Council President Nieves: Zero Tolerance For Racism

City Council President Aidee Nieves shares this statement following reassignment of a police captain for allegations he wrote racist texts.

I am appalled and shocked by the allegations that Captain Straubel engaged in derogatory commentary about fellow police officers. If any of these allegations are true, Captain Straubel really has no choice but to resign.

No one who has those types of feelings or expresses them belongs in a police uniform. It puts other law enforcement officers and the community they police at great risk. This is particularly troubling, especially at a time when we have all been working so hard to build trust between the community and the Bridgeport Police Department.

I support Chief Perez’s decision to place Captain Straubel on administrative status pending the outcome of this investigation.

The City Council will work to ensure that the investigatory process is complete, thorough and transparent. Our community has zero tolerance for racism.



    1. You got that right, hell look how long it took Chief Perez to take action. The fish is rotten and smells from the head and Perez is a part of the failure along with the want-a-be governor.

  1. *** Personally I feel that Chief Perez is entitled to a pardon from “45”, should evidence prove that he knew of past racial events by this Capt. & just over-looked it as in-house P.D humor. I’am sure most Trump voters & supporters would agree, no? ***

    1. Agree with Tom White. What Nieves say about the letter sent to councilwoman Jackson by the City Attorney? Why is this different?
      She is speaking on a Police matter that is still in investigation. The city council does not have much of authority over these types of matters. It’s up to OIA, Labor Relations, The Police Commission, and the Police Chief to decide what his punishment will be.

      Here’s an idea for City Council President Aidee Nieves really make herself useful to the Bridgeport Police Department. Too many members of the Police Department are not receiving their overtime pay for far too long. In fact some claim that they haven’t been paid for OT from the last fiscal year. So when they do get paid (hopefully very soon) the city would be paying with this fiscal year fund for work performed during the prior fiscal year. If the city can afford to pay officer to stay home with pay, then it is fair time to pay the overtime.

      1. Despite “all on board” attention from media, Council, a Deputy Chief who sued the City, etc. Police overtime in 2017-18 came in over $2.5 Million of that budgeted. Can you see that type of variance from a galloping horse, or while overseeing a budget of $100 Million annually? By the way, with fringe benefits including MERS at nearly $33 Million and the police share of the Pension Obligation bond exceeding $17 million, there’s a lot of money sloshing around for fewer than 470 employees, officers and civilians. How did budgeted compensation of $34.3 Million actually come in at $31.5, a $2.8 Million saving, yet overtime was over by $2.5 Million according to K. Flatto? Time will tell.

    2. Tom you took the words right out of my mouth. Since when does any member of the City Council stick their two cents in the business that is exclusive to the Police Department personnel. We have an Office of Internal Affairs, let them do their job. If this Councilperson takes umbrage with racist remarks or behavior, she can knock her self out and take her pick where to start. There’s plenty of pickin to do. Leave the Police Department alone. That includes the Fire Department also. Everyone is entitled to an opinion or position, don’t use a Council seat to draw attention to yourself. We do have some drama queens on that body.

  2. *** Political posturing on the council president’s account because this issue does not go before the council past, present or future. Maybe if Perez is proven to have handled this incident & others wrong and he gets picked for the P.D’s Chiefs Job again, the city council can vote against the pick, no? Other than that, its really up to the P.D commission board to make a decision on the Capt. & Chief should the evidence prove wrong doing by both in their different aspects. I’am really guessing at this point,but open to any other ideas or corrections, no? ***

    1. Mojo, all 20 City Council members are scare to do or say anything that will make Joe Ganim’s run for governor look bad and that’s probably it has taken so long for Chief Perez to act seeing that Ron Bailey had this incident on his Facebook page since mid-June. There needs to be a independent police review board because Danny Roach and the police commission won’t do anything but prolonged the case to give Ganim cover for his election.

  3. Some of that outrage and shock should be addressed to Chief Perez if he indeed knew that Captain Straubel engaged in derogatory commentary about fellow police officers and did nothing for a month.

    It appears as if Chief Perez wasn’t outraged, appalled and shocked until retired officer Ron Bailey was outraged, appalled and shocked that Captain Straubel engaged in derogatory commentary about fellow police officers. Is this leadership or blind allegiance to a friend that didn’t deserve that kind of consideration. The same can be said of Council President Nieves. Leadership or…

  4. Okay OIB trolls, the moment of truth has arrived. At the very top of OIB webzine,on the left hand side, you should notice that it reads: “Pry Open The Juicy Stuff”. Ron Bailey, would like folks to believe that it was because of his Facebook posting the other day, Chief AJ Perez took action on allegation of racist text and immoral act by Captain Strubel. I engaged him on Facebook and I tried to get him to provide facts as he knew them. He claimed to have copies of text; he would not provide the dates of the text exchanges, etc. Last night he deleted me as his FB friend and is now accusing me of making racist statement and filing a complaint with my employer. Bring it, you no black hero.

    This past June, my ears were clogged by facts of what took place at the Bridgeport Police Department that day. Kenneth Kubel retired from the BPD a few years ago and took a job with the Stratford P.D. leaving behind good friends and colleagues including Captain Streubel. Before Kubel left, he accommodate– (during Gaudette’s term–his wife and got her a job as secretary in the Police Chief’s Office.

    On that chaotic day last June, Kenneth Kubel confronted Chief Perez and alleged that Captain Streubel was having an affair with his wife and told him about racist texts he had intercepted sent by Captain Streubel to a “friend”. Ron would not even give any hints of who was this “friend”. Today in Newton’s and Martinez’s press conference, the “friend” was described as a co- worker of the Captain. That pretty much gave me the rest of the puzzle. This friend/co-worker is Ann Kubel. Lennie, imagine what would have happened if the police officer was Billy Chase and not Ken. It would have ended up as a double murder suicide or worst.
    Now Chief Perez finds himself in an extremely sensitive and potentially dangerous situation on his hands. He can’t have his Captain be part of anything having to do with the issues, his secretaries can’t either for obvious reasons. There is concern for Ken Kubel’s state of mind moving forward. Under the circumstances, it is said that ken Kubel handled himself well.

    There are lines in life that people should NEVER cross. The Captain plain and simple fucked-up just crossing that line of messing with the wife of a fellow officer and friend. Sure, the wife has to take responsibility. There is very little respect left for Captain Streubel on the part of P.D. many personnel. Some say they don’t have an opinion but, deep inside they know the Captain fucked is up. The racist text is icing on the cake of hate. Many police officers of all race, color, creed, and rank. Are tired of other officers who tarnish the badge and leaving them dealing with the waste left over. They are tired of being depicted sort of a bunch of white men walking around the department wearing white hoods, out to kill minorities, etc.
    Some officers will fuck up in the future, if they haven’t done so already and not discovered yet. Life goes on at the BPD.

    To officer Kenneth Kubel as one who has gone through a similar situation I understand what you felt and going through. It was hard for me to reveal such truth. As a Puerto Rican with African American relatives I’m not as much offended by the racist texts. That line he crossed says allot more about him as a Captain and a human being. I apologize if you feel offended in any way. Greetings and best wishes on behalf of your friends at the BPD.

    1. Let me see if I understand this, Captain Straubel is texting a racist texts because of trouble in his marriage and racism isn’t that bad compare to one person’s marriage?

      1. Ron I or others could take the position that since the racist comment was aimed at blacks, it doesn’t concern me or us as I’m Puerto Rican or white as my birth certificate says.

        Ron Mackey, are you capable of stepping back and looking at the whole picture? If it wasn’t for the affair, the racist texts would have NOT been reported by Ken Kubel. The secretary or wife of Kubel knew of the racist texts before anyone other than the Captain.

        Ron, you believe the part where Captain Struebel writes that he told Captain Porter the Planet of the Apes joke? I’m of the opinion that this was not exactly true and he was grandstanding or just boasting to his secretary. If it’s true that he said this to Porter and he failed to report it, Porter could be reprimanded for failing to report the incident as required of him.

  5. Let me understand this Joel, as a Puerto Rican with African American relatives you’re not as much offended by the racist texts. As a Puerto Rican you aren’t offended by texts that describe Black’s as niggers and as a Puerto Rican why should you. I wonder how those Black relatives feel about that word and if they aren’t offended like you.

    The fact is there is no good reason to use nigger whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective, it (nigger) reinforced the stereotype of the lazy, stupid, dirty, worthless parasite,thus a debased, ignorant, and rather low person. I am offended by that characterization of Black’s as niggers whether or comes from a white captain in the BPD or a member of the Klu Klux Klan and I would think that every conscience driven individual would be equally offended. Well except you Joel.

    1. My level of tolerance isn’t as high as yours. How many times don’t i hear it used among blacks and Hispanics? Picture me reprimanding those people every time I heard they uttering such language. Surely, the zero tolerance at work places is proper. The Captain should have known better. I do have a lower tolerance level than you, I don’t let my emotions get it the way. When one gets offended and lets that drive their emotions, one loses focus and tends to add to the vitriol. Like painting an entire group as racist based on the actions of a few. Instead of getting offended, I step up to try and relieve the issue without generalizing and questioning the views or feelings of other. Looking down at anyone due to their color or nationality is just as bad as looking down at someone for being aa Janitor or having a lower status because he doesn’t own a Benz.

      1. Joel, “I don’t let my emotions get it the way,” really, so it wasn’t emotion that cause you to cut off a portion of your finger on the Capital steps?

    2. Day didn’t you once say blacks will never vote for a Puerto Rican? That was racist. Or at least implying blacks are racist and will never vote for a Puerto Rican, regardless of the of Puerto Rica’s character. While this is a black thing and I don’t know if this cop deserves to remain a cop, many passes have been given by blacks regarding racist remarks.

    3. Also Day is it really the meaning of the work (nigger), as you suggested, or is it more about how and who is saying it. Just my comment has more weight that yours in regard of using the word nigger. Right? The “Janitor” has a point. it have more weight coming for a white person, less from a Puerto Ricans and even less on weight coming from a black person. Every race has their own debasing characteristic word.

  6. C’mon man, Joel I can’t believe you went to the janitor thing trying conjure up sympathies for your support for a man who’s moral compass is broken.

    I have referred to you as a janitor like I’ve never walked in those shoes or that I’ve always driven a Benz. I’ve struggled and took jobs to support my family and always did so proudly. I refer to you as a janitor because you constantly refer to me for driving Senator Moore around as Driving Miss Daisy. I find that as a slight because the film had a “subtext that summons up a longing for the good old days before the civil rights movement and even displaying some nostalgia for the pre-civil rights era, when people “knew their place”. Yet you have no problem of constantly doing such. Turn about is fair play when you open that door during dialogue. As I grow in my faith I can assure you that while I’m really trying to embrace that turn the other check thing, I’m not there as yet. We can dialogue in an intelligent manner without the need to reduce it to the art of one up the other.

  7. The video link that’s posted above is about a press conference that’s more about supporting Police Chief Perez than Captain Straubel derogatory commentary about fellow police officers. There are a number of questions that have not been address like when did Chief Perez become aware of Captain Straubel text and how long did it take for the chief to act? Captain Straubel is Perez’s top cop that who Perez look for when he’s speaking about issues in the police dept. Are there other incidents with Captain Straubel and race because this is not the first time that those words and mindset has been n display. The police chief has a duty eliminate this type of action and it doesn’t matter if the police chief is white, black or Hispanic if the chief is not performing his duty then that chief needs to step down.

  8. “Judge orders cop chief to explain lack of response to 911 calls

    BRIDGEPORT – The call went out to the Police Department Thursday afternoon. Officers rushed to the Fairfield County Courthouse. Superior Court Judge Dale Radcliffe said he had enough of people making complaints to the Police Department of pending crime, only to be told to go to the court the next day and file for a civil protective order. He wanted Chief Armando Perez before him pronto. The last straw had been when a young woman tearfully told the judge Thursday that she had called 911 whe…

  9. Council Pesident Nieves has a right to speak her mind on this subject.

    The people of the city of Bridgeport have a right to speak their minds about Ganim’s reappointment of Dan Roach to the Board of Police Commissioners. I’d like to know exactly what qualifications he brings to the position. Membership in a corrupt political organization isn’t enough.

  10. *** Everybody is prejudice to a point, & on different days depending on the issues or incidents being addressed. Everyone to a certain point @ times feels more racially & ethically superior than others, stronger, smarter, economically superior,or politically correct, etc… Its built in our society! Either by history, taught at home & your surroundings, experienced throughout a person’s lifetime, seen & heard in public, T.V, radio, music, books & pictures, allowed & covered up by governments, etc… Its all around you everyday from sun-rise to sun-set, even in religion! ***

  11. Mojo you’re wrong, you can’t confuse prejudice and racism with inclination. People are inclined to favor their race. That’s a natural thing. The things you aforementioned “racially & ethically superior than others, stronger, smarter, economically superior, or politically correct, etc.” is not contained to race. Any group, clan, school, zip code, or any other thing that can distinguish one group of people form another can foster those sentiments. Rwanda’s mass killing was not based on race, per se. You can go throughout human history and find other examples of the same race forcing the things you aforementioned on their own race based on an arbitrary distinction. Racism is not solely about hate in America,while racism is the path of least resistance to channel one hate it’s a game as well. (How many people you know hate and don’t ever take to their own family members?) Sometime a very serious and Evil game. I called out Day for his racist (inclination) game, per se. When he said black people will never vote for a Puerto Rican I don’t believe he truly believed it or would never vote for a Puerto Rican either. That was just Day playing the racist game. His inclination for Moore over Christ is understandable. Take Bailey, on one hand claimed how the black leader of a group within the department wanted him to disseminate a racist letter. and on the other hand, condemning the police department and the white cop for his racist emails. Without being a detective, I would bet a white cop was the one who sold out this white captain in regard to his texts. You have the leader of black group within the depart on trial for beating a citizen up because he hit his car. I’m not the brightest person and anyone who know me as a kid can test to that. In a world of lies you don’t know where the truth starts and the lies began. I can tell you this Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole called our world is a lot deeper than our reality. I do find it ironic Ernie on a three his chance, the championing for second changes has zero chances of this captain. That might be just his “inclination” ???? Walk that line carefully between justice and injustice,in whatever game you are playing, people.

  12. PS. I know Day’s remarks about blacks not voting for a Puerto Rican was an inclination and not racism. because if Joe and Chris where in a election without Moore, Day would vote for Chris over Joe. Now that might be racism. 🙂 Just kidding, because there are some whites who worked on Joe election campaign and publicly proclaimed it on OIB are now against him, you know who you are. The question while Bridgeport citizens will have an inclination to vote for Joe the other cities and towns residents do not. So will they vote for Joe and why. In any event, Good luck people.

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