Cops Reject New Contract

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

 Angry, frustrated city police rejected a new three-year contract Tuesday that offered pay hikes as a chaser to unpalatable management reforms sought by Chief Joseph Gaudett.

One of the most controversial changes gave the chief the ability to fire members of the force. His discipline authority now stops at 30-day suspensions; anything further is in the hands of an appointed Police Commission.

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  1. Based on what little is shown in this article I can see why the PD voted No on this contract. Sure, they get 7.5% over three years but they lose unlimited sick leave in favor of 15 days and a right to sell unused sick days back when they retire. My question is what happens in case of illness when the officer is out more than 15 days.
    Going from 4 shifts to 8 shifts, who does that benefit? Not the taxpayer.
    Giving the chief the sole right to fire is the wrong thing to do.
    In my opinion based on what little information was available the officers should fire the negotiating committee.

    1. If it is like the other unions (they vary but this is about it), your 15 days accumulate up to 240 days (one year). Your six personal days, if unused, turn into sick days the following year. For a total of 21 sick days (15 sick from this year and the six personal from last year) and six personal plus vacation per year. The sick day ‘bank’ would only come into play if you got hurt in a non-work-related accident. I.e. broke your leg skiing. If you were hurt at work you would be covered by workman’s comp. It is important to be careful with your sick days as city workers are not covered by social security short-term disability. You could get an AFLAC plan for $15/month if you are in the habit of undertaking dangerous sports on your days off.


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