Defeated Councilwoman Pleas For Money To Wage Write-In Candidacy

Incumbent City Councilwoman Karen Jackson, who lost to Maria Pereira and Samia Suliman in the September 10 primary to represent the Upper East Side 138th District, has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money as a write-in candidate. The page created September 12 has generated zero donations.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Councilwoman Karen Jackson, whose recent, losing primary campaign was marked by allegations she moved out of the district and misused taxpayer resources, has launched one last attempt to hold on to her seat.

Jackson has started a $5,000 online fundraising effort on GoFundMe to mount a write-in campaign for November’s general election. She represents the 138th District, the upper East Side.

“I am raising money because as a self employed single mom of three teen young men as a write in candidate I will need monetary funds to hire a team to retain my seat as a City Councilwoman,” Jackson, first elected two years ago, wrote. “The primary winners of District 138th won on lies and misrepresentation with negative campaigning.”

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  1. Karen needs to seek professional help.

    The commentary on her Go Fund Me page is unfocused, wild and nonsensical. Her grammar and poorly written and incomplete sentences are troubling.

    She apparently filed for protective orders against me that I was unaware of. Clearly they were not granted.

    You cannot raise campaign funds on Go Fund Me because the lobbyist questions on a donation form are not available on Go Fund Me and there are additional informational requirements.

  2. More advice for my soon to be city councilmember. 🙂

    Maria, 🙂

    Tree lighting, Easter Egg Hunt, BBQ/Picnic. (near the primary season of course) and a Halloween theme candy event on Haloween, for the kids. JS 🙂

    Thanks for not using any disparaging words like Moron. It’s unbecoming an elected official whose job is to make the city a better place. JS 🙂

    1. Councilwoman to be, Maria. As an elected official who going to make sound judgments on behalf of the city and its residents, and someone who prides herself on doing her research in order to make those sound decisions. I do hold some reservations and concerns with your judgment on the people you have helped in the past and now are attacking their character. Your judgment and decision in helping these unscrupulous people show poor judgment and decision making on your part.

      I hope you will do a better job now you were elected to the city council. We as residents of the City of Bridgeport expect you to make rational and sound decisions and not look to place blame on the decision you make Concern citizens. 🙂

  3. I have some sympathy for Jackson unlike others here. No public(City Council) funds should be used in her fight for existence. This is a subject hardly ever discussed. Too many people in Bridgeport are in a paycheck to paycheck day to day fight for existence. I have no sympathy for those who are willing to kick people when they are down.

  4. I in no way support kicking someone while they’re down no matter what their views are or what bad decisions they have made. I sympathize if she’s truly hurting financially. Me being a father everything I do is centered around my little girl, so if I didn’t have the money to make ends meets I would be 100% focused on doing that. With that said, she should not be focused on running for public office whatsoever, instead she should be spending time working another job or figuring out her personal life instead. Her kids need her more than anything. Too many kids out on the street don’t have good role models to look up to and we don’t need anymore.

  5. Wanda Simmons, allow me to tell a short story, on Sept. 15 it was women’s weekend at Mt. Aery Baptist Church and the guest preacher was Martha Simmons, Simmons is the president and publisher of The African American Pulpit, one of the nation’s most respected homiletics journals. She holds her M.Div. from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, and a J.D. from New College of California, School of Law. She also completed four years of doctoral work at Boston University and was ordained Baptist but has been a U.C.C. minister for the past fifteen years. Her topic was “Every Woman Needs A Hammer,” from Judges 4, where Deborah, a prophet and Jael, Heber’s wife, who picked up a tent peg and a hammer and went quietly to him while he lay fast asleep, exhausted. She drove the peg through his temple into the ground, and he died. Rev Simmons spoke about the struggles that women have always had to deal with and not being recognize for their work but the struggle is harder on black women but Rev Simmons main point was “was no kicking while down,” black women should never kick another black woman when she’s down because they have been kicked and kept down for their life. When they know better they will do better but until they do, NO KICKING WHILE DOWN.

    1. I was not present at the Mt Aery session and I cannot check out my theory with Ron Mackey before posting this observation. But perhaps Rev Simmons would also advise against kicking another person, up, down, black, white, faith tradition or none, it is purely destructive, so why do it? If you don’t like what they are doing, comment on that and raise the level of the communication if there’s a “better way” from your perspective. I have been told by a black woman, often scorned by others, but trying her best to raise the next generation of black sons, that people, often black people claw down those who are advancing or seem to be gaining ground in life. She told me the story of the crabs in a pail who pull down any crab trying to get to the top of the pile and leverage an exit from the pail.
      Karen, thank you for your service to the City Council in the past two years in addition to the several challenges facing you personally. Prepare for your comeback where you control the time, resources and message. You will know full well when that moment occurs. Time will tell.

  6. Karen is not a victim in this matter.

    I have not made one public comment on my Facebook page or OIB about Karen or Nessah since our victory on September 10, 2019.

    Karen chose to launch a GoFundMe page where she repeatedly attacked me.

    Karen Jackson is not a victim here.

  7. I agreed, she attacked you on her Go Fund Me Page. However, that doesn’t excuse your judgment in getting her elected to the city council. It was because of you she was making decisions on behalf of the city and its residents for the past to years. Not to mention Joe for four. If they are doing a horrible job you are partly to blame. Even more so with Karen since you pride your self on being able to deliver the votes in your district.

    P.S while you may have not made any public comment about Karen since your victory on September 10, 2019, you are repeating what you said prior.

    Please don’t insinuate you are the victim. If Karen had such character flaws to be seating on the council we the city residents are the victims by your decision to get her elected. I hope you will do a better job in your decision making now that you were elected to the City Council. 🙂

    1. I received a letter from the SEEC this morning notifying me that Karen Jackson filed a complaint against me regarding absentee ballots based solely on that video by Tony Barr.

      I just laughed.

      I am not worried in the least. 🙂

  8. Maria, hopefully you will conduct a review of the use of stipends by council members, including what action is being taken by the CFO regarding the illegal charges to Jackson’s card. Let me know if I can assist.

  9. And while on the subject of uses and abuses of City Council stipends, I suggest that there be review of others including Alfredo Castillo who claims to be disabled yet large chunks of his stipends appear to be going for construction expenses!


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