Conversion Of Former Hotel Downtown Gives Life To Park City Place

Park City Place, the transformation of the former Holiday Inn, is now available for leasing, the latest housing development Downtown by homegrown developer John Guedes.

One-bedrooms rent for $1,800 per month, two-bedrooms $2,000, suites $3,000. Selected rooms are also available for short-term stays, a nod to the hotel-less Downtown. The majority of the destination is on line with one floor of units still under construction as well as the first-floor restaurant and catering facilities.

Park City Place will eventually occupy 97 units of housing.

Location is a key marketing tool for commuters including a short walk to the train station.

Guedes is also the developer of another Downtown destination just blocks away, the $25 million Congress Street Plaza at the corner of Main Street featuring nearly 100 units, street level retail space and underground parking for tenants expected to come on line early 2024.




  1. Great news. Now , once its completely full and then the Congress \ main one’s are full ,where is the shopping center that they do need goes???
    OH i mean a stop and shop or shop rite, not no Boutique grocery store that charges $5 dollars a banana or $8 for a gallon of milk etc

    1. Coach, Gala Foods grocery store under construction on Stratford Avenue could be one. It’s a jaunt from Downtown. Downtown had a short-lived grocery about 10 years ago that failed because there wasn’t enough housing synergy at the time.

  2. Yes Lennie, i remember but do you really think that the people living in downtown(higher clientele) are going into Startford ave????? iSORRY BUT ITS STILL THE HOOD

    1. Coach, the East End is on the rise: new library, Honey Locust Square project under construction including grocery store, healthcare facility, pharmacy, restaurant and M&T Bank branch. Yes, if marketed correctly, like anything else, they will go.

  3. Not sure its still unoccupied but wouldn’t a nice Walmart Neighborhood be a nice spot at the old Rite Aid?? i know maybe to small……………..where they were thinking of putting the ice ring?

  4. that super market down town was subsidized at tax payers expense. the concept was not based on any real marketing analysis just a handout that pissed money away. and the food was overpriced and low turnover of food so the meats looked gross. and no people will not go to the east side. unfortunate but that’s the reality. people in downtown, particularly some young women, will even hardly use the Bridgeport train station because of panhandling and black market taxi rides in a world of lyft and uber. it’s intimidating to them outside of peak hours and they avoid it. then you have crime, pot holes, election fraud. can’t put lip stick on a pig even with the best marketing in a world of social media and reviews right at your finger tips. a pig is a pig.


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