Congressman Calling, Himes To Host Town Hall Meeting

Wanna vent about Donald Trump? Praise Donald Trump? Health care, immigration, jobs, housing, taxes, infrastructure on your mind? Here’s your chance to sound off to Democratic Congressman Jim Himes at a constituent town hall meeting Wednesday, 6:30pm in City Council Chambers.

Himes is hosting a series of similar events across Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District this week.

Since Trump’s election Himes, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, has characterized the president as “unhinged … unqualified … a liar… profoundly dangerous to the security of this country.”

Trump seems to revel in the daily grind of criticism largely sticking to his tweet rejoinders.



  1. It will be sad if City Hall isn’t at capacity for this meeting. Too many questions need to be answered regarding the gamut of federal level issues affecting Bridgeport. I hope the rest of the media gives this meeting a lot of attention.

    Thanks, Lennie!

  2. Unfortunately, with a rabid President, a Republican Senate and Republican House of Representatives, the pickings are slim. Basically, since Jim Himes is in the minority in the House of Representatives, it means he has no power or say whatsoever. That is how the House of Representatives works. Because of the rules of the U.S. Senate, dealing with Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy may have greater effect, especially when it comes to dealing with various bills (etc.) that will require cloture (60 votes, the filibuster). Himes has moved up in the Democratic power hierarchy due to the shake-up after the Democrats’ poor showing in the 2016 Congressional Elections. That is why you see him more on TV. He is telegenic and speaks well, but essentially, the Democrats in the House of Representatives hold no power whatsoever unless they can combine with a divided Republican majority.

    1. Go Frank, state only your last sentence, see how he responds. I think you’re absolutely correct. Himes needs to know his voters both support him and want him to succeed.

  3. Give it some time. Trump and his Admin. will screw up so much, many House and Senate Republicans will end up joining together in a coup to stop the Trump madness! If not, this country is going to have a roller coaster negative four years. ***

    1. Mojo, you and Jennifer are on track. This is about the Country, affiliation to any party should be secondary. The men and women of Congress and the Senate must work together, when necessary, to protect us.

    1. Just to put some numbers to Mojo’s comment on impeachment.

      To impeach (indict), you need a simple majority of the House (218 votes if everyone’s there). There are presently 238 Republicans, 193 Democrats and 4 vacant seats not yet replaced due to resignations because of appointments (which means you only need 216 votes right now). That means you need AT LEAST 23 Republicans to pass an impeachment vote. And impeachment alone doesn’t get rid of him. You have to convict.

      To convict, you need a 2/3 vote of the Senate (67 votes). There are presently 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats and 2 Independents. That means you need AT LEAST 19 Republicans.

      So don’t be hanging your hat on the impeachment process unless you can get those Republicans on your side.

      No president has ever been removed by impeachment. Only two presidents were successfully impeached, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson, but both were acquitted by the Senate. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

      1. History is not made until it’s made. Although the best indicator of future events is past events, the same rule can be applied to 45. Look at his distant past and the recent past. What kind of a person do we have here?

        Don’t hang your hat on impeachment. Don’t hang up your pink pussy hat either. He will do something so undeniably egregious, the needle will move in a big way. He always has in the past. So it will be this time. 45 has had no reason to change. He is getting what he wants with bad behavior. He grabbed America by the Pu$$y. He is so involved in congratulating himself, he forgot to don a protective cup.

        1. This will be like Watergate, the coverup will be the crime with the Trump team, it will be like peeling an onion, layer by layer until he’s gone and some of his key team members. Trump has pissed off the media so much they will find those who want to save their own asses for lesser crimes by giving up information.

        1. Follow the money, follow the money from Russia with love, let’s see how many people have had contact with Russia in the past two years with Trump’s family and those working for him. The crime is always the lies and not the act. Remember, Watergate was a small-time robbery that didn’t go well but the real crime was the lies of Nixon’s staff and the same with Nixon. Trump will put the nails in his own coffin by his own lies, the more he talks and his comments on Twitter will take him down.

          1. Andy, this is a part of the peeling of the onion in bringing Trump down. President Trump named Bannon as his chief strategist, a role with equal power to the White House chief of staff. Bannon is part of the so-called Alt-Right, a conservative movement accused of supporting a white nationalist agenda.

            The Washington Post
            by Paul Farhi

            Yiannopoulos–known simply as MILO in Breitbart’s own coverage of him–has been a flame-throwing provocateur whose writing has offended women, Muslims, blacks and gay people ever since former Breitbart executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon hired him as a senior editor in 2014.

            Bannon, now President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, championed the British-born Yiannopoulos’s inflammatory commentary and promoted him as a conservative truth teller and champion of free speech. In turn, his popularity helped raise Breitbart’s profile among Trump’s supporters and the “alt-right,” a vaguely defined collection of nationalists, anti-immigration proponents, and anti-establishment conservatives.

          2. How low can the American people go? We had a Presidential candidate, recorded and listening to his own voice, where he bragged about grabbing pussy. How low have we gotten??? And how much lower will we go?

          3. Milo flamed out. He has the same narcissistic personality disorder as Donald Trump. The question is when will a critical mass of American People see what Donald Trump is really all about.

  4. I am just seeing live video of Himes’ Town Hall in Norwalk. People are complaining they were turned away because there was not enough room in the Norwalk location.

  5. These town hall meeting formats have been used by members of Congress to ‘connect’ with constituents during a break from the current session.
    The Norwalk gathering was reported as 1,000 people. Not sure what the Fire Department will allow in the city council chambers that has a realistic capacity of around 400.
    Let’s see if the gathering in Bridgeport is actually constituents or dominated by organized protests from the ‘Not My President’ contingent, ‘dreamers,’ etc.
    Himes and the entire Connecticut delegation (all Democrats) have openly stated they will obstruct the Trump administration.
    So will this be a town hall meeting or an anti-Trump protest rally?

    1. There was no problem in 2009 on President Obama’s first a day as President when the Republican leadership with Senator Mitch McConnell saying it was his job and the Republican Party to see that Obama was a one-term President and they would do nothing to help him. There was no problem when the Tea Party (all Republicans) had protests all over America because of the hate for President Obama and Democrats. In 2017 it’s Americans repeating what happened in the past. If it was good then, there is no problem with doing it now. Resist, resist, resist.

      1. Right on, Ron. I’ll be there tonight and I expect to see local residents interested in what the Congressman has to say. Bridgeport never did, and never will have to depend on outside organizers to bring together a crowd. Because of his incompetency and scary agenda, Trump seems to have brought local voters together, all affiliations, as no one has in decades. If there’s the possibility of a silver lining in this political debacle, I believe it will serve to make our locals more aware of candidates seeking office in CT. I have many friends registered in the Republican Party who gave Trump the benefit of the doubt and voted for him. As much as I hate to admit this, I have friends, and some family members (no one living in Bridgeport) who did the same. They’re all suffering voter remorse.

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