Dems: Where’s Bob?

Bob Stefanowski shocked many establishment Republicans winning the five-way GOP primary for governor August 14. While his Dem counterpart Ned Lamont has conducted several public appearances and issued policy positions, Stefanowski has been largely quiet. News release from Democratic State Party:

It’s been almost two weeks since the primary, and Bob Stefanowski has sent a loud and clear message about his plans for critical issues like health care, guns, women’s rights, and more facing Connecticut: “No comment.”

We’re crystal clear on one thing: He stands with Donald Trump. He celebrates Trump’s endorsement and thinks it’s “pretty cool,” while giving him an “A” for performance.

As for all the other issues Connecticut voters care about, we’re 74 days away from the election, and yet Bob Stefanowski has refused to comment on, or been altogether silent about:

Women’s Health: No comment and declined to comment.

The Opioid Epidemic: Did not respond.

Affordable Housing: Declined to respond.

The Environment: Declined to attend a forum.

Participating in Debates: Declined comment.

On LGBTQ Rights: Declined comment.

Ned Lamont’s Plan to Cut Property Taxes: No comment.

Separating Children and Parents Through Trumps Draconian Immigration Policy: Did not respond to requests.

Trump’s Helsinki Press Conference: Did not respond to requests.

Trump’s Character: Declined to comment.

Attending a Larry Kudlow Party With A White Nationalist: Initially declined to comment

The IRS’s Blocking SALT Deductions that Hurt Connecticut Taxpayers: Silence.

Betsy Devos’s Plan to Arm Teachers: Silence.

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort Being Guilty: Silence.

How His Bogus Tax Scheme Would Kill Jobs, Raise Property Taxes, and Gut Education: Silence.

And let’s not forget, Bob Stefanowski once held a press conference where he would not allow reporters to ask questions.

That means when it comes to his plans for Connecticut, his answer is clear: a resounding “no comment.”



  1. *** Where is our “45” supporting republican nationalist you wonder? Doing what many other republican politicians, local & on the federal level’s are doing “hiding” their heads in the sand to avoid any hard questions, no? ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

    1. Mojo, Tom White is waiting to get his talking points along with Bob Stefanowski or they could be over at Larry Kudlow Party again attending a with A White Nationalist.

  2. Few of those points are related to being Governor of Connecticut.

    Just nonsense from the Democrats as they try to shift attention away from real issues and the record of Dan Malloy.

    The usual display of brilliance from Mackey.

  3. Dems: where’s Marilyn?
    Unless she’s sharing a new food recipe, PORCHFEST would count as a pre-Labor Day campaign stop for Marilyn Moore.
    Let’s let the future unfold. Marshall Marcus, are you out there?

    1. II don’t think either Stefanowski or Kudlow are white racists or eeven sympathetic. Using the same logic you’ve applied, is Ned Lamont an Anti-Semite or racist or sympathetic as he was a member oof Round HHill Country Club which was exclusionary? (Full ddisclosure – I was men’s locker room shoeshine boy there when I was 14). According to Ned, once he discovered this, he rresigned…After being a member for 16 years. For the record, I ddo not think Lamont a racist. Guilt by association not 100%

      1. Denis OMalley , at no time did I ever say that Bob Stefanowski and Larry Kudlow were white racists or even sympathetic. But let’s not forget Larry Kudlow has been a friend of white nationalist Peter Brimelow for years and now all of a sudden Kudlow finds out at a party where he invites him to his home.


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