Dem Endorses Torres

Democrat Lou Bevilacqua, once a supporter of Mayor Bill Finch, has endorsed Republican Rick Torres for mayor. Lou, who once served as legislative support for the Bridgeport City Council, toils these days in Trumbull Democratic politics. From Torres:

Active Democrat, Louis A Bevilacqua today formerly endorsed Republican Rick Torres as mayor of the State’s largest city, Bridgeport. As a Democrat and government administrator for the past 20 years, Mr. Bevilacqua served as former national committeeman of the Connecticut Young Democrats and author of Bridgeport’s ethics reform, which he drafted, as the Legislative Director of the Bridgeport City Council. Rick Torres, a Republican and community activist hopes to break up the closed politics of the City which has largely been an impediment to its forward progress or lack of directed government administration. Mr. Bevilacqua cited a need to try new things in a city often burdened by its past and stressed that local government is more about administration instead of political ideology.

“Most people recognize my old friend, William Finch is neither good in executive positions or an old Democrat. His new brand of politics has elicited loyalty from the party more from a sense of obligation than preference.” said Mr Bevilacqua “Bill’s politics is all wrong for the moment. We reward exceptionalism with re-election, sadly Finch deserves neither classification.”

Bridgeport, the largest city in the state of Connecticut, is located in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. Its decline in tax revenue is largely the result of poor urban planning and the change in economic realities facing the United States. This has reallocated a great burden onto the backs of homeowners who themselves can barely afford to survive. It has voted Republican in the immediate past and tends to vote for the candidate whom inspires the electorate. Mr Bevilacqua who lived in Bridgeport for the majority of his life has worked himself to restore Bridgeport, an old industrial mecca which has fallen into a neglected and forgotten skeleton of American capitalism. From time to time, Mr Bevilacqua votes for and endorses deserving and creative members of other political parties in the hope that our common cause can achieve greater results than partisanship.

“Bill Finch is unable to contain the dysfunction of politics in Bridgeport and has advocated a return to county government at a time when we need community self sufficiency.” Bevilacqua added. “Mr. Torres, a tireless activist will bring authenticity back to our democracy and his community and business experience would be great for Bridgeport, great for ethics and great for good government.”



  1. It just goes to show the arrogance of Finch and the Democratic Party have towards their constituents … If the independents and the Republicans (in particular) don’t show up at the polls to vote against this system there will be no economic revival, high taxes, poor city services, and a continuation of corruption, cronyism, and nepotism. Shame on the Republicans for not being proactive in signing up voters. You deserve what you get!!!

  2. It’s like the man is saying “Eat it Bridgeport,” and to flagrantly announce going to the effing circus instead of giving these two taxpaying men a moment of his bleeping time? Jerk is not the word I would use Lisa, but for the sake of this blog I will keep it PG. Can you spell Pompous Blowhard? UGH.


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