East Side Fracas Leads To Barr’s Arrest, Response Justified?

An apparent parking violation involving Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr escalated into a messy police scene a few days ago with arrests made as shown in this Facebook video. CT Post has more on this here.

City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, for one, is condemning the police response on her Facebook page.

As an elected official I continue to fight for community policing. On behalf of myself, my stand as a leader and representative of the City of Bridgeport and liaison to the Board of Police Commission I will be advocating, fighting, and voicing my concerns on excessive force, approach, and how to approach at times of needs. (MENTAL HEALTH, EMOTIONS, ETC) needs to be a part of immediate training within our police department. Tony Barr has been through a lot this year. Today he buries his brother Ernest Barr, nobody understands this man unless you know him or talk to him, so the excessive uncalled for extra drama caused by the parking enforcer yesterday will definitely be addressed. That particular individual will be discipline for his arrogant actions. This was totally an action of CONTROL by this individual. Tony Barr I stand for you and with you.

OIB has reached out to Barr for comment. He was part of a slate that won all nine seats in a Town Committee primary in March representing the Upper East Side 138th District.

The passionate Barr has had run-ins with the law including a 20-year stint as a drug gang enforcer when a young man. Barr says he’s changed from the experience.



  1. “… Barr has had run-ins with the law including a 20-year stint as a drug gang enforcer when a young man. Barr says he’s changed from the experience.” Apparently not.

  2. So I understand this as I do. This chaos started because a city employee was doing his job and gave our friend Tony Barr a ticket for parking in a clearly marked NO PARKING spot. Is there anybody that enjoys getting ticket? These enforcement officers have to deal with this all day long. It was the Merchants and residents that requested these NO PARKING signs. It is most unfortunate that this escalated into an arrest fr my friend Tony Barr. He could have appealed the ticket and most likely would have been denied. He was parked illegally – period. The audience participation is what makes policing difficult in Bridgeport. Making the employee of the city a bad guy is sad at best. He was doing his job. He is a 10 year employee with a Criminal justice degree. He does his job- He is not a political appointment and treats everyone fairly. I am sorry my friend Tony Barr was the star player. I am sorry this was escalated and more sorry he got arrested. My condolences to Tony on the loss of his brother that was laid to rest the next day. Still, it is not the officers position to know or get involved in personal drama. Funny , everyone taking videos and getting involved while police are trying to do their jobs – If only the same people snitched while police are investigating drug deals and shootings the city would be a cleaner and better place.

    1. Steven Auerbach, perhaps the city can place some signage pointing out that all future Tony Barrs can park for free in the lot located just about 50 feet from where he parked illegally. Perhaps Eneida Martinez can make herself usefull and present a council resolution calling for signage.

  3. Wait a minute, an apparent parking violation on Stratford Avenue escalated into a messy police scene a few days ago with arrests? What happen to giving a ticket?

  4. That was a crazy scene. My question would be how can a city council person guarantee that an employee of the city will get disciplined? Clearly the sign says NO PARKING. If anything, the city doesn’t enforce parking enough outside of downtown.

  5. Tony Barr needs needs mental health and substance abuse assistance. He drinks heavily.

    He has an incredibly violatile temper in which he goes from 0 to 1000 in seconds.

    He is so unstable he placed a video on his facebook page claiming it was of me attempting to bribe Dennis Bradley in a parking lot. He just recently placed a video of himself claiming I was working with Juda Epstein to steal peoples homes through the WPCA.

  6. Stop signs, red lights and no parking signs are not suggestions. We all know the consiquences of failing to obey them. This could all have been avoided if Mr. Barr had not parked where it was posted not to do so period. There is a parking lot on the corner.

    Look at the message he sent by his behavior, there is no justifying it. Yet once again people want to blame the parking agent and the police for doing their jobs. What was arrogant in the issueing a parking ticket?

    Why not ask Mr. Barr why he went off? After all it was his reaction that prompted the police to be called.

    Elected officials should know better, they demand cops to be courteous, professional and civil to the public. They should take a page out of their own book and practice what they preach.


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