Cruz Control For City Council District

Jorge Cruz
Jorge Cruz is teaming up with Kate Rivera to challenge incumbents.

Two years ago community activist Jorge Cruz knocked on the door of victory for a City Council seat, coming up two dozen votes short in a Democratic primary. This time he hopes to knock the door down in the 131st District covering the South End, Downtown and portion of the West End. He ran alone in 2015, but this time he’s adding firepower, partnering with former school board member Kate Rivera.

“This district is ripe for new leadership,” says Cruz, a member of the district’s town committee, but unhappy with neighborhood representation including council incumbents Denese Taylor-Moye and Jack Banta. Taylor-Moye is co-chair of the committee that’s engulfed in budget deliberations.

Two years ago, running on Joe Ganim’s primary line, Cruz ran ahead of Ganim who lost the district to incumbent Mayor Bill Finch. The district is an eclectic stew featuring the South End anchored by the University of Bridgeport and Seaside Park, the Downtown with a growing number of new voters moving into modern housing units. The district also runs west of Park Avenue to take in a portion working-class West End. It is home to the violence-plagued Marina Village and the cool Seaside Village hamlet. PSEG’s Bridgeport Harbor Station, also in the district, is expected to start construction this year on a $550 million gas-fired power plant.

The incumbents will be tested by two opponents unafraid to speak out. Cruz has been a vocal critic at recent City Council meetings. He’s not a fan of both district council members also serving on the Democratic Town Committee. “How about making room for regular neighborhood residents?” asks Cruz who has a scratchy relationship with District Leader Mitch Robles.

Rivera resides in Seaside Village, a key voting bloc to swing races. OIB has reached out to Rivera for comment, but Cruz says she’s on board to challenge the incumbents. Cesar Batalla School and City Hall are the voting precincts.

It looks like the city’s heading for a major season of Democratic primaries for City Council, school board and city sheriffs.

Office endorsements will take place in July followed by primaries in September.



  1. I met Jorge during the G2 campaign, my impression of him was he had passion, concern and worked hard. What I found refreshing was his ability to keep an open mind, and accept guidance when needed. Based on my short friendship with him, I would venture a guess that he will be successful in bringing his goals to fruition.

  2. I feel that Kate Rivera would be a very good City Council person, she’s a hard worker who is concern about Bridgeport and she a good neighbor and a good mother.

  3. Jorge Cruz was a City Council candidate that ended up on Row B with Ganim. He was out canvassing a few days then informed me he wanted to be paid. I said “you’re a candidate for City Council on Ganim’s slate and you expect to be paid???. That is illegal.”

    He wanted to be paid to knock on doors in his district to get elected to the City Council. He is also a member of Faith Acts for Education ($$$).

    There’s nothing else I need to know.

    1. Robert, what are you implying? I was not paid a dime to work on Ganim’s campaign nor any other campaign.

      Do NOT IN ANY WAY attempt to question my integrity.Got it?

      1. I not implying anything, I’m agreeing with you.

        “Robert, I have never been paid for my work on ANY campaign.”

        Maria, I would never question your integrity in advise and guiding others, your hard work or, knowledge,your Judgement Maybe. 🙂

        Yours and Curz’s hard work were instrumental in Ganim’s victory. 🙂

        1. Maria you said Cruz is member of Faith Acts for Education and

          “There’s nothing else I need to knows, to lose your support.

          When did being a member of Faith Acts for Education cross the line on your strong moral principles over a convicted felon who broke the public trust? I still like, Winning 🙂

  4. IF..IF..IF..Jorge Cruz is connected to Faith Acts For education…that is a make or break decision. If he is connected to Faith Acts, I cannot support Jorge Cruz.

  5. Jorge Cruz- Good luck!

    Whatever your connection to faith acts- You will make a fine candidate. I appreciate your activism and agree about the Trees being destroyed throughout the city. The people you help n a daily basis with your career choice is commendable. I am certain that Jack Banta and Denise -Taylor Moye will appreciate the debate.

  6. It’s amazing how some new interested folk wishing to run for city council @ times tend to always talk the talk but in time when reality sets in and the winners ego and understanding of being just pawns at times for their district leader & the Mayor end up “not” walking the political walk ! Ms. Taylor-Moyer has become a rubber stamper for the city admin. & has lost her way just to be able to get the district’s renomination every 2 yrs. Jack Banta who is much brighter than Moyer, has too much on his personal plate & also has seemed to just give up and has found it much easier to go with the political flow, Robles the district leader & the Mayors Admin. by simply rubber stamping most of the city admin. agendas in order to get the Dem. Party’s renomination every 2-yrs. I saw this Mr. Cruz on the news one time complaining about the city’s early spring, tree maintaining and trimming at Seaside Park. A tree that was diseased and dying that was cut down along with some others who were also trimmed! What I’am getting at is to know your facts first before trying to grand-stand in front of the media with B/S. Never assume to know information at hand without really knowing the facts ! Plus the 131st district is so misinformed concerning city politics all you have to be is Dem. and indorsed by the Dem. Party to win! Voters would vote for Bigfoot if he was running on the Dem. Party, no questions asked. Sad but true, when citizens of the 131st. District read the Bpt. Post, the first section they turn to is the crime section and who was shot or arrested. Then maybe the sports section or comics! Remember, the sweaky wheel gets the oil when districts speak out and are vocal and united like the 130th or the North-End Districts, not the 131st District. And it’s been this way for years, only a few are politically aware in what’s happening in their communities past, present and coming future! ***

    1. Mojo, on this one I have to agree with you. I have been saying this for a long time without giving any names. This is how the Democratic Town Committee controls its members by scaring members that they will be primary if they don’t toe the line. This control is use in most of the 10 districts.

      As for Jack Banta, I like him and I think that he could be a very councilman but Jack like all of the other council members from time to time need to be push to do what’s best for their district and the City and not what their district leader, the DTC chairman or the mayor and that is done by challenging them in a primary. If they do what’s best for their district and the City they will win in their primary.

  7. Back to the tree trimming, etc. the city needs to number these trees , location & reasons for trimming or cutting down all together so there’s documentation about the trees should interested parties ask or inquire about the city’s reasons. It really is not hard to do and keep track of! As for Jack, he needs a new council partner that’s not so gullible and believes everything the city admin. Puts in front of the council for a vote! Most council members are either stuck on auto-pilot & just warming a council seat or burnt out and could care less. And some are just on a power trip just doing their own thing and looking for publicity thinking their going to change the political world in Bpt. Let’s face it, the Bpt. BOE, the city council & all the city’s committees , boards & commissions are either expired, controlled by the Mayor or just plain useless, lazy & got no common sense! Now put that together with the city political nepotism, city districts where 80% of the residents don’t care to get involved but still complain about city schools & government. Then top the city life off with high taxes, crime, drugs, no jobs, police brutality and nothing for the youth to do in general but smoke weed & get in trouble in this depressing city.

  8. Bpt. Reminds me of the movie, “Ground-hog Day” ! Every day, it’s the same old shit ! Continuous Re-runs with the same results , glad I sold my over taxed house in the Bpt. Hood & moved out of the darkness & into the light for now! *** time will tell! no? ***

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