DebraLee Hovey Needs Serious Therapy–Tells Gabby Giffords To Stay Out Of Newtown

DebraLee Hovey

Republican State Rep. DebraLee Hovey, who has a history trashing Bridgeport even though it puts food on her table (her hubby is a city firefighter), has now taken to trashing Gabby Giffords because the shooting victim dared to show some compassion to Newtown. Hovey, who threw a hissy because she was not invited to meet Giffords, posted the above on her Facebook page from Florida, but oh, then she took it down when the heat was turned up on her narcissism.

DebraLee Hovey

Hovey, who represents Newtown and Monroe in the State House, was steamed up because she didn’t receive an invitation to Giffords’ visit. Rick Green of the Hartford Courant has more here.



  1. Therapy? I think she needs serious medication to kill the bug that crawled up her ass. Who does this broad think she is, the queen of the manor? Gabrielle Giffords is no longer a member of the US House of Representatives. She came to Newtown as a private citizen and victim of a mass shooting. Newtown will never be the same; it will be several generations before the town returns to a state of emotional normalcy. And all DebrLee Hovey is concerned about is an apparent snub. Maybe it was a snub, given her track record of favoring some parts of her district over others.

    This woman is one of the reasons politics has descended to the level of professional “wrestling.”

  2. Having family in Gabby’s former district and just on general principles DebraLee’s comments are uncalled for and despicable. What were GOPers up there thinking to elect someone like that?

  3. This woman’s insensitive comment is arrogant and unthinkable. She’s a poor reflection on the entire citizenry of Newtown, especially those who are suffering over the event. She should be publicly reprimanded by her peers and every other elected official of that town. Stay out of “her town”–when did it become all hers?

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