1. That was funny, & the comment towards the end is true about all the deadly animals located through-out down-under. If its not one thing its another, no? America needs gun laws like Australia bad! ***

  2. So they were oess careful until 20 years ago and changed? And did not dissolve, float away, or revolt?

    I remember that Australian voting returns have been much healthier than our % participation. COuld that have anything to do with a fine if you fail to vote?

    Can we learn from places that have good or better practices than we are currently experiencing? Do you hope so? Time will tell.

  3. Great ad! The good-guys running for office in NRA-country should use this ad in resonance with their advertising efforts…

    JML: When you induce people to behave a certain way through the use of “punishment” you get all kinds of unexpected, aberrant “compliances.” And with voting, in any event, if such “inducements” are used, it’s no longer an exercise in “democracy” by a truly “free” citizen…

    Maybe use positive reinforcement instead — perhaps a tax credit or SS-credit for every election in which a citizen is logged-in as having voted?…

  4. jEFF,
    When voting % show fewer than 20% VOTING routinely, where are the “free citizens” exercising democratic rights? Positive or negative ways are fine…..anything to double the number of folks paying attention to local governance info and voting their values, needs, pocketbook, etc. And form some new and hopefully enduring habits?
    Peace. Time will tell.


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