Councilman Cruz Angry That Legislative Peer Released Corona-related Information About Council Trip

City Councilman Jorge Cruz is pushing back (see video above) on an OIB story about two attendees at a recent National League of Cities conference in Washington DC testing positive for Coronavirus. A majority of City Council members attended the four-day event returning March 11.

North End councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia notfied OIB of the announcement from Clarence Anthony, CEO of the National League of Cities. The announcement to attendees was also placed on the NLC homepage. See here.

“I am glad I cancelled due to virus health situations and did not attend this Conference,” she wrote. Council members trained to DC on March 6.

Several council members such as Cruz and Ernie Newton say it was improper for Vizzo-Paniccia to share the information that was distributed by Clarence Anthony.

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From Cruz:

Of course there’s a need to be concerned, BUT PLEASE DON’T PANIC. Like one of our city council members did by divulging private information to the reporter Lennie Grimaldi of the OIB. She should be ASHAMED OF HERSELF for deliberate negligence and irresponsibility as well her unprofessional behavior. I received my email on Tuesday 3/17/20 in the afternoon and before I can reach out to my City council colleagues it was already printed. Yesterday, 3/18/20 we were notified from the NLC in Washington DC that the individuals AFFECTED are from Colorado. So let’s keep them and their families and friends in our prayers. Lastly this irresponsible City Councilwomen violated the HIPPA PRIVACY AND ETHICS LAWS. THE DAMN QUESTION IS WHY SHE DID WHAT SHE DID? SHE SHOULD RESIGN FROM THE CITY COUNCIL. SHE WAS TOO REACTIONARY AND NOT THINKING THE REPERCUSSIONS FOR OUR MEMBERS. LENNIE GRIMALDI I ASK YOU TO POST THIS VIDEO ON YOUR BLOG. THANK YOU

Statement from NLC website:

The National League of Cities learned today two attendees of the Congressional City Conference 2020 have tested positive for COVID-19. The individuals were active participants in the conference—attending general sessions and workshops.

The conference attendees are currently under the care of healthcare professionals, recovering at home and feeling better.

The health and safety of our conference guests is our top priority. While we are not able to officially determine how and when these individuals contracted the virus, nor are we permitted under privacy laws to disclose the names of individuals, we wanted to alert you immediately on the potential exposure risk. At this time, these are the only two known confirmed cases.

Through guidance provided by the DC Health department, if you are feeling sick, please stay at home. Contact your healthcare provider immediately to let them know you may have been exposed and need to be evaluated.

As we each navigate this unprecedented time in our country, we understand the additional anxiety this news may cause. We will continue to update you as we learn of any additional information on and through email. For frequently asked questions, please visit this page. If you have any immediate questions please feel free to contact



  1. Is Cruz an attorney or judge?
    How can re rule that North End councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia violated HIPAA (learn to spell it correctly) laws????

    She mentioned no patient by name and had access to no medical records and to the best of my know,edge is NOT a medical professional treating the 2 infected attendees from Colorado.

    She is a PUBLIC official who received a notice from an outside group and has the right to share it. It was not marked confidential.

    Every Bridgeport has the right to know which CC members attended the conference on our dime, it is the public’s right to know.

    She did not post that you or any other CC member has the virus, that would be actionable.

    How you handle your movements after receiving this knowledge is between you, your medical professional and the public health authorities. It is not my business,

    To the best of my knowledge I have never been within 6 feet of you and I shall be keeping social distance from all CC members, both those who went to Washington and tbhse who stayed home.

    1. Clarence Anthony is the one Jorge and Ernest should be pointing their fingers at–He sent the notice to at least 5 Bridgeport council members whom didn’t attend the gathering.

    2. John, The Mayor has and has had a nationally recognized, certified public and environmental health expert on his staff for many years. Thomas Gecewicz is a dedicated member of the Mayor’s staff who is available 24 hours a day to serve the City of Bridgeport. The Mayor is on point and does have qualified people working on this, he does not need to have Mr. Gecewicz or other health experts by his side for photo opportunities. I would trust my life to Thomas Gecewicz!

      1. May I guess that you were replying to me, JML, regarding my questions relative to City health expertise near the end of my 6 Question reply to Jorge Cruz?

        I assume that in some manner, we are all trusting our lives to members of the Health Department at this time, not just you, but how has the Mayor relied on the Health Department worker and what are his talents, training and professional experiences that gain him such esteem in your eyes, while perhaps being overlooked in the past couple episodes of Health Department appointments?

        And what are the testing protocols in place in Bridgeport for Coronavirus testing and what are the daily results? Seems like these are not private info, but more like Channel 12 or CT Post telling about weather expectations for the next week.

        Since you chose to question me about the absence of folks from recent City videos, you probably could have best shut my question down by saying that Ganim is practicing “social distancing”? In this case you point out that Mayor Ganim is practicing “professional distancing”, however.

        Does your friend Tom have a comment about the period of healing necessary for a person who contracts C-19, is hospitalized and survives. Where are the comments about lung fybrosis that compromises respiration? Where are comments from the Mayor indicating his success in getting adequate tests for people locally when the availability has been the major roadblock? Why is their secrecy on so important an element in the protocols, especially since it is this protocol which seems to have worked in Korea as a possible “one and done” methodology by temperature taking, etc. rather than the China model where rolling recurrence is likely possible.

        Betting your life on Mayor Ganim’s appointments to positions in City governance is your wager. But let all of us see how your confidence is supported by his performance in the current scene, please. Open? Accountable?Transparent? Honest? Time will tell.

      2. Joe McLaine,
        Thank you for explaining your regard for Thomas Gecewicz and his special expertise. Other info from NOOIB (Not On Only in Bridgeport) informs me that some years ago Mr. Gecewicz formally and formerly held the position of Bridgeport Health Director under Mayor Fabrizi. Mayor Finch chose anew and Ganim did also, But while Ganim2 continued with women holding down the department directorship, he also brought back Thomas Gecewicz who maybe serving in Public Facilities Department. What title and tasks does he perform for this department that make his special skills available to taxpayers at a time like this? Time will tell.

    3. Hey Marshall. MM, or should I say Mucho Maricon? No I’m not a lawyer you jack ass, I’m a proud Puerto Rican and you’re one of the old birds sitting on a tree branch along with your other skunks smelling each others stinking ass. Tu como los otros PENDEJOS amigos tuyo en en esta pagina see deben bochornar por ser unos susios que le apestan la vida se me pueden cada Uno irse para el CARAJO pendejos. Mira Mucho Maricon, if your stinking ass wants to sit down with me to talk about what I learned in Washington DC let me know. But first you stinking ass SCUMBAG you must first prove to me what in your sorry ass life have you done for the people of BRIDGEPORT CT. And if you and your Crows don’t like what and how I’m talking, then do yourselves a big favor, copy and paste my comments here on paper, rip it up to pieces split it among your sorry skunk ass kissing, and wipe your stinking FUCKEN dirty asses. I would guarantee that after you wipe your stinking FUCKEN dirty ass with it you will be smelling like a human being. Lol 😎 WEEPA 😎 WEEPA CARAJO 😎 😎. PENDEJOS

  2. Jorge,
    Thank you for your efforts to clear the record of what happened in DC or as a result of travel there to attend a conference on urban matters and issues along with about 2/3 of other City Council members.
    1) Was the letter from Clarence Anthony of the NLC sent to each individual personally or was it a general notice made available to all attendees (and perhaps their organizations) in an attempt to provide a general warning of potential outcomes that might be monitored in the following couple weeks? If it were a general notice providing info about the presence of pandemic virus in the group attending, it likely might be praised, rather than finding it in conflict with HIPPA regulations and anyone’s personal privacy.
    2) Was the headline potentially misleading by connecting one fact that “two attendees at the NLC meeting tested positive” for Coronavid 19 with another fact that about 14 Bridgeport City Council members had been present?? Did OIB readers assume that the two members with positive test results were from the Bridgeport delegation?
    3) Is it possible that one or more CC members (otherwise free of symptoms but nevertheless just as edgy as the general public) thought such a reference held merit for them and went to local testing sites to request testing, but failed to meet the specific requirements, and were denied?
    4) Instead of their concern for the privacy issue being invaded, and likely was not, this was an opportunity for these “representatives of the people” to share with the broader public what they heard in DC (of any importance) and the status of the testing site locally….are there adequate personnel, safety garb and equipment for those professionals and the folks who are sick enough to qualify for admission?
    5) How many tests are being run daily from all sources in Bridgeport? Is there enough testing done to allay fear and anxiety about the extent of the threat?
    6) Does the CIty of Bridgeport have a person in command of Health Department with an appropriate degree, certification and experience? Why is that individual not a part of the usual group of City backers when Mayor Ganim speaks on camera?

    There is more that I can say at this time. But let the above gain a response. City Council members are part of our governance structure to serve all the people, rather than provide advantage solely to themselves when times are challenged. We have read the concerned words of two CC members. What actions do they advocate? What further info do they seek? Time will tell.

    1. @JML
      You can read the press release on the NLC website
      NOT private or confidential correspondence.

      Cruz’s declaration that the Council Member VIOLATED the law is libelous and actionable. He did not ask if she violated or state ‘in my opinion she may have violated….’

  3. Way to go Amy Marie!!!
    You did a public device by revealing this letter nothing else.
    This isn’t Las Vegas. What happen here stays here. I guess Cruz doesn’t want use to know actually goes on at these conferences.

  4. Oops. Public service not device.
    I must be suffering from Coronavirus based on Joel’s assessment. I have to abstain from posting on OIB for fourteen days.

  5. I want to thank you Jorge for sharing your personal story and also AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia by both informing the public about information concerning this health issue. Jorge, there’s another bigger issue at hand and that has to do with the possibility of those who have been in the area of someone who has the Coronavirus that council members could help spread the Coronavirus even though the council members feel good. We all pray that you and the others are ok. Jorge, you are giving the public step by step of the proper way to respond by doing social distancing and sheltering in place. We all need to act like we have Coronavirus and to do social distancing and sheltering in place according to the health experts and the CDC.

    1. I do not agree with Jorge Cruz about Vizzo-Paniccia but I’m looking forward to all of those who did attend the conference for their individual report which should be posted on the City’s website and also here on Only In Bridgeport and other media outlets so that the voting public can see how our tax dollars are being use to benefit us all.

  6. I agree with Marshall Marcus’ initial comments.
    I would go a bit further and say that Cruz’s remarks were asinine.
    This is the kind of people on the city council now.

    Has council member Cruz provided his report of his activities at the NLC conference and examples of relevant information that will help in in role?

  7. Jorge, you and every city council member that went to this DC meeting are the ones who should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! You knew, or should have known that being in large crowds could/would have put you in danger for exposure to the coronavirus. It was on every news outlet in America, every day and every hour of every day and they told anyone that would listen that large crowd was the most risky behavior.

    Jorge, you and others thought a week in DC was more important than the safety of yourself, your families and the public by exposing yourselves to that possibility. Everyone one of you that returned from DC that went to a store, a restaurant, to work or around any other person you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting innocent people in the line of fire! Risky behavior demonstrates a lack of judgement especially when doctors and experts told everyone that large crowds is the greatest behavior that would almost guarantee spreading the coronavirus and yet, YOU DID!

  8. The council woman (A.V.P.) stated that she got a memo that 2 people tested positive & due to the coronavirus out-break she would not be attending the D.C conference; Is that the entire bit of info she revealed? If so, whats all the fuss about & what did she do wrong? Where are they getting these city council people from that seem to lack any commend sense & bring up issues that they clearly have no knowledge about, let alone “some” being the admin’s. council rubber-stampers! ***JUST SAYING***

  9. To everyone who’s talking about my colleagues and myself. Amy Marie was wrong because the information was sent to her. Why I don’t know because she didn’t attend the NLC Conference. Amy Marie Should have gotten all the information first. 1.did Any council member attend any Workshops these 2individuals gave. I’m happy to say No member of our city council attended Rhodes workshops. Amy Marie took a page from other council person who I will not mention. I’ll say this every one who attended is doing well. We have 4 more days to go. It’s so sad that people are my concern with bullshit then looking at all the facts before running your f mouth 👄 We are my concern about the wrong things Bob Walsh Tom White etc. Just don’t plan my funeral yet. Every member is doing fine

  10. Hard to take Jorge seriously,wasn’t he the one who thought he was going to New York in Ernie’s video??…..Thank you Amy Vizzo Panicia,Jorge just doesn’t get what is going on in the world I guess…no shock..

  11. Don, people were in discussions about should they go to church at the same time that City Council members were getting ready to go to D.C. I was talking about should I go to church because of the spreading of Coronavirus, I was feeling good but I could have picked up and pass it on to someone in church because we sit together inside of six feet or someone gives me a hug and that person might spread the virus to me. Don those council members were doing social networking and they were a lot of the time within six feet of people and you know that there was a lot of hand shaking and hugs.

  12. Amy,we know you read this page a few times a day, log in and give your side of story, don’t let Ernie and clueless George off this easily…

  13. Councilman Cruz clearly has his head up his ass — or maybe Donald Trump’s ass… PANDEMIC information about deadly, communicable diseases is not legally protected — except to knowingly expose someone to such, and not report, which creates all kind of liability… Like keeping AIDS exposure secret in certain contexts (albeit a different disease with much more specific communicability characteristics…).

    Do everybody a favor a favor, and resign, Councilman Cruz. You obviously don’t have the required discretion and sense of responsibility for your position…

    Thanks for appropriately hoisting the Red Flag, Amy-Marie!…

    1. Well well I can see that the
      Mama bishos lose from their bat cave. Listen here you skunk ass kissing buffoons that gets a kick on ATTACKING POLITICIANS. I know that I have a target on my back by responding to you skunk ass kissing pendejos. Regarding the trip DC, canto maricon, I asked Lennie to Post my response because the ignorant estupida Councilwoman received an email from DC stating that two participants were AFFECTED with the Coronavirus. Keep in mind chicken shits that she didn’t go because of her own reasons, she never said to anyone of us that she was staying home due to the Coronavirus. Chill the fluck out you drunkards mama bishos. Yeah we can debate the HIPPA PRIVACY LAW until you get released from your effects from kissing the asses of a skunk as well each other. You guys remind me of some dudes sitting in a circle plugging your fingers up each others ASS then licking to get a buzz. I respect People ok, but I don’t like being disrespected by some farts as you either. You no good cabrones likes to do all of typing from the confort of your home with your stinking fingers and Rusty ass toes. The bottom line is that she was wrong pendejos, I didn’t get my email until the afternoon and she should’ve contacted the council president so we can make sure we all received it and work with the NLC in Washington DC until we gotten all of the facts then together we would’ve put out a statement to the public. She jumped the flucking gun. PERIOD 😎 😎 and you baffling idiots are doing the same. And lastly you Dum ASS maricones I would love to sit down and talk about one on one with each one of you skunk ass kissing low life mama bishos. You can get my number on the City website by using your stinking fingers. Vayansen para el CARAJO 😎 😎 pendejos.

      1. Jorge, let me ask you the same question that I did Ernie Newton, “Ernie, let me ask you a question, let’s reverse you with councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, now what would you have done?”

      2. Wow, those are some words by a professional elected official. What a joke! You’re a politician, you’re a target of society, if you can’t handle it, go back to speaking to your normal day life. I’m embarrassed that I have elected officials who display themselves in this manner even if it’s on an online forum. This is why Bridgeport will never be Westport or Fairfield, because of the ignorance and arrogance elected officials like this display when they get poked a bit. Disgusting, if anyone should resign it should be Cruz. Speaking of kissing ass, how is Ganim’ tasting today?

  14. As someone who spent 17 years on the City Council I find your response disrespectful, demeaning and totally unprofessional. If Addie is reading this post I would expect or have someone contact her and tell to read you the riot act.
    Otherwise I look forward to working against you in your reelection efforts.

  15. Jorge, you come into this forum with righteous indignation because you and other ignorant ass council members were stupid enough to go to DC to a convention around hundreds of other people after every need outlet in the world said to stay way from LARGE CROWDS! You have the temerity, no the unmitigated gaul to be angry because of a public service announcement to the public that people came back with the coronavirus!

    Have you once considered how many people you put into harms way because of a FREE WEEK in DC was more important than the lives or your family, friends and residents of Bridgeport. Does your ignorant ass realize that you or one of the other city council members who took the chance of exposure, that you could have the coronavirus and be asymptomatic, with no symptoms and never get sick yet you would have the coronavirus and just be a spreader of the virus? You and those other city council people going to DC was the height of irresponsibility and bordered on irrationally. For a free week you and those other city council members that went to DC threw good judgement, responsibility, selflessness and empathy for your community into the toilet of life. How many people have you exposed or do you even know if you have the coronavirus and are asymptomatic and will you ever know how many people you infected or worse killed because you wanted a FREE WEEK IN DC. The next time your punk ass enter this forum comport yourself like a gentleman even if you’re not.

  16. You and every canto de maricon can go to el CARAJO pendejos. Like I said if you’re willing to sit down and talk with me in person let me know and talk on Facebook live you stinking ass skunks. It won’t matter what I say to you Dum ass fucks here because you skunk ass kissing buffoons got all the time on your stinking fingers. Let me know when each of you sorry ass bitches would like to meet. I’m against violence but I’m not against meeting with tremendous ignorant ass kissing buffoons. DUM fucks. If you see me talk to me in person chorro de pendejos. Vallansen para el CARAJO pendejos. 😎 WEEPA 😎 WEEPA CARAJO 😎 😎


  18. Don, I’m missing something here, did you and Jorge have a private conversation on Facebook or on the phone because I don’t know what the hell Jorge is talking about. It’s obvious that he doesn’t understand what you said or what I said about spreading the Coronavirus and he doesn’t believe in science and history or understand it. There’s a possibility that all of those council members who travel to D.C. could be spreaders.

    Jorge, let me ask you the same question that I did Ernie Newton, “Ernie, let me ask you a question, let’s reverse you with councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, now what would you have done?”

  19. Mackey, like you I don’t understand that level of vitriol especially coming from an elected offical and a member of the Bridgeport City Council. I think he feels that his street vernacular somehow makes him a big man who instills fear in mere mortals. What it does is makes him look foolish and uninformed and I’m sure that his constituents as well his contemporaries on the City Council are embarrassed and ashamed at his diatribe of ugliness. I would suggest that in the future Jorge acts like he has CLASS, even if he don’t!

    1. Don, was his that level of vitriol suppose to scare us because he got the wrong two men. I had said earlier that I had agreed with the steps that he took once he heard the news but I don’t agree with him and Ernie about councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia and her action and that’s why I asked both Jorge and Ernie a question that both of them won’t answer

  20. Taxpayers of Bpt,just think,Clueless Jorge has a vote on issues that may affect us daily….After reading his disgusting,profanity filled diatribe,it makes me convinced Bpt will never go forward,we just have too many “leaders” that effectively work to hold us back…And that’s the truth..

  21. Hey Bob walshy walchie, I see you can’t handle this Puerto Rican way of expressing myself. Lol 😎WEEPA. I will be happy to the Elections against your sorry self. And be ready to debate me in front of my Puerto Rican CONSTITUENTS. Better start the SLL classes, SPANISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE RAPIDO 😎. By the way Mr Walshy walchie in the years you was on the council what exactly did you do for the Hispanic People here in the Southend? I know what you did…NADA 😎😎

    1. As a Puerto Rican, Senior OIB blogger, and former City Council member of the 131st. District. You have peaked on your level of nastiness. Since the first day the political bug bit your culo, you have been on that Vitriologue Expressway. I remember as far back as 2015 you constantly going on Facebook attacking elected officials in the only manner you seem to know. You haven’t grown one bit and it’s obvious that the perceived power as a member of the City Council has gone to your head. I can assure you that Bob Walsh and Lisa Parziale were the two most friendly allies the 131st had. In fact, when other Puerto Ricans on the Council were too scare to support us Bob and Lisa saved the day.

  22. Jorge Cruz managed to open a filthy mouth in two languages to those who posted on this blog.
    BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>he NEVER answered the questions I posed in the first comment.

    He is NOT an attorney or judge. He cannot find that Hipaa Laws were violated, in fact they were not.
    He consistently refers to them as HIPPA Laws…NO SUCH THING.

    Vulgarity, obscenity, and name calling are not appropriate responses from from an elected official. Cruz owes the residents and taxpayers of Bridgeport an apology for his posts.

    In the old days a mother would have washed out his mouth with CN and Clorox, But in these days of the Virus I would not waste one ounce of bleach on him.

  23. Wow, all that un-needed blog anger over a blog disagreement on a D.C. junket? And from a city council person, someone whom is suppose to be able to handle criticism on do’s & don’ts in the political arena or out. Sitting in a political seat in Bpt; one has to develope a thick skin on many subjects & or personal blogs, actions & reactions if one wants to be taken seriously as a political leader & representatives of a city district. You can do better; also sometimes silence can be golden! ***JUST SAYING***

  24. I have a question for Bridgeport City Council President Aidee Nieves, do you think that council member Jorge Cruz’s vulgarity, obscenity, and name calling on OIB are appropriate and representative of the City Council and of you as the President of Bridgeport City Council President?

      1. City Council President Aidee Nieves is the first person in line to become the mayor of Bridgeport if there from some reason if Mayor Ganim left office before his term is up so now is the time for Council President Nieves to show leadership but as JML would say, “time will tell.”

  25. Jorge Cruz exemplifies what the DTC provides to represent the people of Bridgeport.
    He uses ghetto spanglish and vulgarity. Shameful.
    I had to look up this one:
    Maricon – Urban › define › term=Maricon
    Latino English and Spanglish 1) Derogatory term; crude word for a gay man used by straight men and women to insult gay men or to question the masculinity of …
    Missing: canto ‎| Must include: canto

  26. Just some cliffnotes of the Councilman’s post..
    1.He called fellow council woman,Amy Vizzo Paniccia a ..” ignorant estupida(stupid) Councilwoman”
    2.He said this about some posters here..”You guys remind me of some dudes sitting in a circle plugging your fingers up each others ASS then licking to get a buzz……This is so vile,makes you wonder if Jorge has some anger issues that maybe should be examined.What happens if he should get angry during a CC meeting?..I don’t think he’s stable personally..
    3.And lastly you Dum ASS maricones .(A loose translation “you dumb gays”)
    Luckily for Amy,there won’t be any council meetings for awhile,no telling what Jorge would do in a fit of rage if he saw her..Watch yourself Amy,I wouldn’t trust this guy

  27. This ASS says that his “Puerto Rican way of expesssing” himself is not understood.
    Well let me tell you something Mr. Cruz, having been part of a large Puerto Rican family on my wife’s side, owning a home near Caguas, spending more than half my life in and around the P.R. Community both here and in the Bronx, I can assure you that how YOU “express” yourself IS NOT the way any educated or just normal Puerto Rican would do so!!!!
    You have just proved yourself to be a low life jerk who has just done absolutely nothing for your heritage or your constituents who would be appalled at your diatribes posted here. Many of us here on OIB do not agree with one way another and yes sometimes we may call each other a name or two in a disrespectful manner but your comments clearly show that you are no better then a common ill bred street thug who should be avoided at all costs. Then again, someone like yourself who got elected to Bridgeport’s government is just another clear example of why the city gets no where.
    I hope your proud of yourself, and no worries you will never be chosen as the grand Marshall of the P.R. Day parade.

  28. did Michelle Lyons go to this conference? was she possibly exposed to covid-19? then why is she doing grocery shopping for shut-ins and the elderly?

    Not enough is known about this virus, including whether you can be asymptomatic and STILL spread the virus. those of you who went to the conference should quarantine yourselves for 2 weeks, for the health and safety of YOUR families and constituents. AmyMarie was within her rights to post that someone with covid-19 was at the conference. did she name names? did she point identify anyone from the city council as being infected with the virus?

  29. Hey Donald Daylie Drunkard😎 I’d rather talk in person with you and each of the buffoons attacking my response. I will call our back and forth disagreements here as THE BATTLE OF TWO DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. TWO DIFFERENT LIFE EXPERIENCES. Im open to meet with anyone of you skunks to tell you what I learned in Washington DC, but I won’t give anyone of you skunks the satisfaction unless you show me on paper what have you done. Oh.. and I want to have our meeting on Facebook live. Let me know when you grow a pair to meet up, lol 😎WEEPA ESTUPIDO PENDEJOS 😎 And for Rich A look up my Numero. All of you are SUCKERS

    1. We don’t need to know what you learned in DC we already know that you probably didn’t learn anything that YOU could apply to help Bridgeport. And what I can already see is that what you didn’t learn is what you must have missed in your formative years. Your parents must’ve been very proud of you.
      So now you can go back to your Paulo Viejo and enjoy the rest of your morning. Salud!!!

  30. Local Eyes I’m talking to everyone here who is trying to degrade my response. And for lisawhite, NONE of us knew or heard from Washington DC that someone was infected. AmyMarie didn’t know someone was infected either before we decided to go, otherwise I’m sure that all of the council members would’ve make the right decision to stay. We did NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION. And though it was a press release from Washington DC, AmyMarie should’ve been more responsible by making sure each council members received it before she send it to OIB. You must keep in mind that this pandemic is causing a lot of people Fear, anxieties and uncertainty. Again none of us had any knowledge, we arrived back to BRIDGEPORT CT on March 11th, and received the email on March 17th that some participants were infected. AmyMarie didn’t give our Council president the opportunity to contact the NLC in Washington DC to get further information of the facts. AmyMarie didn’t give us the opportunity to go public after we received more details. So yes she jumped the gun on this one. And By the way she chose to stay home which is her right. Many people are AFRAID out here and the last thing anyone of us that attended is to be looked at as being irresponsible. Council members lives were jeopardized by her actions.

  31. Jorge, you’re a CLOWN and if I wanted to talk to a CLOWN I would go to the circus. You were irresponsible for going to DC during a time when the CDC declared that people shouldn’t gather in Large Crowds for fear of spreading the Coronavirus. The public at large has a right to know that you could have been infected to protect itself from you and your irresponsible ass. You say you didn’t know that people at the conference were infected, yet the CDC told your ignorant ass not to be around Large Groups of People and you ignored that warning because a FREE WEEK in DC was more important that the welfare of your family, your friends and the residents of Bridgeport.

    You’re an embarrassment to the good people of Bridgeport as well to the City Council with which you serve. It makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with the people of your district that they would settle for mediocrity rather than a person with a modicum of decency! Mackey, I know you didn’t vote for this clown? AmyMarie, thank you for caring about the city that you represent and the city that you love. Thank you for caring about the residents of Bridgeport and those of Connecticut because you could have been like that self-serving, what’s in it for me CLOWN Jorge.


      1. That sound was not the microphone being dropped. It was the pint of palo viejo dark that must have slipped out if your pocket and broke in the floor. And by the way whorehay, oh I mean Jorge, I got your “numero’ and it’s loud and clear. But don’t worry because in the future you might be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. When you need another pint you can first go to the pizza place and after you get done licking Mario’s culo you can go across the street and buy another pint of rum, at a discount, from your fellow councilman, right Mike? But for now you seriously need to crawl back under that rock from where you came.
        Hey bartender: no tip for you or him!

  32. Jorge Cruz, I am the ONLY person on OIB who has said something positive about your video, this is what I said,

    Ron Mackey says:
    March 19, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    I want to thank you Jorge for sharing your personal story and also AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia by both informing the public about information concerning this health issue. Jorge, there’s another bigger issue at hand and that has to do with the possibility of those who have been in the area of someone who has the Coronavirus that council members could help spread the Coronavirus even though the council members feel good. We all pray that you and the others are ok. Jorge, you are giving the public step by step of the proper way to respond by doing social distancing and sheltering in place. We all need to act like we have Coronavirus and to do social distancing and sheltering in place according to the health experts and the CDC.

    Jorge, I believed that but you had perform a public service by sharing experience but I also believe that AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia perform a public service because America is dealing with a health epidemic. Jorge, you are now you are a embarrassment to the 131st district, to Council President Nieves and to the entire City Council members. Jorge there’s nothing wrong with you not agreeing with what AmyMarie did and with you replying back to those on OIB but decided that you wanted to take it to the street and you selling wolf tickets to those who don’t agree with you. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.

    Jorge, you question Bob Walsh by asking what he did “on the council what exactly did you do for the Hispanic People here in the Southend?” Jorge, what have you done for the Hispanic People in the South End? Don Day is a retire Fire Captain and I’m a retire Fire Lieutenant and just like all firefighters when someone calls 911 we answer their call within 5 minutes and when we walk through their door we don’t know what danger we are walking into, we are putting our health and life on the line every time, so Jorge tell us about the danger that you have encounter in serving the Hispanic People in the South End? Jorge, how many people have you assisted in getting a good career to feed and to take care of their family in the South End? You haven’t done shit, the only thing that you have done is run your mouth.

  33. Who the hell are you kidding. That wasn’t the microphone that we heard drop that was your pint of Palo Viejo. And if you are done on this blog for right now it’s because I reminded you that you had one. It probably still has a bit left in it but I’m sure you have another half pint in your back pocket. If not, you know that in Connecticut one of the things that are not closed are liquor stores. They probably did that for people like you. Mr. Cruz: in the future should you need a refill you will be able to go to your fellow councilman’s liquor store across the street from the pizza place. It will be very convenient for you because you would not have to make two stops. You can kill two birds with one stone. After you get done kissing Mario’s ass you can walk across the street and get your half pint at a discount from your fellow council member at Vitros package store.
    And bartender: no tip for you!!!

  34. As a Puerto Rican, Senior OIB blogger, and former City Council member of the 131st. District. You have peaked on your level of nastiness. Since the first day the political bug bit your culo, you have been on that Vitriologue Expressway. I remember as far back as 2015 you constantly going on Facebook attacking elected officials in the only manner you seem to know. You haven’t grown one bit and it’s obvious that the perceived power as a member of the City Council has gone to your head. I can assure you that Bob Walsh and Lisa Parziale were the two most friendly allies the 131st had. In fact, when other Puerto Ricans on the Council were too scare to support us Bob and Lisa saved the day.

  35. Thank you for your kind words. Lisa and I tried never to see the color of ones skin as a factor in decision making. I can say early on I worked with Tito Ayala, Andres Ayala, your council partners Alberto Nigeron and Andy Ayala as well as African Americans who were members of the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus.
    What Councilman Cruz does not know was that I was born and raised in the 131st District. 30 Black Rock Ave and spent many days hanging out in Seaside and Marina Village.
    Although Park City Hospital bought our house and we moved north I have always kept a warm place in my heart for the South End.
    And although I know Lisa Parziale can speak for herself, as Council President she was always trying to balance the needs of each and every district and neighborhood. It was her way of keeping a united City Council by seeing as best she could that when all areas are represented then the city can prosper.

  36. Jorge, after all my posts on this subject all you came away with that we are, “SELF- DIGNIFIED SCUMS.” Our posts aren’t about being SELF- DIGNIFIED SCUMS, it’s about you giving this Pandemic the respect that it deserves. We were merely trying to get you to see the error of your judgement with respect to going to DC for a free week and how your actions jeopardized the life of people in Bridgeport! We we’re trying to get you to see that as a representative of the City of Bridgeport you need to comport yourself in a manner that doesn’t cast you and Bridgeport in a negative light! We were trying to get you to see that those you try to excoriate are people that demand the respect for their years of tireless service to ALL the residents of Bridgeport and to city government! People that were in the battle to make Bridgeport a better place to live, to work and to raise a family when you were, well whatever you were doing!

    I think everyone on this forum offered constructive criticism to you and you took it like the street thug that you portrayed yourself to be, and that’s a damn shame! My hope is that you can take what was said here, especially what Joel said to you and use it as a growth tool to serve you in life and as a city councilman. Odabo.

    1. No worries Don. Soon Jorge will no longer be blogging on OIB .
      Mario will give him the same advice as he’s given many including his bartender, which is: “stay off that shit.”
      So Jorge, enjoy the Palo or Bacardi.

      1. Don’t forget “the ticket master,” little Stevie A. who was taken to woodshed after Judge Carmen Lopez kicked little Stevie’s ass in his ticket court take caused little Stevie A. to be band from OIB.

        1. Hey little Ronnie Mackey- The term is Banned- not band and I have been neither. It is good to see the same losers repeating the same crap over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. See you boys on the campaign trail doing what you do best. Nothing.

          To everyone else , I wish everyone good health , stay safe- social distancing is the way to go. It is quite unfortunate that while we condemn students on the beach for their Spring break- Idiots in Bridgeport are shopping shoulder to shoulder In Price Rite- Stop and Shop and Shop- Rite. Driving around today I was shocked. I have never seen the parking lots so packed.

          Everyone – spread the word, Very important for the City of Bridgeport- FILL OUT YOUR your Census Forms. Please let your neighbors Know. I realize most posters on the blog do NOT LIVE in Bridgeport. But instead of wasting your time – share this with your friends. People have received in the mail the Census Forms but with all of the uncertainty in the world today. The forms have been forgotten. Some of our friends are posting Bernie Sander posts 50 times a day and insist they care about this city. with hash tags No Biden- even suggesting write- ins for Sanders– Well- that is a vote for Trump. There will definitely be many changes in November. Lets hope the biggest Change is getting rid of this President. Just sharing.
          Wishing everyone well. For those supporting President Trump- and I know many – I respect your opinion and choice. I don’t understand it but totally respect it. I never understood those supporting Bernie I don’t get it but I respect it. The time now is for all Democrats to come together. If not- we get what we get. It’s life.

          1. Band | Definition of Band by Merriam-Webster
            Definition of band (Entry 1 of 3)
            1 : something that confines or constricts while allowing a degree of movement

            As everybody can see how the dog leash that Mario has on Little Stevie A. by the time that he made his post, Steven Auerbach says: March 21, 2020 at 11:43 pm. Little Stevie is doing his warm and fuzzy public announcement because he has been defang and now little Stevie comments are milquetoast, Stevie’s silence is deafening. FREE Little Stevie A., FREE Little Stevie A., come back Stevie.

          2. Still a sad pathetic blogger little Ronnie- No need to free me. I’LL write again in a few months whie on the campaign trail. Chances on little Ronnie – you will be crying about the same thing . people like yourself contribute nothing but clearly think what you have to say has any value to anyone but a small group on=f non- Bridgeporter’s. Boo hoo. I would like to Thank you for always mentioning me in the company of our Mayor and our Town Committee leader Joe and Mario. @ of the most powrfu positions in the city. Thank you for elevating me. Next you will elevate me to Wanda Geter the Co Chair of the Town Committee and when we start campaigning you will be quiet because you are afraid of Wanda. As well you should be..hahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahaahahhahahaha At last we both know the truth. She also supported Anthony Musto- imagine that. You are afraid and thats your business. Little Ronnie – Boo Hoo! hoo .

            BTW on the subject of campaigning- Let me agree with Bob Walsh, another usual adversry of mine. I always give credit where credit is due. The only way to win an election is knocking on doors. Not sitting on your ss not making phone calls and not thinking that is the way. Like Walsh- Periera , Ganim , Geter and Auerbach we know walking for miles in the rain and heat and knocking on doors is the ONLY way to win an election. As Bob Walsh says- If you are not willing to commit to this mentality – you are wasting your time. My candidates may not always win though I have 20 wins in the past few years, At least I m out there engaging with residents in nearly every district in the city of Bridgeport. Then there are those that sit back and believe their redundant commentaries on a blog is getting a message out to anyone that cares.
            So Little Ronnie, if you think that Little Stevie the Star of the Blog is at all caring about what you have to say- He is not. As you see I have not been Banned or Band and unlike the old days when you actually felt like a second class citizen on the DTC. I have never experienced that. We in the 134th don’t wait for elections we communicate regularly. So be well little Ronnie. I have no ill feelings of you and I respect whomever you choose to support as a candidate. I am supporting a strong young Black man , from what I understand, so is Anthony Musto. From what I understand he has a strong following in Trumbull . From what I understand he has continually been elected to office in Trumbull. You need not reply little Ronnie Mackey because I will not be responding. Lets chat for a few in May or June Probably more like August. Stay safe sir. I do so look forward to your negative condescending comments in say 16 weeks.

            Since I mentioned my friend Wanda;s name. I have already congratulated her on being co-chair. But what everyone on this blog may not know is that Wanda Geter Pataky has been receiving accolades across the community and across the State. I look forward to working on at least 5 campaigns with her and many others on our town committee. Hopefully the corona virus will be history before the PT Reunion. That is always fun time with a gear community. I know Wanda will be working very hard to make sure it is a success. See lttle Ronnie. Little Stevie and Little Ronnie have only one thing in common . Our love and respect for Wanda Geter Pataky. Thats a start 🙂

            Everyone stay safe and have a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter. Wishing everyone good health. For those on my Facebook page which is mostly everyone- You know whats happening! Be well .

  37. I know that I came on this BLOG pretty much upset of what transpired, and inspite of my words of choice I want to say that I don’t wish anyone any harm. So please be safe and PROTECT your family out here. May God bless you and your family. PEACE to each of you.

    1. I told him!
      All it took was a little bit more Bacardi!
      See how a little more alcohol works for some people! Thats why the mandatory closings in every state did NOT include liquor stores.

  38. Harvey, I asked Mackey the same thing yesterday, Who Wrote That For Him! It doesn’t matter that it’s in OIB if in fact he doesn’t believe that which was written for him!

    1. Of course Jorge Cruz didn’t think of putting those group of words together because it’s not in him because he wants everybody to think that he’s a true hardcore street guy who doesn’t take no shit and he thinks that scares somebody.
      Don, we can thank Joel Gonzalez for his post about Jorge Cruz that put the spotlight on the issue when Joel wrote,
      “I remember as far back as 2015 you constantly going on Facebook attacking elected officials in the only manner you seem to know. You haven’t grown one bit and it’s obvious that the perceived power as a member of the City Council has gone to your head. I can assure you that Bob Walsh and Lisa Parziale were the two most friendly allies the 131st had. In fact, when other Puerto Ricans on the Council were too scare to support us Bob and Lisa saved the day.”

      1. C’mon Ron you know you’re scared!!! I myself am so terrified I’m having flashbacks of when I got mugged for my bus pass and the fifty cents I had on me at 167th st. off of the Grand Concourse. (College ave) to be exact!!
        When I was like……..12.

        1. That’s funny because I had the same experience when I was 11 when two older boys stole my bag of candy on Holloween night when we were living in the old PT Barnum Apartment where there were 21 buildings.

  39. YOU guys are really funny 😎 for your information not Mitch or Aidee has spoken to me about my posting here. Because they don’t need to. Period. It was me and only me who chose to close the day out by wishing you all the best in these trying times. I myself DECIDED to make the last comment. Don’t get it twisted. However because I had Joel Gonzalez phone number I spoke with him this morning 3/22/20. I called him because I had his number and we had a decent conversation and laughter, if I had EACH and everyone of your phone number I would’ve been happy to call you too believe me I would. As I’ve said I allowed my passion to get the best of me. I’m not a thug and I’m not a punk either, I’m human. So if anyone of you desire to speak with me in person which I’m definitely sure you won’t please get back to me. My phone number is on the city website. In the meantime Stay Safe out there. PS GOD IS GOOD.

  40. Very well said Jorge, I’m glad you talked to Joel who I don’t always agree with, but someone who I respects as a man. Most of us that posts in this forum wants the best for Bridgeport and we may not agree on the way to that best, I may want to go A B C and someone else wants to go X Y Z, but either trip ends with what’s best for Bridgeport. My father always told me you quit being your best when you quit learning.

  41. Ok Jorge. In golf when a couple of guys might be playing for a bit of cash and both their putts can obviously be easily made, one might ask the other: “good good?” If all agree they both pick up without making each other make the putt and move to the next hole. So Jorge: good good..
    SALUD and cheers!!


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