Electrical Workers Endorse Finch

From the Finch campaign:

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Second District today endorsed the reelection of Mayor Bill Finch.

“Mayor Finch’s guidance, leadership and ability to make the tough decisions have ushered the City of Bridgeport through one of the worst economies we have ever seen” said Frank Carroll, International Vice President, IBEW second district. “We are proud to endorse Mayor Finch for four more years of moving Bridgeport forward. He believes in good construction jobs for labor unions and will continue to work hard to help create opportunities for our members in his next term.”

“The endorsement of IBEW means a great deal to me,” said Mayor Finch. “IBEW has a proven commitment to Bridgeport. I’m proud to work with Bridgeport native Frank Carroll and all of his members. I’m looking forward to four more years of a successful and valuable partnership between the City and IBEW.”



  1. No vote was taken by the rank & file. This is just these shithead Carrolls protecting their incompetent brother.
    Great union, they are backing someone who has abused people from other unions but I guess that doesn’t count.

  2. I am very surprised Frank Carroll and his brother Local IBEW business manager endorsed their brother Charlie’s boss Finch, could it be he pays for Charlie’s mortgage, his wife’s salary, his take-home car, his stepchildren’s jobs, the cat and dog’s food, Charlie’s office next to his wife’s for creature comforts that include a lock on the door and the fact he gets Charlie to do two jobs he has no experience to do when he couldn’t do the job he went to school for right, either as an electrician who was forced out of his job but hired because of his Barnum festival connection by his best bud Johnny Fab. So I really don’t know why they endorsed Bill Finch. Can anyone add anything maybe I missed?

    1. bpt guy, you are correct in your assumption that Frankie is just protecting Charlie and his new family. Charlie makes roughly $120,000; his wife makes roughly $70,000 and her son makes roughly $50,000. Add in the medical benefits, pension contributions, take-home car, cell phone and other perks and you have well over $300,000 for one family. Not a bad gig.


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