Debicella, Wealthy Fella (Well, The Campaign Anyway)

From Dan Debicella:

Debicella Raises $800,000 in 12 Weeks

Total Fundraising Tops $1.5 million

Norwalk, CT – Dan Debicella, Republican candidate for Congress in Fairfield County, today announced he has raised over $800,000 in the third quarter, bringing the campaign’s total fundraising to $1,500,000 with over $400,000 on hand to communicate with voters in the critical weeks leading up to Election Day.

“Dan’s performance this quarter ensures the campaign will have the necessary resources to continue our robust voter contact programs and advertising through television and direct mail, ultimately leading the campaign to victory on November 2nd,” said Debicella spokeswoman Ashley Maagero.

“The momentum behind the campaign is undeniable: over 98 percent of our contributions come from nearly 2500 individuals, and 82 percent of our donors live right here in Fairfield County – a clear signal that Dan’s proposals are resonating with voters. From replacing the unspent stimulus funds with a payroll tax cut, permanently extending all of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to creating a federal spending cap to eliminate our deficits, Fairfield County is ready for Dan’s leadership.”

Debicella’s Q3 fundraising topped that of Jim Himes and Chris Shays’ from the same period in 2008 as they raised $790,143 and $778,838, respectively.



  1. Himes has brought in too little too late. I am not impressed with the latest million dollars for a roof on the transit garage. Gee I can’t wait to see the grass growing on the roof. I can’t wait to see all the water saved by rain barrels give me a freaking break.

  2. *** Money doesn’t mean “victory,” Lamont has proven that twice. However voters are running out of patience & seem to be looking for a “political guru” who is not “Radical Dan.” Another freshman in Congress to do what in 2 years? *** FORGETABOUTIT ***


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