Examining The Mayoral Pool, Plus: Himes V. Debicella Heats Up

What a crazy week. I thought the momentum was with Dan Malloy heading into Tuesday and victory at hand with a low turnout, but never thought it would be a double-digit win. So much for Ned Lamont’s 10 million clams. No pearls in those shells.

The loss was a bitter pill to swallow for Mayor Bill Finch and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, especially with Ned making his concession speech in Mario’s restaurant. But with the primary over it makes things a little clearer about political life in Bridgeport. Ned will not be governor, so no state commissionership for Bill, and as a result no acting mayoralty for City Council President Tom McCarthy. Big Mac’s probably saying ain’t that a relief. 

So time for hizzoner to think about the 2011 primary. Mario too. Mario’s still trying to figure out who can beat State Rep. Chris Caruso. Hey, maybe Mario can cut a deal with Malloy, if he becomes governor, to take Caruso off his hands. In exchange, Mario can serve as Malloy’s personal chef. (Dan, make sure you have a taste tester.) Ah, I get the feeling the Big Wave wants one more crack at the mayoralty.

It  looks like Mario must make do with Finch as his candidate, unless something really screwy happens. Former Mayor John Fabrizi has been lurking. That’s right, Fabs fashions himself as the party stand-in, a sorta theatrical understudy, the drama king of city politics. Fabs is still a little achy from the way city pols forced him out of office in 2007 in favor of Finch. Polls showed Fabs could not defeat Caruso so they found someone (Finch) who could. But now they have a similar situation so Fabs is relying on serendipity to get him back in play, just in case the call comes.

Who else is out there for mayor? Former Finch administration official John Gomes, who had a falling out with the mayor and was dismissed, has announced, is raising money and making the rounds. Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez was sure acting like a candidate one year ago taking Finch to task over a variety of issues, but Carmen has been quiet of late.

Bridgeport Bluefish co-founder Mary-Jane Foster, an executive at the University of Bridgeport, has some folks tugging on her earlobe. Maybe a little Foster care for the city?

Judge of Probate Paul Ganim? State Rep. Andres Ayala? City Councilman Bob Curwen? East End District Leader Ralph Ford and his pal former State Senator Ernie Newton will no doubt kick some names around. It all makes for a potential free-for-all next year. And maybe the mayor says come on in (yeah, let’s split up that anti vote), Long Island Sound is plenty deep for all of us! Now that would be some splash.

Debicella Versus Himes

The race to decide Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District has heated up. Democrat Jim Himes has cut his first television spot which describes the freshman as New England’s most independent congressman and Republican opponent Dan Debicella as “reckless, radical and wrong” for voters. Debicella, a Shelton State Senator who was raised in Bridgeport, will frame Himes as a puppet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Washington spending spree. Himes defeated Republican Chris Shays in 2008 with a large plurality from Bridgeport. No Barack on the ballot this year. The congressional district features heavy Republican suburban towns as well as Bridgeport.

From Tom Foley:

Foley for Governor Condemns Override Vote

Stamford, Conn., — Today the state legislature voted to override Governor Rell’s veto of their changes to the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) and increased the amount of taxpayers’ money Dan Malloy can receive to $6 million. Tom Foley for Governor released the following statement regarding the vote:

“The vote by the Democrat-controlled legislature today is indicative of the game-playing that has been going on in Hartford for far too long. Today the legislature arbitrarily handed out an additional $3 million dollars to Dan Malloy – on top of the $5.25 million dollars they have already given to him – in an attempt to buy this year’s gubernatorial election for their party,” said Justin Clark, Campaign Manager for Tom Foley for Governor. “It is appalling that at a time of great need and sacrifice among the people of Connecticut that our public servants are willing to throw even more taxpayer money to win an election. Voters are concerned about this old school, machine-style politics being employed by the legislature and should be very concerned if Dan Malloy is the only person there to protect the people of Connecticut from it.

From Dem State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo:

Statement from Nancy DiNardo on Citizen’s Election Program

(HARTFORD, CT) – Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo issued the following statement today:

“Tom Foley and Chris Healy seem eager to drag Connecticut back to the old ways of doing things, when big-money ruled our elections.

“There’s a reason that we worked so hard to pass a clean elections law, a reason that the law has bipartisan support–including from Governor Rell–and there’s a reason that Connecticut residents overwhelmingly support the Citizens’ Election Program. They want candidates whose campaigns are based on ideas, not dollars.

“If Healy really feels so strongly about limiting the amount of money going into the Citizens’ Election Program, here’s an idea: if he can convince Tom Foley to abide by a $3 million spending limit in the general, I’m quite certain that I can get Dan Malloy to do the same. We’ll wait for his answer.”



  1. Condolences to Bob Walsh and his family on the passing of his brother Emmett Walsh. Friends may attend the Larson Funeral Home on Saturday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.

  2. Right now I think Caruso is the leading candidate to unseat the mayor. I would hope Caruso is not reading his press clippings about his voter appeal in this last primary. He lost 3 out of 4 schools.
    The only other candidate who is really out there is John Gomes. He needs to start being heard and getting his ideas out there. He at the present time is not well known citywide.
    In fact most of the names you mention Lopez, Ayala, Curwen are known in their own areas but citywide is another thing. They all need to get their names out citywide.
    Finch has a chance to resurrect his mayoralty with the changes I previously described. Will he fire Wood? NO. Will he get Charlie Carroll off his ass and get this city clean? NO. So at this point I don’t see him winning. To much negative BS and not enough positives.
    Fabrizi John ride off into the sunset it’s over.

  3. The only person you mentioned today who I respect is Mary-Jane Foster. She is a lawyer, a successful businesswoman and has a track record of accomplishment. Think she would be a great Mayor. Also think it’s time for the “Old Boys Club” to get shaken up.

    Caruso is an enigma but because he has never had any employment other than state rep, no experience in any kind of business setting. Too many issues way above his pay grade. I am doubtful.

    Curwen and Ayala are hacks who cannot survive off the public payroll. Little leadership and no business acumen.

    Ganim has way too much baggage between his brother and whacking his wife around. McCarthy as a city labor lawyer has a terrible work ethic and has shown he will roll over to curry favor with unions or a politico who needs a favor for a deadbeat record. Lopez was a nut as a judge which is why she is no longer a judge.

    Although he has irritated me often with past showboating, Bob Walsh is smart, knows numbers and budgets and is tough as well as honest. I could support him if I were comfortable he would not want to remake Bridgeport into the People’s Republic.

    As of now, I would be ecstatic with Foster.

    1. I would have to agree with my esteemed colleague. Mary-Jane Foster is one of the few bright stars we have in the city who can bring both business sense and savvy to a rapidly deteriorating situation. Plus, she would also have her husband Jack as an adviser.

      Looking to the state delegation, there’s not a mayoral star among them. They haven’t solved the city’s problem up in Hartford so I seriously doubt any of them can as mayor. Even though Caruso wants it, he has always been a one-note song, never offering any real solutions.

      As for the council, I can’t see anything there either. Half of them would never give up their plush city jobs to put up with all the headaches of being mayor anyway.

      However, I must disagree with my esteemed colleague on the possible choice of Bob Walsh. He’s Caruso light, same one-note song only less filling.

      Perhaps the only solution is to divide up the city and portion off various sections to the suburbs. Everything to the west of Park Ave would go to Fairfield; everything to the east of Main Street would go to Stratford and what’s left down the middle would go to Trumbull. The suburbs would get public housing, Stratford can finally close down the airport, we can send our kids to better schools and all our taxes would drop a third.

  4. My condolences to Bob and his family. I would also like to extend my condolences to the family of Earl King who they told me passed a short time ago. Mr. King was a friend to me and to all of Bridgeport, a retired police officer who LOVED this CITY unconditionally. HE will truly be missed.

  5. As far as the candidates for Mayor are concerned, I would like to know who they are aligned with. The mayor’s seat is occupied by one but controlled by many. The names mentioned would probably do better to put their egos aside for the benefit of the whole city and decide amongst themselves who the one candidate will be and together with their supporters elect our next Mayor. The one common denominator should be their love for Bridgeport and its citizens!!!

  6. Let’s look at the concept of the elected politicians in the context of an employment situation. Maybe it’ll help all of us find better candidates.

    In a campaign, if top campaign workers don’t get paid by the candidate, they leave the job and sign on with other candidates. In an administration, if public/political workers have their jobs threatened by layoffs, rollbacks or realignment they demand (and often get) more money. Go figure.

    In a campaign, a candidate has to finance his operation and produce an acceptable accounting to the State Elections Commission. Failure to provide appropriate documentation to the state means a fine. In an administration, if a top elected official fails to produce a balanced budget or even an adequate excuse for financial shortfalls, he just taxes people more; juggles the books or reneges on financial pledges (say, a $600 check to every homeowner). Go figure.

    In a campaign, candidates beg voters to listen to their plans aimed at making their lives heaven on earth for all the people on the planet. The candidates always say they have a plan. They can fix anything. In an administration, when an elected official runs into a problem he hires a consultant who he can later blame when the consultant’s plan fails and the consultant has cashed the check backed by money taken (ahem) FROM YOUR WALLET!

    Just a few thoughts.

  7. Town Committee, (8-13/9:05am)

    How I would like to know your name because of the whole ethic around this kind of communication-by-blogging.

    However as I didn’t make the rules and I have only lately participated in the OIB conversations, Town Committee it shall be.

    As his campaign manager at this juncture of the official campaign, I would be deeply appreciative of some on-the-ground examples of what you envision and what you mean when suggesting that as a candidate, John Gomes needs to be starting to “get heard and getting out the ideas” of his campaign.

    There are all the traditional ways the political operatives in Bridgeport have used for decades to get heard and put forth their ideas.

    But I think you will agree with me if any candidate thinks this old way, machine-style campaign way will be the only way to voter’s hearts and to their trust in Bridgeport in 2011, they won’t necessarily be automatically elected anymore.

    The candidate who once would have no-chance-in-hell to win Bridgeport’s Mayoralty, will now have the chance to win. This is because he is a qualified, qualified, qualified, smart, capable, resident of Bridgeport whose involvement and commitment to the whole City of Bridgeport has been clearly established.

    Also coupled with these traits is an authentic and real capacity to include representation of the diverse ethnic and cultural heritages that make up Bridgeport today. That’s John, and we are working each day to generate the message and make the outreach.

    So we’re committed to the method that puts us directly in contact with our 60,000+ voters, and especially our disaffected, disappointed and discouraged Democratic voters.

    If you have any thought that this kind of campaign is possible … then your consideration, and your input is valuable. And that’s where we build a bridge to unity …

    1. I have met John and I find him to be sincere in his efforts to improve our city–he needs to align himself with like-minded people who are above the politics as usual and truly want Bpt to be something great–not what is in it for themselves.

      He needs to present he has the expertise to do the job that needs to be done AND be a breath of fresh air for those of us not looking for what is in it for ourselves but for everyone–I want his boat to rise so we can all share in its benefits.

      We blame the mayor (or any leader) for so many items that are outside of their control that we lose sight of the items that are within their control–not disown them but educate people.

      For example–domestic violence is not easily controllable–drug-related murders are more controllable–so how many of our homicides fall into each category?

      How much are education test scores negatively impacted by our transient immigrant population? It’s not easy to do well on tests if English is not your primary language.

      Most important–he needs to paint a simple, attainable vision that voters can buy into.

  8. Carolanne; let me say there are a number of things a candidate can do to improve this city and the lives of the working people of Bridgeport.
    1. Hire a public facilities director who will keep this city clean as it was under Ganim. This is not rocket science but takes proper management.
    2. Hire an economic development director who lives in Bridgeport and really cares about Bridgeport someone along the lines of a Nancy Hadley.
    3. We need to keep kids in school a 68% dropout rate is setting these kids up for a life of poverty and poor living conditions.
    A. While it’s nice to keep building high schools for the college-bound kids and I would not stop that, we need to set up schools for the kids not going to college, I do not mean warehouse these kids until they are 16 years old.
    B. We need training and education programs that will get kids ready for the working world. Schools similar to Bullard Havens. We need courses in health care, construction, retail and the like. There are smarter people than me who can do that.
    4. We need to revamp the Police Department and get officers in the street. Having 21 police officers patrolling each shift is just plain nuts. We are asking these heroes to do the impossible. Why do we have 105 cops in the street and 105 people in supervisory positions that’s 210 cops where the hell are the other 200?
    People need to see cops patrolling their neighborhood.
    There has to be a marriage between the city employees and the administration. The employees have to feel they are part of the team and not a source of budgetary bullshit.
    These are just a few ideas there are more. The people have to know their top executive gives a damn. Shoot I can’t stop writing:
    Get inspectors out there and clamp down on these illegal college residences and illegal apartments. Deal with quality of life issues, illegal dumping, make curbside pickup of large items a reality. There I am done for now.

  9. TC, you are on a roll this past week with great TO DO lists. Just adding one or two more thoughts to your lists of the day:
    Reinstate the concept under which Gomes was working–measuring work productivity and report on it to the people who are being measured and to the people, ultimately, who are taxed to pay for the performance; I guess it was called CitiStat, and maybe it came in under Finch? But it seems it was also buried without letting people know about the funeral?
    How about also looking at the processes in the City and the way they are structured. Anybody see any items that need attention in a Charter review? Anybody see any items that are in the Charter and not being attended to? Just a couple of questions that may lead to more items on lists.
    And at the risk of repeating that word that is oft mentioned in Bridgeport at election time, what about corruption? The ethics complaint regarding VIBES contract and Council/companion privilege finally received comment from the CT Post today. Let’s see what they are able to say, what they believe the appearance of conflicted interest was, whether the financial threshhold has been broken, etc. It is not a laughing matter. It will become a legal matter. It will cause money to be spent, and yet I will bet a panel of successful Bridgeport eighth grade students could tell the community about the ethics of this situation!!!

  10. I too have met Mr. Gomes and I think of him as a blank canvas waiting for its paint. Could be a masterpiece when finished this time next year. We need change people, in the worst way.

    1. Pol pod? Just about everyone who did one put their foot in their mouth. Listen to the first one with McCarthy in which he refers to the poor in Bridgeport as a burden and puts them in the same category as the Sewage Treatment Plant.
      Listen carefully when he says Finch knew coming in the city was in a dire financial situation. So despite knowing this, he promised a $600 rebate. Pol pods are for the skilled.

  11. If as you say pol pods are for the skilled, I say bring in Mr. Gomes and his skills might surprise everyone. Or maybe not. I’m hedging my bets that he will surprise everyone.

  12. Johnny G gonna rock the city–no doubt. All the ass-kissers are already goin’ for lunch at his Rooster lining up and playin’ both sides of the fence. The old farts are done in the city it’s a new age and G is gonna lead B’port. Check the man’s ideas on his website–JohnMGomes.com–not a politician but a leader!!!

  13. I’m SURPRISED. For all the comments voiced here in his favor, and against. That he hasn’t blogged. If he’s bloggin’ incognito. Then is this what we are to expect “if he becomes mayor?” Not much change there. If he’s reading the blogs and isn’t commenting, not much change there. If he’s encouraging others to use his words, not much change there. If he’s fishing for an invite to the pol pod, not much change there. Mr. Gomes I’ve heard some very good things about you from very credible people. I’ve been involved in politics from my mother’s womb, and I believe that it should never be the candidates “choice” to run. The “best” candidates are chosen by others who believe in them. But at some point the candidate needs to step up to the mike. Let everyone know if we are being sold a bill of goods (like so many times before) or you are the real deal ready to step up or step off, whichever benefits the City/Citizens you want to lead.

  14. Debicella does not stand a chance against Himes and a big reason is because Dan Malloy is on the ballot and Stamford will go big this year for Democrats. Usually Stratford is a lean Democratic city but this year Dems will win huge in Stamford.

  15. *** The candidate that “offers” the most “if” Mayor to the Bpt DTC & has “some” public speaking ability & “potential” to raise some money, might get the DTC support. Nothing has changed in Bpt city politics & probably will stay the same if city voters continue to vote for a particular political party first, rather than a possible independent qualified individual. It’s pick your poison and continue complaining as always in the Park City! *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  16. I would like to hear John G in the pol pod as well. If nothing else, to talk about CitiStat. What it was supposed to accomplish and how it got watered down because of political interference. Rumors abound in city hall about the inefficiencies in public works and how Charlie Carroll went CRAZY when exposed. Personal interference as well when John’s secretary Lisa (Charlie’s gumad) was asked to make a copy. She refused, John got mad, Lisa complained to Charlie, John got suspended. After that incident, John was doomed. Charlie, Finch and Wood plotted to get rid of John and the noise complaints at the Cape Verde Club gave the excuse.

    So yes, I want to hear John talk about his high hopes for the city and CitiStat and how they were crushed. Also want to hear about his future plans to “clean house” if elected.

  17. Mojo, you said, “Nothing has changed in Bpt city politics & probably will stay the same if city voters continue to vote for a particular political party first, rather than a possible independent qualified individual.”

    Well could you provide a few names of those who meet those qualifications to run as an “independent?” Where will the funding and organization to get out the vote come from for that “independent candidate?”

  18. Wow … Let me make sure I’ve got this right.
    1) John Gomes asks Charlie Carrol’s girlfriend (who does not report directly to Mr. Gomes) to make a copy.
    2) She refuses.
    3) Because of this the entire Finch Administration attacks John Gomes and Carolanne Curry (don’t know what she allegedly did) because they are the greatest threat to Finch.
    4) Then the entire Bpt Police Dept gangs upon Gomes and mercilessly provokes John into interfering with the police so they can arrest him.
    5) Gomes threatens million dollar lawsuits and then cops a plea.
    6) John Gomes is the most qualified individual to be the next mayor.
    Did I miss something???
    Oh yes, John and Carolanne were hired outside of Civil Service as part of the political patronage system and served at the pleasure of the mayor.
    John Gomes has a reputation for being a hothead.
    John Gomes before losing his job as Director of CitiStat owned and ran Red Rooster Deli and before that a Subway. (Shades of Mary Moran?)
    John Gomes has never run for let alone won an elected position.
    Can anyone say demagogue?

  19. This is a message to the council people who cover Capital Ave from Main Street to Lincoln Blvd.
    How about getting that street paved? I know the gas company dug up the roadway leading to every house on the street. I drove there today and see no signs that any more work is being done in this area.
    This is a main through area for North End and it is in deplorable condition.
    In 2 weeks we will be having school buses traveling on this disgusting piece of roadway. There has to be money available to repave this roadway because we have not paved any roads this year. Maybe the gas company should be billed for this roadway as it was their major updating that caused the damage.
    Folks let’s get off our collective asses and get this done. Just another quality of life issue.

  20. So Reaper, are you for Caruso or Finch? Other than Gomes those would be the choices. I am partial to Caruso. If he runs a smarter campaign and continues to work with the people who supported Malloy he has a good shot. Maybe his time has come? For the most part there is no Democratic party unity in Bridgeport only a bunch of deal making, what’s in for me politicians. So maybe it is time for the Caruso third to unite with another third and shake things up a little. I am agreeing with TC though, Finch may have a tiny shot in hell if he cleans house, Wood, Nunn, McClain, Lisa leading the way out and a major revision in power for CC.

  21. An independent running for mayor can win in Bridgeport if he puts together a core group of 10 people or 1 from each district who knows how to get the vote out in that district. These 10 do not include other campaign advisers and managers.
    That person need to know how to run soft sheets and set up a phone bank with a few neighborhood people. They also need to ID potential favorable voters. In the past independent candidates or candidates not given the endorsement did not do this.
    Chris Caruso is an expert at this but his message is what has been killing him for every run. If he comes up with the same old message (corruption) he will lose.
    Every successful candidate has some sort of and I quote MACHINE behind him or her.
    This city has all kinds of machines big and little. We have the Mitch Robles machine, The John Stafstrom machine, the Danny Roach machine, the Mario Testa machine, the Chris Caruso machine. If you look at this objectively they all win in one way or another, jobs, elections, boards. These machines use the simple procedure described above and win.

  22. Congratulations, Dan Debicella, on your decisive primary victory. Anyone who wants to support Dan can do so here: debicella.blue-swarm.com/donate

    Building a new majority in the House of Representatives is the most direct route to bringing balance to a government that is spinning out of control on spending, taxes and regulation. The incumbent Jim Himes clarified where he stands–with us when he visits Fairfield County but with Nancy Pelosi when she needs his vote in Washington.

    Dan has a different set of values–he is running for Congress “to restore the values of free enterprise and individual liberty to Washington. Fairfield County families want practical solutions on the economy, healthcare, and transportation. I will use my background as a businessman and a State Senator to implement new ideas to get our economy growing again and create jobs for our families.

    “All the answers coming out of Washington are for ‘more government–whether bailing out banks, taking over auto companies, building record deficits for pork-barrel stimulus, or having government take over our healthcare system. Our current Congressman, Jim Himes, has been a rubber-stamp for this big government agenda. I believe there is a better way. Through solutions that support small businesses and empower middle class families, I believe that we can get our country back on the right track.”

    Our government is pushing measures that will make our country poorer, more vulnerable, and less free. It is time to push back.

  23. Reply to Grin Reaper // Aug 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    I thought as both campaign manager and former colleague who worked with John at CitiStat-Bridgeport, I could help clarify what you have somewhat right and what is somewhat missing in your assessment.

    1.) As part of her responsibilities, Charlie Carroll’s girlfriend was supposed to report to John. He held the title of Deputy Chief Administrative Officer as well as Director of CitiStat-Bridgeport.

    2.) She not only refused to tell him where the supply of copy paper was for a copying project John was already handling himself, she made an unnecessary, snide comment. (Picture this, Andy Nunn and Charlie Carroll both heard her remark as they were already standing by her desk schmoozing and they then joined in with their own remarks.) Kind of a heavy-handed response to a simple question of where is copy paper. However, this incident did not result in a warning to Charlie Carroll’s girlfriend. Rather it led to a 2-day suspension for John Gomes.

    3.) The entire Finch Administration in this case comprised Finch, Wood, Nunn and Carroll, who all did feel threatened by the work Gomes and Curry were doing. I don’t think they felt physically threatened. I think they felt the pressure of accountability and performance measures approaching, and that wasn’t in their agenda.

    4.) The mystery about the Cape Verde Club Halloween evening arrest was about all the years these social events were held at the club as well as other events throughout the year … and an occasional visit by the area patrol car if there was a noise complaint, which has always been immediately handled in the past with the patrolling officer. However, on this Halloween evening the question is why would there be eight police cars arriving at the club with their lights off … along with the arrival of a Lieutenant and a sergeant. This was no routine visit.
    Note also on this same evening, visits by police throughout the City to parties for noise complaints did not result in arrests.

    5.) Gomes never threatened a lawsuit, Gomes never considered a lawsuit. John’s lawyer was given one option only for John to accept. Rather unusual for a first-time incident …

    6.) John M. Gomes remains the most qualified candidate for election to the Mayor’s office at this point. However, even though we know the bar has been set pretty low by the previous Mayors, John’s qualifications are far more substantive. Five-language fluency, a graduate degree, 10-year corporate experience with international firm and a year of intensive analysis of the strengths and flaws of City of Bridgeport government operations.

    Gomes was directed by Bill Finch to make the CitiStat-Bridgeport department a model of the successful CitiStat-Baltimore model. When that model started to take hold in Bridgeport, that’s when John began to be pushed out. (Just like nine or ten other dedicated, capable employees were pushed out before John.)

    We know now what was at stake, and what protected turfs were threatened. Next … encouragement withdrawn, support withdrawn, and the appointment itself withdrawn … all by the Mayor.

    7.) Yes, both Gomes and Curry were Mayoral appointees. Both were directed by the Mayor to establish a new City department that had the potential of introducing historical reform to the City government.

    8.) John M. Gomes is an intense individual, totally dedicated to this City. As a resident, a taxpayer, a businessman, a property owner, a family man with four daughters, he brings a commitment to his work and capacity to carry out the responsibilities he is assigned to take on and yes, he has a reputation for being a hothead. Much of his anger comes from dealing with the obstacles placed in his way to derail the CitiStat-Bridgeport program. John Gomes is not a perfect man. He will tell you this and he never put himself out as otherwise. But he is far better prepared to take on the job of Mayor than any currently mentioned candidate.

    9.) Before losing his job at CitiStat, John was a 10-year corporate employee traveling his territory of the East Coast and five countries. He still owns his Red Rooster Deli and Subway property. This is not past tense. (Shades of a successful small business entrepreneur in Bridgeport!)

    10.) John will win because he carries no political baggage, he’s got a message that will resonate and he has no agenda other than this City, her citizens and her future.
    Can anyone say Mayor?

  24. Hector A. Diaz // Aug 14, 2010 at 9:36 am

    In reply to your posting above, I think Hector that with all the years you were by your Mother’s side and by your Father’s side, you know about the element of timing …

    John has just about completed the mechanics of setting up his own 2011 Bridgeport mayoral campaign material blog.

    His diverse group of friends, advisers and family say this is the avenue that allows John to say what is needed in Bridgeport from a leader who cares about the whole city.

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