real concern for Bridgeport and urban cities he could have gotten votes from blacks but he didn’t care to do that.

      David Walker 60 Minutes – YouTube


      1. JML, Walker’s video tells voters nothing about he is going to govern and how he will do the things that he’s talking about on the video.

  3. If Walker becomes the nominee I will vote for him over any of the Malloy type democrats. We have had Malloy for 8 years and we have had a democratic mayor in BRIDGEPORT since Christ wore short pants. No More votes for dems in Bridgeport because they are all lying bastards

    1. Andy, it’s hard to disagree with that but on the City level there are no Republicans candidates and for governor I haven’t heard anything from any of the Republican candidates. I’ve never liked Malloy. As of now I would support Ned Lamont. I would vote for Walker but he has shown NO interest in the City he resides in.

      1. Ron,

        I respect your opinions. Don’t agree with some of them. That’s a two-way street. C’est la guerre.

        I’m not advocating for David Walker or any candidate for governor, Republican or Democrat. Not a one of them has outlined what they will do for the cities or the state of Connecticut. What has been said has addressed the state’s economic woes in only the most generalized. It’s too early in the campaign cycle for any of them to deal specifics. At this point the candidates are focused on raising campaign funds and jockeying for convention delegates and/or circulating qualifying petitions.

        Next comes the weeding process, when the campaign managers assess the poll numbers and bank accounts. The herd will be culled by apathy.

          1. You have no problem with Bridgeport Kid’s comment because you are wise in political ways and therefore understand his timetable for expecting certain types of comments to be made. Foundations and familiarity first, then petitions and primaries to test strengths and then policy matters and pledges to be hammered out, or at least understood.

            So, the question Ron is why you expect Walker, or anybody else to divert from this pragmatic approach in order to please you? Were you just being persnickety? Time will tell.

  4. Bridgeport the city democrats love to screw. This city has been run by democrats for over 50 years. The were two brief periods when republicans were in office.
    What have democrats done for the citizens of Bridgeport in the last 50 years . Well here goes.
    1. They have managed to drive most of the middle class out of Bridgeport. There are a number of reason s for this high taxes and poor educational system.
    2. The democrats have bankrupted the education budget. they keep short changing the education budget and our kids suffer. The graduation rate is around 60% (I think thats high) so every year we add approx 200-300 kids to the class with out diplomas. What do they do? Where do they go. I have 2 such grand children and they just hang out.
    What have the dems done to try and keep these kids in school. NOTHING.
    our Our kids are getting killed in every section of the city what are the politicians and the police department doing about it. Not much although every time you turn on the TV there is our police chief. He makes Sen. Bluementhal look camera shy. This is the same police chief that left a shot and killed teenager un covered for hours in plain site. He stated that he did not want to contaminate the crime scene . That is pure and utter bullshit. How do I know its bullshit because I have been in charge of many crime scenes.
    The democrats have put out of towners on various boards and commissions. This is against the charter
    The democrats have emasculated civil service they fired the previous director because he would not cave into their wishes ad they hired political hack David Dunn who has single handily destroyed civil service. There is more part 2 tomorrow

  5. David Walker has cross party appeal.
    Come November, his campaign will prove his message plays well with all parties.
    His NO LABELS posture will become a story line that unites all Connecticut voters and leads to victory.

    1. When you drive in the middle on the yellow or white line you get hit from both sides. Walker hasn’t even campaign in Bridgeport, in fact he doesn’t even know what the East End, the South End or the East End looks like or why those voters should vote for Walker.

      1. Ron,
        You “know” what you know and comment upon on OIB. Your learning especially about comprehensive American history (about all of the people living in the lands that make up the US today, during the past plus 400 years) provides a corrective to others who have a narrower vision of “American history”.
        Like all of the rest of us you may have moments, or even long periods of time, where you do not recognize what you “do not know” but only guess at, like Walker’s knowledge of City geography, neighborhood composition, etc.
        More than one person has attempted to create an opportunity for you to meet Walker or others but you have resisted, as is your right. Are you thinking, as perhaps Joe Ganim has, that the tipping point for the Governor’s race will come from Bridgeport? I tend to doubt it because the political power you ascribe to the City at this time is nowhere in sight as we go through our regular governance activities. Has our delegation made the case to their fellow legislators about the desperate education situation in Bridgeport, where the BOE is dismantling their structure and eliminating positions and expense to meet the learning needs of youth in justice? Time will tell.

  6. *** I like Mr. Walker & I stated a while back on OIB that after the Trump win and the continued deaf, dumm & blind acts performed by the W.H republicans on capital hill, to all the Trump/Admin. debacles. That I could probably never again for for any republican pol; be it local, state or federal elections! However, Mr. Walker “maybe” the exception to my political way of feeling & thinking in this particular Ct. race. ***

      1. It could be because Mojo has taken the time to meet with and speak with Walker. I could be wrong about why, but I was present when they met.

        1. *** Your right Jennifer B. and at that meeting Mr. Walker spoke on a number of issues briefly, concerning the Ct. debts, the economy, education & Ct. taxes in general. He sounded like a man that’s had some experience in financing & with a drawn out plan on how he would approach some of those issues. This was a few years back so I don’t quite know what changes or new ideas he may have this time around however, continuous state spending on one way projects that just keep raising the state’s debts; then turn around and increase the bond lending rates so the state can borrow more money is not working, no? ***

          1. Mojo, I understand what you’re saying. You and I have no problem talking to each other and whenever see each we do talk. You said, “This was a few years back so I don’t quite know what changes or new ideas he may have this time around,” Mojo, that’s my problem with Walker and I have been suggesting for years that he needs to listen and talk to voters in Bridgeport especially the black community but that’s not his audience. Walker has been here in Bridgeport for over eight years but he can’t find the time for Bridgeport to hear his solutions to problems and to listen to the concerns of the voters in the city that he resides. Republicans, non of the Republican candidates for governor will say anything about the new tax cut that 45 signed into law that hurts Bridgeport and the entire state because they can’t write off their property tax and state taxes. David Walker needs to show leadership but he’s fail that test, no?

          2. By the way Mojo, there’s nothing in Walker’s video above that talks about what you wrote and there’s nothing about how Walker will solve the state’s many problems.

  7. *** Again, our talk was about 8yrs. ago if I’am remembering right & Mr. Walker was checking out & at times, meeting with local Dem & Republican canidates who were running for pol-seats at that time. I don’t remember if it was for city council or the local district’s DTC seats? His interest at the time was feeling out the canidates from different districts & their political ideas on different subjects in general. Also I believe his interest included a possible run for either Ct. State Controller or Lt. Gov. in the near future. He was very impressive in his ideas & past history work aswell as his interest & ideas for Bpt. at that time. *** No More, No Less ***

  8. Mojo, you really make my case with your post, I’ve been stating what you are saying for years. You heard him Walker speak about issues 8 years ago and that’s the problem that I’ve been talking about, he doesn’t meet and speak with the voters in Bridgeport. There are black and Hispanic voters who could vote for Walker if he would go to them and listen to their issues and concerns but he just can’t do that and it’s 8 years later and he’s running for governor again and he still hasn’t reach out. Dave Walker is telling us that we don’t matter.

        1. Well Paul, 45 is the master of fake news and I’ve haven’t heard anything from Dave Walker about 45’s new tax cuts which will hurt the taxpayers of Bridgeport and in Connecticut. Walker is the fake because of his silence on 45’s tax cuts.

  9. And Ron Mackey staking out one candidate, with whom he will not make an effort to meet in person, nor does he attempt to phrase the concerns and issues of black and Hispanic voters when he uses the blog regularly as I do…..so what is Ron’s purpose in this regard??Worth getting out of a comfortable arm chair and meet folks? Time will tell.

    1. If a candidate wants someone’s vote then they need to ask for their vote and listen to what that voter concerns are and then inform that voter how the candidate positions will help the voter’s concern. Again this has nothing to do with Ron Mackey. It’s called “retail politics” something that David Walker is doing right now and he was doing it four years ago but he can’t seem to find his way to the black community with “retail politics.”

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