Election Complaint Alleges Pressure Tactics To Suppress Elderly Voters

Info session with residents at Washington Heights Apartments. Image from Bridgeport Generation Now Votes Facebook page.

East End City Council members Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton have filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission asserting that members of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes whose leadership supports Marilyn Moore for mayor have been “engaging in voter suppression tactics” in senior citizen residential areas.

The organization’s Facebook page has been promoting “info session on voting rights, the absentee ballot voting process” at apartments housing the elderly including 1491 Central Avenue located in the 139th District represented by Martinez and Newton.

From Newton’s Facebook page: “We will never allow any person or Group who tries to stop 🛑 Our Seniors from Voting 🗳 we have filed with the SEEC a complaint Against Generation now. If they want to be a political party fine but right now it’s not. We will not allow them to intimidate our people.”

The complaint alleges that the sessions have “pressured residents to not vote using the absentee ballot process, citing legal implications if they do so, even though many of these residents are elderly and/or handicap and qualify to vote using an absentee ballot.”

Newton asserts these info sessions are nothing more than a guise to support Moore for mayor. “They are out there playing politics with seniors,” says Newton. “They were telling seniors don’t vote for Joe Ganim. Doesn’t sound like they were educating voters about absentee ballots.”

Both Newton and Martinez, who support Ganim’s reelection, say they received phone calls from seniors who attended the information session.

OIB on Thursday emailed a copy of the complaint below to Generation Now leaders Niels Heilmann and Callie Heilmann requesting comment.

Niels Heilmann wrote in the OIB comments section:

Free and fair elections are not a partisan issue.
BpT Gen Now Votes will respond fully through the proper channels, so won’t comment further on this blog but some factual information:
1) All info sessions have been arranged with the full consent and encouragement of building residents and managements.
2) our materials and training are clearly informational in nature pulling from the laws governing AB eligibility. Eligible AB voters are educated in how to vote AB and encouraged to do so.
3) we have registered nearly 400 new voters through these and other sessions, consistent with the organizations goal of increasing voter education and turnout.

Gemeem Davis has taken a leave of absence from the organization to serve as Moore’s campaign manager.



  1. Here’s a tactic; when confronted with a challenge to your corruption just accuse THEM of it and keep repeating it. Eventually you’ll start to believe it too!! The curation of this narrative has been fascinating to watch unfold. The propaganda arm of the Ganim campaign inventing the Moore Boogieman. Well done, Lennie. Well done. It’s a good thing that it’s only me and 7 other people that read this stuff otherwise I’d be concerned that people might get the wrong impression.

          1. No, Peter, your artificial number is not even close to the thousands of regular OIB readers. In fact, OIB would be a great advertising platform for your wine business. I’ll throw in a hunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano to go along with your whine.

          2. Peter, Lennie’s facts might have given you a boo boo. OUCH!

            Do you need a bandaid? I have Mickey Mouse bandaids for my granddaughter if you are in need. 🙂

          3. You guys must be exhausted from counting all those regular readers. Good thing Maria showed up to towel you off, Lennie. Make sure she gets here own post next week.

    1. This is just another effort by Ganim and Testa to exploit voter ignorance. Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton should be ashamed of themselves.

      Ernie Newton sold his soul to the devil to maintain his seat on the City Council. He must like the odor of brimstone.

    1. DON
      I thought you always stood up against things that hurt our people. If Generation Now was supporting Joe Ganim and pulled this kind of shit you and Ron would be speaking out against Generation Now for using theses kind of tactic against our seniors. If it wrong it is wrong no matter who does it.

        1. Ron
          You are so right this happen in my district. I’ve never had a problem going in senior unit in my district. We had a date to come up to 1491 central ave to speak with our seniors because Generation Now no one can go into 1491 but Generation Now got twenty people to sign for ballots. You tell me what the Hell is going on!

          1. This is what happens when you align yourself with a felon. Oh. Wait a minute. You’re a felon, three times over. Birds of a feather as they say…

        2. This is the FIRST TIME because Tests/Ganim are scared because,Ron,and as you have mention many times before that Marilyn Moore BEAT Ganim on the machines on Election Day. So Ernest Newton and Eneida Martinez as two of the TestaGanimDTC surrogates who have been slinging manure since September 10th. September 10 has scared the shit out of Testa and all the political hacks that depend upon TestaGanim patronage so that they can keep their jobs and I know of at least one TestaGanim hack who drives around Black Rock in a Jaguar and it’s NOT Marilyn Moore although Joel Gonzales loves to and repeatedly mentions Moore’s Jaguar.

  2. Free and fair elections are not a partisan issue.
    BpT Gen Now Votes will respond fully through the proper channels, so wont comment further on this blog but some factual information:
    1) All info sessions have been arranged with the full consent and encouragement of building residents and managements.
    2) our materials and training are clearly informational in nature pulling from the laws governing AB eligibility. Eligible AB voters are educated in how to vote AB and encouraged to do so.
    3) we have registered nearly 400 new voters through these and other sessions, consistent with the organizations goal of increasing voter education and turnout.

    1. Ok So which are they doing educating ? Registering? or Influencing…. Tomato or to ma to. during their talks have they also educated people on how to Write in a candidate and if they did , why has that part been omitted from their part of the Conversion, I mean Conversation?

      1. Hector,,,,,do you have any proof that Gen Now is influencing how people vote or are you slinging the manure as well since you are part of the TestaGaninDTC cabal. You’re position on the BPT Board of Police Commissioners proves that..

        1. Hector,,,,,you did not mention that 900+ absentee ballots were garnered by your friends TestaGanimDTC and Company. I can’t prove it. J would love to prove it. IMHO,it would be proven that your friend,Mario Testa and Company,have influenced and used/Abused the Absentee Ballot system. Unfortunately,the only way that could be proven would be a forensic investigation if EVERY SINGLE absentee ballot. That won’t happen.

          1. Frank , I see you find it interesting that 900 people voted for the Mayor by AB’s (an operation that’s been working together for over 20 years was able to do that) but you aren’t mentioning the 300 that voted for the Challenger ( an operation only working together for 5 or 6 months did that?). As far as my position on the Police Commission, are you saying that the Commission as a Whole is part of a “Cabal”? I am Honored to serve on the Commission and to have the other members as Colleagues. I have NEVER been approached by any one from the Administration or DTC about a decision I had made or was about to make. I believe it an insult to accuse a members integrity simply by political association.

    2. Niels. If you can’t fight for this,maybe it’s time for you to let go and let the others in BPT Generation Now pick up the torch,run with it and see what happens.

  3. Mr. Heilmann,

    Holding a fundraiser for Marilyn Moore in your home, donating to her campaign, hiring WFP canvassers that worked on Mariilyn Moore’s campaign to conduct your “professional” canvass to gather affidavits regarding alleged AB fraud, hiring a paid employee from the Marilyn Moore campaign as an employee for Bridgeport Generation Now Votes organization who also served as the Notary of these very same affidavits is “partisan.”

    You, your wife and your organization have lost a significant level of credibility in this community.

    In my opinion, you are very similar to FaithACT$ for Education. The leadership has no roots in the Bridgeport community, you have non-profits that espouse a particular mission, however your only mission is to convince Bridgeporters you know what is best for us lowly, dumb, uneducated TRUE Bridgeporters.

    Educating residents/voters is something I believe in, however throwing out the entire election is purely “partisan” because this lawsuit was filed because YOUR candidate lost. Any attempt by you and your organization to portray this as anything other than what it is, is simply absurd.

    In closing, I don’t believe Bridgeport Generation Now/Votes is targeting seniors. Your focus on educating voters is a good mission. I spent alot of effort educating voters in Augustana, Fireside and specific residences with excessive amounts of ABs.

    I haven’t completely wiped it out, however I have made significant strides in reducing AB fraud perpetuated by Lydia Marinez, her henchwomen, and Betty Chappel.

    This outrageous lawsuit is an absolute stain on you, your wife and Bridgeport Generation Now/Votes.

    1. Maria , You have been calling BullS*it on bridgeport for years and I respect you for that. While I do not totally agree with Gen Now on everything, I must say that educating the public about how government works for example civics classes in my opinion are a good thing. Many people feel disconnected because they don’t get involved , so they just say. Forget it, nothing ever changes , I just won’t vote.. I do not totally agree that GEN now has stained the reputations of the founders. For example , admittedly even the folks in the Town clerks office who are incharge of the AB process do not completely understand it. This is from what I read in the CT Post. I do not feel helping the public understand the civic process and how Govt is supposed to work, how a bill is introduced for example , is a bad idea. Also helping people understand how the AB process is supposed to work is not a bad idea either. I am not here to defend GEN Now, I believe they are going to find their niche, they have not been not partisan, however someone has to call BullSh*t in this town every now and again, I believe many people like yourselves have worked hard building those relationships with the seniors, Vistis all year round , genuine concern, I believe the DTC has done that as well, over the years, many families do not visit their elderly parents , sometimes the only people who visit and bring food are people who run for office. It should not be however a given that you get the vote for doing that all year long. I would say its very likely you would get these votes because you earned the peoples trust. On the other hand the small percentage of folks who cheat, ruin it for everyone,

  4. Derek
    Let me first say, if Generation Now was Supporting Joe Ganim you guys would be talking shit. Councilwoman Martinez and Myself received many call from our seniors at 1491 central ave. In all the years I’ve served as a Deputy speaker of the House of Reps as Deputy President-Pro-tem of the State Sen and now as a City Councilman I’ve always been allowed to come to all of my senior units in my district. I’ve had pizza parties Bingo nights etc. If Generation Now wants to become a political Party it should change its 501(c)(3) status. The Seniors told us that Generation Now was telling them not to Vote for Joe Ganim and seeking application for those who would like to Vote by Ab. Groups can support whoever they like just do it the right way. Derek you can’t have it both ways if it’s wrong for the Ganim team it should be wrong for Generation Now who’s supporting Senator Moore.

    1. How does that change your status as a convicted felon, Moses? I hear all that stuff about you ran independent of the DTC machine to win your present term on the City Council.. Then you switched tracks and took an endorsement from the machine. That endorsement comes with a price tag, Moses. I’ve been living in this town long enough to know that DTC endorsements are QUID PRO QUO. No such thing as a free lunch. Someone’s paying for it.

      1. Derk
        First of all I am a member of the 139th town committee made up of 9 members who endorsed me. If you remember I didn’t receive the endorsement 2017 I came up short so I primary and Won. Joe nor Mario supported me. You should know better that i march to my on beat. Thanks for reminding me I’m a Felon and i’ll remind you the voters in my district elected me not you. You really don’t know me. I have voted with the party and against the party. I didn’t Vote for either candidate for Mayor at the endorsements.

  5. Voter suppression?
    Suggesting that I go to the polls to cast my vote if I am able?
    How dare they!
    How will I know who to vote for?
    Next, they will suppress voting by requiring I provide identification.

    1. Tom White. Umm umm. Voter suppression. You should give a call to J.R.Romano about voter suppression in Connecticut. Otherwise,we can talk for hours and hours about Republican work for voter suppression in the United States. I respect most if what you say but this just pissed me off.

  6. Well well , ain’t that the pot calling the kettle Black!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait until this election is over…. So the fake ass people can go hide for the next couple years….

      1. Good afternoon Maria,
        Not yours. I support you as u you know. My comment was towards the people who made the complaint.
        Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday. Form got mailed out this morning. 👍🏻

  7. I am truly outraged by this posting and many others since the Sept 10th primary. I have respected OIB because it was a good(and possibly the best) source of info about BPT Politics and community’s affairs. But,Dear Lennie,OIB has been turned into the one-sided mouthpiece for the political elites of Bridgeport governance. I think we all know who we are talking about and it’s not the white liberal elites that we received a lecture on. This posting is the absolute bottom,the dregs. The past month and days has been a political lynch mob. I believe in Generation Now,ALL the people who give of their time and do good work. The political elites of Bridgeport are afraid of every single person(I believe it’s 250 give or take) I this organization because they support open, transparent and honest governance. Within the last 48 hours,I have written on the BPT GenNow Facebook to be be not deterred by this ugly and unfounded mudslinging and to persevere and to keep on fighting. The mudsling at State Senator Marilyn Moore is equally distressing. There is ONE UNALTERABLE FACT;Marilyn Moore best Joe Ganim on the voting Machines on Election Day and the only reason that “Ganim,Testa ,DTC claimed victory wax through their unethical(and probably illegal) abuse and misuse of the absentee ballot system. I truly believe that if there was an examination of EVERY single absentee ballot and the means to procure it,it would truly show the extent of that misuse and abuse. Mr.Grimaldi,I certainly realize that this is YOUR blog and is hence under your I control. You are a fine journalist but I will plead with you to review the OIB postings since the Sept 10 primary and can you say that it was fair minded. Thank you,Frank Gyure.

    1. Frank you’re missing a critical point. There would be no lawsuit had Marilyn Moore fulfilled the simple task of securing roughly 200 signatures to secure a spot on the Working Families line in November. She fumbled it. OIB is not about a one-sided mouthpiece. Anyone is welcome to join the give and take. Readers come on here every day and trash Joe Ganim, including you. It’s also not about whom I like or dislike. No one in the media has been more supportive of Marilyn Moore than me. I urge you to enter Marilyn Moore’s name into the OIB search portal and read the entire body of positive stories about her, be it the Witness Project, her runs for public office and legislation she has advanced and supported. Who do you think helped her take out Anthony Musto in that 2014 senate primary? In the five-plus weeks since the mayoral primary I have received three news releases from Moore, one about her write-in candidacy, another about her alleged campaign office break in. No statements, positions, comments about taxes, the budget, public safety, education, economic development, quality of life. During the primary she kicked out some boiler-plate language crafted by the Working Families Party. Since then it’s been largely crickets. Send me proposals, initiatives, statements and I will run them. She and her campaign handlers have waged a flawed race. Joe Ganim is lucky. Had she a real rationale for running and stronger public outreach she’d have won so convincingly on the machines that she’d be the next mayor. What has she shared about where she wants to take the city other than “I’m not Joe Ganim.” Ganim, by the way, also had a crappy primary strategy. The Moore supporters who condemn my editorial in the comments section won’t share here what they tell me privately about Marilyn as a candidate. Did Marilyn Moore call Carmen Lopez to ask for her support? Nope. Did she call Maria Pereira to ask for her support? No. Did she call State Rep. Chris Rosario for his support? Nah. When the GOP ballot line was available to her in the general election did she call John Rodriguez for a discussion? No. Her response to all these situations is why aren’t they calling me? She’s the candidate. You make the call if you want support. The best she did in some situations was to send surrogates to call. She seems to think her candidacy is a matter of divinity. It’s God’s calling. Is God knocking on doors for her, or is she doing it? She had the opportunity to put a skilled tactician, Chris Caruso, in charge of her primary campaign. She essentially locked him in a closet. God forbid Caruso directing her closest friends how to win a race. Had she put Caruso in charge of that primary she’d be mayor. On several occasions I’ve run stories about how to vote for a write-in candidate. I’ve run in its entirely on two occasions the schedule for her neighborhood community conversations. Her first one in the North End produced six people. What kind of outreach is her campaign doing that they couldn’t fill that room? Any time the Moore camp wants to send me position papers, statements, news releases I’ll gladly run them? Unless, of course, Marilyn expects God to send them.

      1. Lennie,. Thank for posting my comment and your response. In your above comment,you have given all of us a much more detailed political analysis that we have absolutely not seen here and truly needed since September 10. It is painfully obvious that Marilyn Moore ran a significantly flawed campaign. The fact that you have shared the lack of press releases to you and other political strategies of the Moore campaign is a searing indictment of the Moore Campaign I absolutely agree that the WFP bungle,considering Chris Caruso and Alma Maya as running mates makes that bungle unexplicable. Weeks ago I expressed my belief here in OIB that I felt that Gemeem Davis may not be up to the task of managing this campaign. Lastly and obviously,the aggrecious mistakes must be born my the candidate herself,Marilyn Moore. It is also painfully obvious that Joe Ganim lacks the support of a broad spectrum of the People of Bridgeport. It’s looks like damned if we do or damned if we don’t considering the governance leadership of Bridgeport for the next four years. I truly appreciate you analysis and I agree with you. However,I will say that I remain uncomfortable with throwing Generation Now /Generation Now Votes under the bus. I will point out now specifically the commentary from (Ret.Judge) Carmen Lopez concerning her analysis of BPT Generation Now I see that Neil Heilleman wrote a response here and then stated that he would no longer making any statements here. IMHO,that is wrong and bad political and Civic strategy. The Heillemans need to realize that BPT Generation Now is facing an existential threat and they owe it to the members of BPT Gen Now to FIGHT. If the Heillemans fail to fight and protect an organization that they helped create but yet gained it’s strength through the hundreds of Gen Now members,then the Heillemans should resign their leadership post. I believe that there are others in Gen Now who can take over. My last words are that I,born and lived all my life in Bridgeport, am distressed at the current state of affairs. I may be gullible but I actually believe that Bridgeport can be reborn with political and Civic leadership that puts Bridgeport FIRST instead of personal gain as the top priority. Thank you.

  8. Ernie, get the hell off of your self righteous soap box. You know ya boy Ganim have been abusing the absentee ballot process for years and now all of a sudden you and Enida are offended by someone that is supposedly doing what you’ve never had a problem with Mayor Ganim and Mario doing!

    I know, I know Joe wasn’t doing it on your district. That’s like telling me that just because I’ve never had a cross burnt in my yard doesn’t mean it’s wrong, immoral and injustice. You two need to go to the Head White Man in charge and tell him to stop with practice because it’s wrong even if he doesn’t do it in your district. What did Mayor Ganim and Mario promise you two to make you want to kiss his ass like those other Sambo’s?

    1. Don, here’s the problem that have with Ernie because I’ve never spoken with Council member Council Martinez, I’ve post on OIB three times a list of people who were involved with election issues going back to 1993 and most of those were members of the DTC and were current or past elected Democrats but this is the first time that I recall an organization challenge the voting process here. No can point to where a challenger was found to be involved with AB issues. You would think that Marilyn Moore and Gen Now are the worse violators of the election process ever but all of the past violators were members of the DTC. Now here we are in 2019 and the biggest noice is about Gen Now but where was that concern when the now City Clerk was penalize for AB abuse, there was nothing in fact she moved from being a City Council member to the City Clerk, only in Bridgeport.

    2. Don and Ron
      Remember Generation Now, had 3 people from poor neighborhoods join a lawsuit against this election and guess what one of the individuals Said on the Stand and I quote “I don;t even know why i’m here. No one told me how to Vote and I voted for who i wanted to vote for”. Why would Generation Now. lie to theses seniors and you and Don don’t care because its all about hating DTC Joe and Mario. Shame on the both of you for not speaking up for OUR SENIORS at lease Councilwoman Martinez and Councilman Newton will speak up for them!

    3. Don
      Grow up man you are to old to be acting like a kid. You of all people should know better. I’ve served under many mayors and please name one time someone from my family or myself has ever worked for this city. I can’t be bought and you know that Don. I’ve never questioned someones right to support who ever they wish to support and i damn sure don’t need you and Ron to tell me who i should or should not support. I would never call you out of your name even if i did’t agree with you my friend and brother.

  9. Lol at this complaint. Didn’t ganim beat finch in 2015 at dunbar by a almost a 2 to 1 margin then in 2019 he lost Dunbar to Moore. Goes to show you how unpopular he has become in the black community.

      1. The AB’s are questionable….. 1 or 2 votes ganim still lost dunbar after winning in in 2015 by 2 to 1 margin that’s a hugeeee difference. Ganim really is not popular in the black community anymore.

  10. Right in the second paragraph of this bogus complaint Ernie states “many of these voters are elderly and/or handicapped”.
    Ernie, being elderly IS NOT a legitimate reason for voting absentee. Period. Case closed.
    How many voters over the years have you told otherwise?
    Voter suppression must mean not voting the way you want them to.

  11. To claim that an info session regarding the intricacies of casting an absentee ballot is “voter suppression” seems quite misleading. Being “elderly” is not a disability, so those who have been targeted by various campaigns as absentee ballot voters are often mislead to cast AB’s illegally. If one is elderly and disabled to the point where they cannot physically go to the polls, then of course they should request an AB. Below are the qualifications that one must meet in order to vote by AB. Notice that being elderly or “not wanting to leave their house” did not make the list.

    -Are you an active member of the armed forces of the United States?
    -Will you be out of town during all the hours of voting on Election Day?
    -Does illness prevent you from voting in person on Election Day?
    -Do your religious beliefs prevent you from performing secular activities like voting on Election Day?
    -Will you be performing duties as an election official at a polling place other than your own during all the hours of voting on Election Day?
    -Do you have a physical disability that prevents you from voting in person on Election Day?

    1. Senior citizen are the most loyal voters of any group by age, they understand how important it is to vote and Bridgeport Generation Now Votes was educating those voters of their rights and now with the climate of absentee ballots wrong doing seniors need to know that voting in person right now is a sure way to vote that will count right away until the State comes up with a much better system of early voting for all voters. Their vote at the polling place will not be question and as soon they put that ballot in the machine that vote counts at that moment. When I had my first knee replacement operation and I was in a lot of pain and using a walker so I had to call one of the candidates who was proving free rides to the voting poll because I wanted my vote to count.

      1. I agree. People who cannot make it to the polls should absolutely vote by absentee ballot. Those who are physically capable of voting at the polls should do so.

  12. Since I am so loquacious this afternoon,I would like to turn my attention to the above letter ..um.um,,”written” by City Council people Ernest Newton and Eneida Martinez. First of all,does ANYONE believe that the above letter was written by Newton and Martinez. I,for one,don’t believe at all that it was solely written by Newton and Martinez. It sure smells of some legal origin. Could someone on the City Attorney’s Office volunteered some time. In fact, we have seen some suddenly new legal experts come forth here on OIB. Joel Gonzalez sounds like paralegal and maybe should work part-time in the City Attorney’s Office going forward. It’s obvious that his talents are being wasted in his present position. And now we have Councilpersons Newton and Martinez vying for part time positions in the City Attorney’s Office. However,Newton and Martinez fail their “law” exam since they failed to provide LAW 101;their letter provided no evidence whatsoever. In a court of law,this would be thrown out immediately. However,this letter can certainly be put forward in political jousting. The strategy is doing mud/manure and see what sticks. As for City Councilperson Ernest Newton,I actually did respect him for his many years of advocating for his fellow neighbors in the East Side. However, I did take with a grain of salt his many feigned claims of being independent and especially so if the TestaGanimDTC cabal. However,this letter proves without a doubt that Ernest Newton lives in the TestaGanimDTC cave and I have lost all respect for him. As for Eneida Martinez,I’ve never held any respect for her. I’ve seen Martinez in action. Whenever someone disagrees with her,she begins to tell at the top of her voice,,”RACIST,RACISM.,” In conclusion,the above letter is worthless.

    1. Don
      I just read it again sorry.
      Let me say this you may not agree with me that’s find. I will say this I’ve always fought for what i believe . Never have i worried about what other thought about me. All my life i have stood up against the odds. I’ve been a fighter with a title and without a title. Many of the people talking on this Blog have never stood up for anything. Frank just because you won a election against Mayor Harp doesn’t make you king of the hill. Maybe you’ll move to New Haven where politics are great New-haven’s DTC is control by Whites also!

  13. Ernie please read my post again as I have never called you out of your name. What I said was ” What did Mayor Ganim and Mario promise you two to make you want to kiss his ass like those other Sambo’s?”
    As your can see I referenced those other Sambo’s not calling you one.

  14. Ernie, you need to worry about why there are four police cars on Stratford Ave and Fourth St stopping cars checking them for front license plates, registration and driver’s licenses and if they are missing either they ticket and tow their vehicles. These people have trouble paying rent, buying food and trying to live their lives and maybe they are a little late paying for their driving privileges, then to have their only means of transportation taken away is an affront to all that is decent. I can assure you that this bullshit isn’t done in Black Rock or the North End. Now go out there and convince these Black’s and Puerto Ricans that Mayor Ganim is the best choice for them in November. Shame on you, Enida, Mayor Ganim and chief Perez for this separate and unequal treatment.

    1. Hey Sambo from Shelton. Did you not hear about the man killed by a drunk driver on E. Main and Barnum; how about the Fireman strucked and nearly killed during the summer; how about the four gangbangers arrested yesterday with four guns recovered? The East End is a hotspot bearing no resemblance to Black Rock. The only people complaining are the violators and criminal sympathisers like you as you view our plight from bucolic Shelton. Local Eyes has more right to speak on this than you. Sit down and shut up.

        1. That was my goal. Had to drop out of Sacred Heart in early 90s. Then the world changed with the advancement of computers and the internet. It’s not rocket science. I always look at the flip-side of the coin when I analyze subject matters.

    2. Thanks Joel
      Don more people in the Eastend love seeing police 👮 walking the beat. Since we closed sunshine deli killed are done Joel shared with you some of the things going on in the Eastend. If the police stopped you on Stratford Ave and forth st would you be worried. I would say no why because you aren’t riding dirty. You have License ,Registration etc. If you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t anything to worry about.

  15. Hey white boy don’t call your father a Sambo at worst he’s a gilipollas just like you. Ernie everyone knows that drug dealers and gang bangers only live in one section of the city. Everyone knows drug dealers and gang bangers don’t live in Black Rock or the North End. Everyone know that if a Black person is arrested for a crime that’s because ALL Black people are just like the one that committed the crime.

    Ten percent of the population of Bridgeport or 14,500 are criminals that leaves 90% as productive citizens. That’s ludicrous! Let’s say that 5% of the population of Bridgeport or 7250 are criminals which leave 95% as productive citizens. That’s ludicrous! Let’s say 1% of the population of Bridgeport or 1450 are criminals which leaves 99% of the population as productive citizens. That ludicrous as well because there aren’t 1450 people out there committing crimes and stopping cars and towing vehicles aren’t going to stop crime in Bridgeport.

    Driving unregistered cars don’t increase the crime in Bridgeport, don’t increase the shootings in Bridgeport, don’t increase gang banging in Bridgeport it merely increases the number of people driving unregistered cars. The problem with crime is that a lot of those people don’t have access to a quality job like that good job cleaning toilets and mopping floors like you do white boy. All of the shootings in Bridgeport are because of illegal guns entering into the city and Not caused by driving unregistered vehicles! Ernie you should know better than that, well maybe not because aren’t you the fool that suggested that Stop and Frisk be implemented in Bridgeport?
    Gilipollas, white boy Joel, this is what I’ve come to expect from you because you think you’re white because of a glaring error on your birth certificate, but rest assured when a white person looks at you they don’t see another white person, what they see is a Puerto Ricans gilipollas, nothing more nothing less!

  16. Rumor Mill:
    White-ish is the name of the new 4-episode pilot that’s played to fantastic results in its test markets.
    White-ish shows the portrayal of a black man living the life of the white privilege he protests loudly. He mistakes his opulent lifestyle as the result of his rugged individualism. He rightfully claims to bailout his employer until the audience realizes he was insulated from the bad economy by his union contract. His reward makes it the best investment of his life and he drives a fancy car to prove it-all the while complaining about his awful surroundings.
    In the show the character’s name is Donald Day.

  17. Don, this guy is always seeking attention because he wants to be a star that whites would like. Below is from an article on OIB.

    March 8, 1994 produced a highly extraordinary moment from an unusual man who made a point in more ways than one: Joel Gonzalez, a future city councilor, chopped off the index finger of his left hand on the steps of the state capitol in Hartford to express his version of justice to violent gun users during a historic violent-crime period in the city and state. A friend videotaped it.
    Gonzalez, then a mechanic, amputated his finger utilizing a homemade guillotine.
    On that day, the Connecticut General Assembly was debating a gun-control bill. For Gonzalez it seemed a sensible thing to do under the circumstances that set off quite a panic inside the capitol building when word spread.

    The video captures Joel, wearing a white shirt and tie, showing only mild trepidation as he readies the act. Looking down at the guillotine, he places the base of his left index finger underneath the blade. He gallows into the camera: “I don’t have the guts.” Then he wastes little time. Raising a hammer in his right hand, he thrusts down violently atop the razor covering his finger. The swat provokes a painful gasp, a spurt of blood, his flying digit finds a landing spot on a step above him. Joel looks into the camera and asks his videographer friend Carlos Ramos nonchalantly “You got it? Get closer footage. Don’t get nervous. Come on,” he tells his friend who zeroes in on the severed finger.
    Q. Twenty five years later was it worth doing?

    A. Was it worth it? It would have been more worthy if the video wasn’t confiscated and I had been able to sell the video–the highest offer was half a million. The action I took opened a line of communication and discussion with many of those involved in gangs and drug trafficking. I was able convince many gang members (mainly Latin Kings) to turn their way of living and thinking. To me it was worth it, but never to the point of doing it again.
    25 Years Ago Joel Gonzalez Made A Point That Gained National Attention, Severing A Trigger Finger To Protest Gun Violence (Warning: Graphic Images) – Only In B


    1. He’s so Presidential!
      What trait does Donald Day share with President Trump?
      Answer: when given a profanity-free review, both resort to slander as their initial and best defense.
      Subsequently, they both invented fake news too.

  18. First off,Lennie thank you for your post about Marilyn’s campaign(or lack there of).Like I’ve been saying since she announced she was running back in March or so,her heart was never in it,and it becomes more and more obvious as time goes by(how the hell couldn’t she get 200 signatures??)..IMO,she really let the people of Bpt down.I can’t in good conscience write in her name in a couple weeks,I’ve lost confidence in her ability to lead our city at this point,and btw,I’m not voting for Joe either.Marilyn,go back to Hartford(where you really want to be).and do something for Bpt there,it’s the least you could do after the way you let us down over the past few months.The thought of Joe& Mario running our city for another 4 years makes me sick.Thanks for nothing Marilyn,you should be ashamed of yourself.

        1. Harvey, personally I like Joe Ganim in fact I saw Joe last Friday in front of Stop and Shop on Fairfield Ave. meeting customers, we shook hands and a hug and a little small talk. In 2015 I supported Mary Jane Foster because Joe came out to run later but I told Joe if he won the primary that I would support him. I had a good relationship with Joe Ganim 1 but Joe Ganim 2 is a much different person, Joe took advantage of those who gave him a second chance to run the City but Joe decided after only being mayor for 18 months that he would run for governor, even after Joe lost at the Democrat convention to Ned Lamont Joe decided to primary Lamont and Joe lost in every city and town in Connecticut and he barely won against Lamont in Bridgeport. Joe is tone deaf and he’s not on top of problems here, this Joe Ganim is totally a different mayor this time around and I believe Marilyn Moore even with the flaws in her campaign Marilyn Moore would be a much better choice for mayor, we gave Joe his chance and he fail us all, well now is the time to give Marilyn Moore her first chance.

  19. It is opined on here that the only message Marilyn Moore has is :”I’m not Joe Ganim”
    I think this statement is wrong
    Marilyn Moore is not part of a gang of thugs that is what Ganim represents
    That is enough for me
    There are a lot of fine people who could have stepped up and ran for Mayor
    They did not
    She did
    I give her credit for her bravery
    And I give credit to Gen Now for educating the populace on how the voting process works
    Or doesn’t work
    The thugs know how it works
    Why all this resentment that Gen Now is effectively waging a campaign against the status quo?
    Democracy does not work unless all people get involved and are educated

      1. I did not know them then. Now I do.
        Most people would think I’m a pretty altruistic guy because I am
        It’s not always about money, Lenny, but caring about the City
        I have a proven capacity to be effective and I am not allowed to be involved in an advisory capacity even as a volunteer


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