Decades-Long Zoning Chief Dennis Buckley Retires

Zoning Administrator Dennis Buckley who served the city via six mayoral administrations has retired. Buckley was at the center of numerous zoning controversies including the recent effort by the Diocese of Bridgeport and Fairfield University to locate a two-year college in the North End. That application was withdrawn after neighborhood pushback. The former St. Ambrose School on the East Side is now under consideration.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

A retirement and a resignation have left one of the city’s most important departments–zoning–without a third of its staff.

It was announced via email Tuesday that zoning chief Dennis Buckley and his enforcement officer, Neil Bonney, both veterans of what municipal budget shows is a six-person office, are out. Buckley retired effective Friday, while Bonney–the sole enforcement officer–resigned, though no date was provided.

“Please be patient with us as the zoning department’s duties are reassigned,” said the email.

City Council members said they were aware Buckley was planning on leaving, but that Bonney’s departure was an unwelcome surprise.

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  1. Enjoy retirement! My brief dealings with him were always pleasant.
    Imagine though if he desired to pen a ‘tell all’ book on all the ‘behind the scenes’ zoning deals! Lennie you could probably then dedicate a few chapters to it in a new book about Bridgeport. 😆
    Cheers! ! ! !

  2. My dealings with Mr. Buckley – always straightforward and by the code books. I often chatted with him at Harborview Market – his tell all book would be very interesting. Wishing a long and fun filled retirement.

  3. As the former Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals I would like to send congratulations and a wish that the future holds everything that Dennis Buckley deserves.


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