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Now this is my kind of humor. In light of all the absentee ballot activity going on with the September 27 Democratic primary, some wise-ass sent me this image wondering if the vote count this year from Mountain Grove Cemetery will rise. Is that Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa checking his absentee ballot sheet against the headstone count? Now we know why the Town Clerk’s Office ran out of absentee ballots.



    1. Bill Finch ought to be more concerned with the wrath that’s about to set down upon him via the SEEC and the United States Government than get hisself another term in office.

  1. Please read his letter to the editor.

    Reading Sunday’s Connecticut Post regarding the unreleased numbers from the 2010-2011 fiscal year, it would seem when the City Charter serves as a convenient tool to keep Mary-Jane Foster off the ballot, then the charter is valid and viable, but when the charter requires Mayor Bill Finch to report the city fiscal numbers on a monthly basis and especially the fiscal year-end numbers, then the mayor calls the charter provisions “outdated.”

    It’s all a part of the pattern: City Charter no good when Bill wants it to be no good; City Charter good when Bill wants it to be good. Whatever means justifies the ends is Bill’s credo.

    What a hypocrite.

    Andrew C. Fardy

    Read more: www .ctpost.com/news/article/Asks-charter-consistency-2174575.php

  2. The opening sentences of letters written by Bob Carlson (333 State Street) and Jan Cohen (Bridgeport Lumber site), developers in support of Bill Finch have the exact same below language in separate letters.

    ‘In your endorsement of Bill Finch for mayor of Bridgeport in 2007, you stated the following:’

    “Finch offers the best promise for the political continuity needed in City Hall for developers now doing or desiring to do business in Bridgeport.”

    I hope these gentlemen do a better job of developing than they do at copying or plagiarizing! They get a Big FAT F like in Finch.

    Read more: www .ctpost.com/news/article/Developers-support-Finch-2174523.php

    1. Only In Bridgeport and the CT Post have an article I wrote one week ago as part of a larger essay called Finch’s Legacy. No one has published it yet. Quick cuts are posted below. I cannot speak for all of the people but I have been reporting on the effect on all taxpayers of Bridgeport of the DEBT BURDEN, FISCAL CHAOS, and CIVIC DESPAIR Finch has caused and/or rolled into the future.

      Since no one seems to be interested in publishing info with sources and citations here is my take, short and sweet:
      The partnership and dynamics of Mayor Finch and Tom Sherwood have attempted to present the fiction of flat budgets for four years. That means about $45 Million annually or $180 Million for Finch’s four years has been deferred–put on future taxpayers. People reading my report say WOW! It’s there in black and white.

      Then we move over to the Capital Project Report presented April, 2011 to the City Council Budget and Appropriations. The Council wanted more specific detail in terms of where, when, how, who responsible, etc. The bottom line was the City had $337 Million Budgeted, $73 Million expended and $258 Million termed “available budget.” Those may be the projects rushing to completion at this moment. But it is truly a lot of money with NO PUBLIC INPUT other than the City Council. Where is that available budget? In the City while we are paying interest on it or what? Who tackles that subject publicly? Open, accountable, transparent???

      A review of the City Budget year 2012 we are in showed no new numbers, either personnel or financial for the BOE. (Last year’s was posted to fill the space. The new Board is up to bat, and at the moment is the most open, accountable and transparent group in City governance. Hope they stay that way.) But the rest of the City budget showed 66 positions unfilled and with benefits added to compensation there is $4.5 Million that is getting spent other ways, though you would not know it, because the public is not getting monthly reports. Where is the money spent? Who is content to wait for the audit to come out 6 months from now?

      How long are the rest of you going to put up with this situation? No final 2011 closing budget either. Just the Mayor sticking his finger in the air telling us about a $150,000 surplus where 30 days before the year end June 2011 he had projected a $2.3 Million deficit. Trust without numbers? Are you kidding?

      The Council cannot handle the job they have been given as check and balance. Budget and Appropriations cancelled their monthly meeting this past week because they had no business to conduct. Why don’t they change their rules and let the public talk for five minutes? The feedback might be valuable.

      The Mayor does not observe the Charter and the rest of us are in the dark??? Maybe someone will provide me with the names and emails of the BUSINESSMEN supporting Finch so they can read the financial reality, reflect and respond? Do you believe fiscal information, prudent management of same, and transparency have any relation to the taxes you pay??? Just asking.

      1. B2:
        Your facts are accurate and figures show the thieves in action. If the majority of Bridgeport voters had money involved, then they would be offended. As I have said repeatedly, only when some of their free entitlements are removed will their anger turn to action. Decrease some food stamp values, reduce some section 8 payments or scale back some Medicaid, then and only then will there be a true chance for change.

        1. Now you’re talking! The social fabric of the city is stained by a culture of dependence and self-pity. Only when welfare recipients are mandated to work for all or part of their benefits will they speak up and make their voices heard.

  3. “The Council cannot handle the job they have been given as check and balance. Budget and Appropriations cancelled their monthly meeting this past week because they had no business to conduct. Why don’t they change their rules and let the public talk for five minutes? The feedback might be valuable.”

    Cancelled the meeting to have supper at Marty McCarthy’s rolling pizza pit.

  4. I kid you not, Bpt Kid reminds me of the guy who was working the polls during the big election in 2008 … I remember the guy saying go get ’em when he checked me in. Must say that was the best moderator/worker I’ve seen working the polls … was that you???

  5. When Bob Carlson and his partner Dave Greenfield shake your hand, check and make sure you have all your fingers, because they will take your underwear without you taking off your pants. Bob and Dave saw two hot babes walking down the beach and Bob said Dave would you like to screw them and Dave said out of what?

  6. I guess Carlson, who said their project did not receive a public subsidy, forgot to mention they received a big chunk of dough from CHFA and the GE Money Bank deal.


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