Endorsement Action, With Possible August Primaries, Highlight Upcoming Political Conventions

Convention fever’s in full mode this week and next with Democratic Congressman Jim Himes’ endorsement for a fourth two-year term on tap in Bridgeport Wednesday (tonight) followed by this weekend’s endorsement for all state constitutional offices; Democrats at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford and Republicans at Mohegan Sun. Democratic Governor Dan Malloy will be nominated by acclamation while all the convention action is on the Republican side for governor. Tom Foley, 2010 nominee, is the favorite to receive the endorsement, but Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, State Senator John McKinney and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti are in the mix to wage an August primary. Next week locally Democratic endorsements will take place for state senator, state representative, probate judge and registrar.

The convention to endorse Himes will take place Wednesday 6:30 p.m. at Cesar Batalla School, 606 Howard Avenue, followed by the traditional after-party at Matty’s Corner, 2816 Fairfield Avenue, owned by Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach.

John Puskar, campaign manager for Republican Dan Debicella, Himes 2010 opponent who’s also seeking the 2014 nomination, says “People are disappointed in Jim Himes, who has decided to become part of the problem in Washington–embracing the culture of partisanship and the corrupting influence of money instead of being the change he promised us.”

Puskar added that “Himes has put party above country, and his personal interests above those of families in Fairfield County. People are looking for a change.”

Democratic State Senator Anthony Musto is expected to receive the endorsement for a fourth two-year term at the district convention May 19 at Testo’s Restaurant. Political activist and healthcare professional Marilyn Moore will need support from 15 percent of the delegates to qualify for an August primary. She appears to have enough support, but if not can petition her way onto the ballot. Connecticut’s 22nd Senate District covers Trumbull and portions of Bridgeport and Monroe.

Trumbull Town Councilman Rick Costantini is the Republican-endorsed candidate.

In Connecticut’s 23rd Senatorial, Democratic incumbent Andres Ayala has lined up the endorsement for a second term, but City Librarian Scott Hughes is trying to qualify for an August primary. The convention will also take place May 19 at Testo’s Restaurant.

Endorsements for registrar of voters, probate judge and State House will take place May 21 at Testo’s Restaurant.

For State House races, the action is centered on the 128th District occupied by Christina Ayala. The city’s anti-blight director Chris Rosario, with the backing of Mayor Bill Finch’s political organization, is expected to receive the endorsement. Ayala will primary. Two other candidates, city fire commissioner Dennis Bradley and Teresa Davidson, are also in the field. The district primarily covers the East Side and Hollow neighborhoods.

In the 124th State House District Ernie Newton has lined up the endorsement for a return to the state legislature. Will he be primaried? City fire commissioner William Marshall was rumored to be considering it. Incumbent Don Clemons will not seek another term.

Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala has lined up the endorsement for another two-year term. Probate Judge Paul Ganim, elected in 1998, will be endorsed for another four-year term.



  1. Really, Bridgeporters? Is there no viable contender to run for Registrar of Voters other than Sandy Ayala? Is everyone so complacent you are willing to go with the flow and re-elect her?

    1. Godiva: This is a shitty primary prospect. I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to go against the endorsement for this one. Just the fact our DTC is planning on endorsing her is SHAMEFUL beyond comprehension. With that stance taken, I am sure the DTC members who are on the Sand-wagon would enter a primary with guns drawn and an arsenal of ammo ready in their war chest. Who wants to beat doors down in the City to obtain signatures for that? Although I and many, many, many others can’t fathom a reason Ayala should have enough support from the DTC to run for re-election without petitioning, considering our DTC is elected to represent the residents, she does have the support and we can’t do a damned thing about it.

      1. Mr. Fardy, no reason for naming Hispanics only. Those are the three names I heard through the grapevine who were considering a run. So what I am saying is if today those three went for the seat, my support would be for Santa.

    1. Take it from an eyewitness to the original crime, this is as bad as Joe Ganim when he was mayor. The smugness, the arrogance, the lies, the feeling the mayor can do whatever he wants and answers to no one.

  2. Re: your link to new hire in City Attorney’s office. Why doesn’t Finch simply fire Anastasi and replace him? He does serve at the Mayor’s pleasure, no?


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